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Alphabet Cartoon – A Terrific Adventure on “T” Island with the ABC Pirates

Alphabet Cartoon – A Terrific Adventure on “T” Island with the ABC Pirates

(chiming music) – Ahoy there shipmates,
it’s Captain Seasalt here. Today we’re going to be
exploring a new island. And learning all about things that start with the letter T. Keep a look out for tortoise,
turkey, tiger, and toucan. I’m just tickled to trek together. Oop, time to start the show. All aboard. (jaunty music) – Land ho. – What in tarnation? – [Ellie] Land ho. – Turn out mateys. (dog barking) – Where are we Captain Seasalt? – We’ve traveled to a
tantalizing new island. – Terrific! – Are we going to explore the island and try to find the treasure? – Aye, the time has come, Maya. Take your leave pirate Ellie. Ar, perfect landing. I give that a 10 outta 10. Aye, everyone ready for
a top notch adventure? – Aye-aye Captain. – Today we’re going to explore T Island. We are here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map they’ll take us to the treasure. – Right you are, Pedro. And the first thing we’re looking for is something that starts
with the letter T. (shuffling) Hey, look over there. It’s a tortoise. A tortoise is a kind of turtle
that only lives on land. They have large shells
to protect themselves. – Tortoise starts with the letter T. And it’s also the first clue on our map. – Good morning. May I call you Tori the tortoise? We’re looking for a hidden treasure. Would you be able to take us to it? Let’s follow her. (jaunty music) Thanks for your help Tori the tortoise. You’re a true teammate. – Hm, are we sure this is it? I don’t see the next clue. (turkey gobbling) Wow, what a tremendous sound. – What is that thing? – Aye, ’tis a turkey, Sammy. A kind a bird with towering tail feathers. And a call like no other. Each turkey has a unique voice. That’s how they can tell
each other apart, ar. – Just like people have different voices. Hey, can I call you Taylor the turkey? – Totally cool. (roaring) – Talk about unique voices, I think I can guess who
made that terrifying sound. – Let’s go see. But, shh, we’ve gotta tip-toe. (sneaky music) – I knew it, it’s a tiger. Tigers are the biggest species of cat and they have stripes to help them blend into their surroundings. And tiger is the next clue on our map. I think I’ll name her
Trixie, Trixie the tiger. – Trixie looks so tranquil
sleeping like that. Let’s let her be. – Aye, let’s continue our trek, mateys. (quiet music) Ar, this trail led nowhere. Any pirates see the next clue? (bird cawing) – Now there’s a voice I recognize. – Let’s find out where it’s coming from. (jaunty music) – Jimmy! – There you are. – Hey, wait a second
Jimmy, you’re a toucan. (wings flapping) – Aye, toucan starts with the letter T. – Jimmy, I think you’re the last clue. – Oh, I know another thing
that starts with the letter T. – Treasure! – Terrific job Jimmy. – Let’s find out what’s inside. Top notch. They’re tangerines. A tasty treat, ar. – What a terrific adventure. – Ta-ta. – See you next time. – [Maya] Too-da-loo. – What a terrific adventure. And those tangerines were a total treat. Did you catch all the things that start with the letter T? Great. Let’s see if you can
spot the other T words found on T island. (jaunty music) Now who is this tiny tyrant? Why, it be a Tasmanian devil. The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial. And about the size of a small dog. They have the strongest
bite in the animal kingdom. Who’s that in that old tree there? Termites. Termites are insects that are divided into kings, queens, soldiers, and workers. The worker termites
mainly eat old timbers. A terrific task for them. Oh tarnation, there were two
treasure chests on this island? A treasure chest is a large box full of what every pirate searches for, treasure. Mostly fruits and vegetables in our case. After a day of excitement there’s nothing like a tranquil cup of tea. Tea is a hot drink made by boiling cured leaves in hot water. Careful drinking hot tea too soon. I try to wait for my tea to get tepid. (horn playing) That’s a toe-tapping tune
if I’ve ever heard one. Oh it must be coming from a trumpet. Trumpets are brass wind
instruments that you blow into. You did it shipmates, you found everything that starts with the letter T. Tremendous technique. And I hope to see you on the
next island we take a trip to. Until then, have a tubular time. (jaunty music) – [Kids] Aye-aye captain.

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