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All About Me طارق و شيرين | نفسي Tareq wa Shireen | Arabic Cartoon For Kids الكرتون العربي للأطفال

All About Me طارق و شيرين | نفسي Tareq wa Shireen | Arabic Cartoon For Kids الكرتون العربي للأطفال

Who am I? Shireen, there’s a letter for you at the door. Yes, Mama! Letter? I’ve never received a letter before. Good morning. How are you, Shireen? I’m from Baghdad. Did you know me? From Baghdad? I know many people from Baghdad. I wonder, who sent me this letter? It is mine! It’s mine! It’s mine though! I told you it’s mine! Wait a second! Look at what was written on the envelope. “To Hussam and Wessam,” It’s for us both. but I’m the one who will open and read it. I’m the one who will open and read it! Stop fighting What do you think about me reading it? Good idea! “Good morning, I live in the Al-Maghreb neighborhood. Did you know me?” I know this handwriting. Whose handwriting? No one. I wonder, who sent this letter to you? “Good morning, How are you Tareq? My mother and father work in flight. Who am I? I’m from Baghdad. I live in the Al-Maghreb neighborhood.” From Baghdad He lives in the Al-Maghreb neighborhood. His mother and father work in flight. I wonder, who sent us these letters? I live in Baghdad but I didn’t send this letter. But we live in the Tunis neighborhood. And my father doesn’t work in flight. Have you forgotten? It’s not me. I live in Baghdad in Al-Maghreb neighborhood. but my mother works as a nurse in the hospital and my father is a carpenter. Have you forgotten? Tareq?! I’m from Baghdad and I live in the neighborhood of Al-Mansour. and my father is a traffic policeman and my mother works at raising us and taking care of us at home. Besides, I’m the investigator. Did you forget? I know who sent these letters. He’s someone who doesn’t know how to write well. Also, his handwriting is not very pretty. No way It’s Khaled! Khaled’s father works in flight. No, it’s not him. Khaled lives in the Al-Maimoon neighborhood. And how do you know that? His mother offers me delicious food sometimes. Salwa? Hey guys, Salwa’s mother works in the hospital and not in flight. What? Why are you laughing? Why are you following us everywhere we go? Are you afraid that we’ll discover who he is? you?! Me? What?! How?! Don’t look at me like that. Not me. I don’t even like writing letters. Besides, I’m not from the Al-Maghreb neighborhood. I’m from the neighborhood… I… I… I don’t know which neighborhood I live in! It’s easy. If you look at the sign in front of our house, you will know in which neighborhood you live in. You live in the Tunis neighborhood. Then who sent us these letters? Perhaps I’m not the one who sent the letters, but I know who sent them. Hassoun! Good morning, I’m from Baghdad. I live in the Al-Maghreb neighborhood My father and mother fly. Did you know me? For my family I live Merry and happy So, my days seem Like a celebration I honor my family’s traditions with respect And thanks, is what I repeat Time after time And my family encourages me To be good to everyone And that I be trustworthy With great humility Why did you Leave me by Myself? I asked you for this dessert many times and you didn’t make it for me, Mama. We are welcoming guests for lunch today. I know that but I’m hungry and they’re very late. Praise God, I’m full. Can I go play now? Yes, take Hakam with you. He loves to play too. Come on, Tareq! Come on, Tareq! Come on, Shireen! Come on, Shireen! Come on, Hakam! Cheer on! How? When?! Why?! ٍShireen, where is Hakam? I don’t see him. Don’t mention him in front of me. This Hakam is so annoying. Help! Help! Help! Why are you chasing Filfil? Filfil (Pepper)?! His name is pepper?! What kind of name is that? Hakam, what do you think of playing a fun game with us? And what game is this? Hide and seek. Alright, but I’m the one who will look for you. We agree. Yes! Yes! Ok! Ok! I’m scared. Where did they go? Why did they leave me alone? None of them love me. Shireen, she probably loved me but she changed a lot. Maybe I was not nice to her. I always used to hurt her. But I don’t like her friends. It’s my fault. I made them hate me. I’ll always be alone. Hakam? Shireen? Where did you go? Not one of us can live without the others. That’s why we have to treat them in a nice and good way so that we have friends who love us and we love them back. Like me and Shireen. And me and Hassoun and Zarif. We are all friends! We respect and love each other! You are right. I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson. The one who hurts other people’s feelings remains lonely in the end. My friend and I are Always polite Our play is fair We are wonderful As friends we joke With love and bliss We compete with our loved ones And we remain friends We divide the roles With gentleness and consideration I Want Baba! Baba! Baba! Yes, Haidar? What do you want? Is Mama OK? Yes, my dear. She’s OK. Soon you’ll have a little brother to play with. But Mama told me it was a little sister. It’s either a little brother or sister. Which do you want? Me? I don’t know, brother or sister. What’s the difference? A little brother means you can play the ball game that you love or you can talk to a sister and tell her stories. But I play ball and talk to Shireen and Haifa and they’re girls. Isn’t that right? You’re right. brother or sister, girl or boy there is no difference between them. Baba What is it, Haidar? I’m hungry. Baba, will you love the baby more than me? Of course not. Baba, was I born in this hospital? You, Haidar, were born in