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Alphabet Acting Challenge – ChrispyChris

Alphabet Acting Challenge – ChrispyChris

-Wait, should I be here for the intro?
-Ya, just be right here. You’re my friend. -Ahahaha
-You’re my friend.
-You have friends? -Hey everyone my name’s Christopher and this is my friend.
-Ya, he has a friend. -Are you going to introduce yourself?
-Oh, Tianna.
-Tianna. Anyways, today we’re going to be doing?
-The ABC challenge…? -No, you fail. We’re gonna be doing a chance today called The Alphabet Acting Challenge.
This challenge was done by Sawyer Hartman. I enjoyed watching it so we’re
going to do it cuz we just steal other people’s ideas. -Alright, so basically what’s going to happen our good friend Andrew behind the camera’s gonna give us.
-A scenario that we’re gonna have to follow. -But, we have to start with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.
-So we’re gonna get a scenario and he’s gonna say start with B. Boy that was a big
sandwich I had to eat -Dang, yeah it was
-D doesn’t come after B
-Oh my God! -The loser if they pause too long or if they completely mess it up and they
don’t say the next letter the winner gets to put some sort of
makeup on them as they please. Let’s get started. -First one. Your wife is going into labor and the car broke down and you can’t get to the hospital but there’s a catch. You guys gonna do
this backwards so Chris you’re in labor and Tianna you’re the husband, and your letter is R. Go.
-Really, you had do this to me? -Stop panicking, we’re gonna get you to the hospital. -Turn up the radio. I need to listen to
this song. -Under a pillow is where I’m gonna put my
head ’cause it’s too loud in here. -Very difficult to not die right now.
-What is wrong with you?
-Xylophone, there must be a xylophone somewhere. -You’re crazy.
-Zebra, there’s a zebra somewhere. I don’t know.
-Alrighty, Chris you lost -You got all the crap letters that’s what happened. Oh, I get to do stuff okay. This is my fabulous red lipstick brand new I might add. Don’t move!
-How do you want? -Pucker. Not that much. Beautiful. Oh yeah, rub it in -Do I look fabulous? Should I grab a mirror? I’m grabbing a mirror. Be right back!
Where the fuck is my mirror? I look like the Joker.
-You know how I got these scars Batman? -Let’s play a game.
Oh my God!
-Number 2. You guys are a tandem skydiving group and
the parachute won’t deploy. Tianna, you start and your letter is C -Crap what do we do?!
-Damn it I didn’t sign up for this. -Everyone needs to sign the release waiver.
-Frickin’ I don’t think I actually signed it.
-Gee golly goodness I sure hope I didn’t sign it. -Hell, I don’t think it matters at this point. -Igloos would have been a safer choice. -Just think about this whether we die are not its we’re gonna die!
-Can you not, oh no!
-You were going for -I was going for the sound.
-Okay, so what are we going to do? -Oh god.
-I don’t know, should I be mean?
-She was pretty mean to you. You look like the Joker.
-Oh no, not the mascara.
-What to do with this? Let’s have some fun. Oh, I could put like whiskers on you.
Like cat whiskers. Okay, relax your face. -Cat whiskers are by your nose not by your mouth
-I don’t care, shut up. I’m gonna do this. I know how to work. -It tickles We’re just gonna call that good. You wanna see that?
-Where’s that mirror? Yeah. -Next one.
-You just got your hair cut and
it is not what you wanted and you’re trying to get your money back. One of you is the stylist and the other is the
dissatisfied customer -Who’s who?
-Chris, you’re the flamboyant
hairdresser and Tianna you are the impatient
-My luscious locks. -Your letter will be K.
-K, how do you like it? -Look, look what you did to me?
-My woman don’t you like it?
-No, it’s terrible, it’s so short.
-Oh, well I can put it back.
-Please, you can’t put it back. How? It’s never gonna grow. -Queen, I know hair and it can grow back. -N, wait N, O, wait -Please.
-Then to queen. You lost Tianna. -Oh crap.
-Shall we see how well this will work? What is this? Sparkling powder dust.
-It’s Mary-Kate and Ashley -Then kinda put it on your face?
-It’s suppose to be on the eyes but. Okay that’s enough it doesn’t take that much.
-It dosn’t -No!
-I don’t know. Where should we put this? Just like eyebrows. -Oh my goodness. -I don’t like this. Why are you laughing?
-Cause it probably looks amazing. You look like Jack Frost Jack Frost is in the building. Just like. Yeah, oh I got it on my pants.
-Oh my gosh. My eyes are watering.
-Number 4. You just got pulled over and are trying
to get out of a ticket. Tianna you’ll be the cop, Chris you’ll be the
person trying to get out of the ticket. Chris you’ll begin with the letter Z. -Zebras man I think they can be very persuasive. -Ay baby ay. You watch yourself. -But, I think I should be out of this ticket. -Come on now. Who pulled you over? Me I did it for a reason.
-Darling don’t you understand that I can’t have this ticket. -Everyone thinks they can’t have this ticket. You were speeding. 102 mph. -Fuck. That
-Gosh, no need for foul language. -Tianna wins.
-Oh, that’s so out. I need a sprayer. And a cup of water.
-I know where she’s going with this -Classy, right?
-I know classy. -Classy not trashy.
-Can you just do me a favor? Look at me. And close your beautiful eyes. Okay. I’m not done. So this is my lucky bag of tricks that I brought -You look like a smurf. I actually don’t know what it is. I’m assuming it’s flour. -You need to look at yourself.
-You look gorgeous. -Okay. Okay, so that happened. So now this is for all the marbles.
-You’re both on a ship that is sinking and are trying to escape. -It’s like Titanic. Okay, let’s go.
-Alright, come on Jack, come on Rose, let’s go. -You’re getting smurf on me.
-Your letter is R Go.
-Ready for the change of a life?
-Save me! Save me! -Trouble yourself with your own troubles. I have to save myself. -Under the sea is not where I plan on ending up. -Very likely you will end up there. -Water is not my friend, water is not my friend!
-You don’t have a choice of friends right now! We’re gonna die!
-You skipped X. Alright, Chris, finish her off.
-Oh, well you got me with powder. -Oh no.
-So we’re gonna take out the big guns.
-You want the sprayer?
-Ya, let’s get the sprayer. -All right, here you go.
-Oh, how beautiful.
-That’s really close! -Okay, close your eyes.
-Okay, that’s good.
-Powder. -I smell like a baby’s bottom. That’s fine, just leave it. -Close. Well i won. You look like a frosted donut and I just look like a smurf. The Joker that turned to a smurf! Look at my hair.
-I lost. I really thought I was gonna win. You look gorgeous. -You do too. Dem whiskers.
-We look ridiculous. -Thanks for watching this video, if you
enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up. If you want me to do another challenge video
let me know in the comments section down below. My name’s Chris and this is my friend Diana and I shall see you or we. Probably just I shall see you in the not so distant future. Bye. So. Did you think about how we’re gonna get this off? Clean up on aisle 3! -Oh gosh.

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