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ALPHABET : E – mots + énigmes

ALPHABET : E – mots + énigmes

The letter E Words Ladder, chessboard, eclipse, school, headphones, squirrel. Equal, elastic, elephant, emerald, emmental, wind turbines, sword. Grocery, spinach, pin, sponge, equator, the country: Ecuador, square. Team, error, climbing, stairs, space, Spain, wipers. East, stomach, pond, star, fan, fire extinguisher. When the E meets an N and it’s before a consonant, it’s pronounced “en”. as in ink, endive, child, envelope, funnel. The pronunciation remains the same when the consonant is a B, a M or a P, but it is written with an M, as in traffic jam, wrapped up, animal print. When the E meets a U, it is pronounced “e” as in euro, Europe, them. Invariable words beginning with E. Also, again, finally, together, then, between. To, obviously, about. WORDS PYRAMID Electricity, of course, education, exotic, exchange, whole, exact, she, water. Let’s learn verbs with Seli and Pipoiv. Seli is doing writing exercises with chalk when Pipoiv, full of energy, enters the kitchen. All excited, he exclaims: Oh, please, I want to write, too. Uh, yes. Try copying the word “excellent.” He writes quickly and then after a few
seconds, he’s surprised: Hey, my word sounds strange. The T is upside down. I should have practiced writing it correctly. You just made a mistake. Hmm. Exasperated, Pipoiv doesn’t listen anymore. Hey! Oh! Can you hear me? It’s just a carelessness. You’re not upset? Just wipe it off with water. Later, on their shelf, they evaluate their teamwork. The important thing is that we get along… …and that we’re always together. The verbs used were : TO COME IN, TO EXCLAIM, TO TRY, TO WRITE, TO WONDER, TO BE, TO PRACTICE TO LISTEN, TO HEAR, TO ERASE, TO EVALUATE. RIDDLES Seli and Pipoiv are thinking of words that start with E. Guess which ones? A sunny summer A Scottish scarf A lightning flash and a eclair. A label on a package Find a word that contains 3 E’s. Clue: it’s pretty to look at. Sparks That’s all for today ! See you later, “ouistiti”!

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