our village in your grandmother’s house What did I look like? You were a handsome boy with a full and round face. Baba! I want juice. Where is the cafeteria? I’m thirsty. I finally found it. Good morning, I want juice, please. Thank you Where did it go? I put it right here. Where did it fall? Where is Baba? I want Baba! Where did Baba go? He was sitting here. I’m scared and thirsty and hungry and… Excuse me! Yes, darling. What is it? Do you see Baba? I mean, I want Baba. And where did your father go? I don’t know. I was thirsty. I went to buy juice. The money got lost. I WANT BABA! I can’t understand a single word from you. Let’s start over. Firstly, what is your name? My name is Haidar. And why are you here in the hospital? We came to bring a little baby. A brother or sister, I don’t know! Your mother will give birth today. I think I know where your father might be. Come on, Haidar. I wasn’t born here. I was born in our village in my grandfather’s house but this was a long time ago — six years. This means you’re six years old because age begins from the moment of birth. But I don’t know where it went. What is it? The coin! Come on, Haidar. Come in so that you see the little baby. What are you doing here? Where have you been, Haidar? Come closer. Your sister is very beautiful, Haidar. But she is small and still has her eyes closed. My mom granted us a new baby A brother welcomed into our home Mom said, “This is your brother” He will be your loved one Sleepy eyed He remains calm If he becomes hungry He will shout loudly This is my brother I don’t want anyone else And if it was a sister Oh! how beautiful he is Zarif’s Grandmother Come on, Zarif, stand with them. I want to take a photo. Come on, Zarif. I don’t like pictures. I don’t want you to take a picture of me. Whatever you want. Come on everyone, smile! This is me when I was little. Why are you crying in the picture? Maybe the milk was hot! This is my grandmother. Look, she’s teaching me wool knitting. How I love my grandmother. She is very kind. My grandmother looks exactly like me. But she looks like me! My grandfather is a fisherman. He always feeds us the fish that he catches. Lift up your wing, Hassoun. This is a wonderful shot. This picture was taken by my father on Eid and this is my first day at school. Your hair tie is very beautiful in this picture. I remember that my grandfather had bought me this hair tie when we were in the market together. And this picture? When will morning come? I can’t believe that my grandmother will visit us tomorrow! Yes, darling. Sleep now so that you will wake up early to welcome her. When my grandfather and grandmother come home. Our house becomes very crowded. Why? I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. How? My grandfather and my grandmother the father and mother of my dad and the father and mother of my mom. They all gather and start talking nonstop. Look, it’s Zarif. Why is he sitting alone over there? Good morning, Zarif. Good morning. Why are you sitting away from us? Are you sick? Do you want to play with the ball for a bit? Then, are you angry with me. I’m not sick or angry and I don’t want to play. Please leave me alone. Do you promise not to tell anyone if I tell you? Yesterday when Filfil took the photo for us I remembered something. What did you remember? I remembered my old house and neighborhood and the kind grandmother. Your grandmother? Is she the mother of your father or is she your mother’s mother? Let’s not talk about that now. Finish your story, Zarif. It was a very cold night and I was on the street to go home but I didn’t know how to get back to my house. From far away, I saw a glimpse of dim light from the window of a large and beautiful house. When I got close, there was a shadow of a woman knitting something inside. I looked in the window. Suddenly, the lady noticed me. I tried to run away, but I fell into a large puddle of water. Then, I heard a soft and sweet voice saying to me “What a lovable and poor puppy. Come inside with me. It’s very cold out here.” She sat me in front of the fireplace and brought me the most delicious food. From then on, we never parted. I was always with her in the kitchen the living room and when she went out to the garden and everywhere else. I used to love her so much. Then what happened next? One day, we went to the market together. There, I noticed on a photography shop a sign with many pictures of children with their parents. I asked her to take a picture of us and there they took a very admirable one. She gave me the picture and asked me not to lose it. Indeed, I promised her, but I… But you what? Of course you lost it. Indeed I lost it. I searched for it everywhere and never found it. And what did the grandmother do to you? After I lost the picture, I didn’t go home because I didn’t want to anger her and I came to live in this neighborhood. It’s such a sad story. So, is that why you never like pictures? Shireen! Where are you, my dear? It’s my grandmother. Come on, quickly! Is it possible?! It’s her voice. It’s the Grandmother! Who? Zarif?! Is my grandmother the one you spoke about? Is that the reason you didn’t come home? But you didn’t lose the picture you forgot it at home before you went out to play. And you still keep it? Of course, it’s with me in my bag. What do you think of the picture? My little brother and my sister My mother, my father, and I We make the best family Surrounded by happiness And my grandfather and grandmother They live near us My uncle and aunt and cousins They are all our relatives The Happy Home There’s no use. No use for what? Whatever I do my family will never be pleased with me. I’ll always remain the little one who can’t do anything. What do you think? Beautiful, right? Don’t worry, Filfil. You should be happy that your family is visiting you. Thank you Are you sure this is the house that Filfil described? Didn’t I tell you? Just as I expected. Did I not tell you? Just as you expected! Do you know what this place needs? It needs some arrangement. Tomorrow morning, your mother and I will start a big workshop so that your house will be as beautiful as ours. And I will sew some curtains and I will… But why all this tiring work? I don’t sit at home much. Just a moment. Just a moment. What were you saying, Filfil, darling? It was a great match. If only Filfil was with us. He must be enjoying his parents’ visit. I’m very happy. We’re cleaning the house together. What do you think, Filfil? Why isn’t he responding? Perhaps the hat that you put on his head is bothering him a little. Look over there! It’s Filfil and his father! Dad, I’m tired. Let’s rest for a bit. We will rest after we finish painting the house cleaning the yard, and planting roses. Not much left, come on! Poor Filfil. No cat could ever keep up with me. I was very fast and I always won races. I’m tired, I’m tired! When will this day end? I’m tired! Food is ready, come enjoy! I’m tired. The food is delicious. Come on, eat now because storytime has started. What a beautiful house. Do you see how family cooperation makes the house a small, neat, clean paradise? Baba, Mama, I miss you so much. Don’t wait for the story. I’m the one who deserves it because I worked hard with my family whom I love. Good bye! In the productive home Everyone is busy Each of us has a chore To take care of business Work together With diligence and gratitude And we will all celebrate together If we accomplish our mission! Open House I am very excited about tomorrow. What’s happening tomorrow? The annual bazaar, the school’s store. I completely forgot and didn’t do anything I am also incredibly excited, Miss. Me too. Mama and I made delicious cookies that I will sell tomorrow. Good job, Haifa, because on that day the school will give a trophy to whomever will sell the most of his products. Hussam and I will participate together. Yes, we will participate. And you, Tareq? If I had sold what I made then I would have raised some money by now. I wish I didn’t listen to you. And what would you sell to people? This thing? What are we going to do now? Look at Shireen’s table. Good Morning, welcome. I hope you have an amazing day. Looks like Shireen will win this year. This card will really please your mother. Look what I wrote on it. Thank you. If I don’t come up with an idea right now Shireen will win… but I must win. Look at how nicely she’s dealing with others. Do you want to buy from her and increase her money?! What a partner you are. I want to get out of here! I’m tired! It’s a beautiful day. It really is. There is nothing missing from it besides music. I got it! What do you guys think of idea? But I’ve never sang in front of many people before. Me too. What a fantastic idea! For a long time I’ve always wished for all the world to listen to my singing. The plan is very easy. We’ll leave the singing to Hassoun and you guys will join in. When Hassoun stops Fifil, you will meow and when Fifil becomes tired Zarif, you will bark once. And like this everyone will gather around our group. And what will you do? I am the group leader. I accept, but don’t we need a costume or something like that? I ask for your attention ladies and gentlemen our beloved family. We thank our friends and teachers for today’s success but it was lacking in one thing: music, yes, music! And now I present to you the Friends Band with the lead of the one and only Haidar! Again, come on! Again, let’s go! Did you like the singing? Here you are, winning again without having to put in work. I have been very serious about making these cards. For quite some time I’ve been preparing for this market. But you win without any effort besides the effort of your thoughts. Your cards are very beautiful. I know but the singing impressed people more. You always win in soccer, sports and in theatre. Why can’t you accept me winning this time? The winners of this year are Tareq and Haidar! Thank you, everyone. We enjoyed this day very much but the competition required that we hand make something in order to win and Haidar and didn’t create anything so I hope that this prize will go to someone else. Then the award goes to Shireen! Thank you, Tareq! Our joy was great With exciting games and our victory Victory excites us And honesty reminds us Sympathy remains between us For one day we lose and one day we win We celebrate our friends winning And they celebrate our victory My Beautiful Plant Look at how beautiful its movements are. I swim just like a fish. So, the fish breathes through its nostrils. In the next lesson we will learn about a new living organism. Now, come with me. I want to show you something. How beautiful are these plants! But why did you write our names on them? I want each of you to carry your own plant. Now, I want you to take these plants home and take care of them for a week. After that time I want to see how each of yours grow. Is it a scientific experiment, professor? Yes and no. You will know everything next week. I’ll put the plant by my bed near the things that I put in my small drawer. Shireen, where do you put your things? I don’t know, I leave the job of taking care of things to my mother. I love to organize my own things. It’s late, I have to go home. Are you going to leave without telling me where I should put this plant and how I’m going to take care of it? Take care of it like you do with your own things. My own things? What are you doing? Nothing. I’m trying to see which plant is the biggest and longest. This plant is mine. Look, my name is written on it, so it’s mine. Wessam What? You know that you can’t take care of this plant. Give it to me and I’ll watch and take care of it. No, it mine and I will take care of it. Wessam’s plant is bigger and after a week it will be even bigger. This isn’t fair. I have to go to school now, my beautiful plant. I’ll be back in the evening, please grow. How are your plants now? I don’t know. I left it for my mother to care. I don’t know where the teacher got this plant idea from. I don’t know how to take care of it. I’m going to discover the secret today. What secret? Nothing. I miss my plant. It’s not for you. It’s for the school. No, it’s for me. My name is written on it and I’m taking care of it. It’s for me then just like all the other things that I care for and keep. What are you eating, Haidar? It’s a dessert for me. My name is written on it. Why did your plant become yellow, Wessam? Truthfully, Hussam wanted to take my plant and care for it, so I hid the plant in my closet so he wouldn’t find it. Well, then. Instead of taking care of your plant you hid it to keep from sharing it with anyone and the result is that the plant died and no longer belongs to you or your brother. What is this, Hussam? I had… Don’t finish. You took the plant out of the pot just like how you usually tear apart and destroy things. Isn’t that right? I know what you’re going to say I didn’t care of the plant and forgot to water it. Well done Shireen, tell the class how you took care of the plant. Honestly professor, I don’t know. I left the responsibility of taking care of it to my mother. I know, professor! When we own something, we have to be responsible and take care of it so that we deserve it. So, the only plant that will remain under the name of its owner is Haifa’s plant, and I will put it in the lab. Come on, Haifa. Choose a fitting place for the plant. I will put it here so that all of the students see it as well as the sun and the birds. I love my things but I like to share them with others. I never throw down my papers I save my books and things My bag My clothes And my shoes I neatly place them In their organized place I make my mother proud and help her And when my friends visit me They know I care for my things The Incredible Sandwich I’m very excited for tomorrow. It’s career day, my favorite day in school. And what is the career that you chose? A soccer player as usual? No, this time I’ll be the soccer coach. And you, Hussam? I’ll be an inventor. I’ll showcase the latest of my scientific inventions. And Wessam? I love theater. I’ll be an actor. I know what Shireen will be. A pianist! As for Haifa… An artist! Look at who’s there. It’s Haidar. Why is he sitting alone? What are you doing sitting here, Haidar? Nothing. Why are you sitting alone? Do you not want to go back home? Aren’t you hungry? So you don’t know why you’re sitting here and you don’t know if you want to go back home. Also, you don’t know if you’re hungry. Then, what is it you know? I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is that I want to stay by myself It’s about tomorrow, isn’t it? I know… I mean… What is the career you chose, Haidar? You didn’t pick a talent yet? No problem, think about something you’re good at more than other things. That’s the problem. I’m incapable of doing anything. It’s impossible that you can’t do anything I’ll be a coach. What do you think about being a soccer player? Let’s go, Haidar! Score a goal! Let’s go! Let’s go! Indeed, it was a hard day. That’s true. But my mother bought me new pants because when I was running it fell..and it… I’m not good at soccer either. Maybe Haifa was going to beat me. But come on Haidar think about something else. What do you think about reciting poetry? Poetry? Do you not remember how Haidar performs poetry? And now it’s Haidar’s turn. My country… my country… Haidar can’t remember the words. Yes. I get shy when everyone looks at me. So, I become incapable of remembering anything. See? I don’t have skills in anything. What about drawing? You love colors a lot. Yes, I love colors. It’s Hassoun singing. What about you, Haidar? What is that you’re drawing? It was a peacock. That explains the mixture of colors on the painting. See? I can’t do anything. What do you think about acting? Singing? Writing? No use, there’s no use. I’m not talented at anything. What’s this? It’s a sandwich. I prepared it this morning but I didn’t eat it. Would you like some of it? My pleasure! Me too. And me. It’s the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten! How’d you make it? The coach announces the start of the game! The game begins! The coach takes out a yellow card! It’s a warning! The coach is whistling! He’s still whistling! Where is Haidar? I didn’t see him today. He’s preparing his profession. and he’ll appear soon. And now, it’s time for the student Haidar. I have chose to be a chef and I’ll make a sandwich for you. Tell me, Haidar what’s the name of this sandwich? It’s “The Incredible Sandwich.” I’m glad you won this year, Haidar. Me too. I won last year. You won last year and Haidar won this year and me? I didn’t get anything but a red card. Thank you, my friends because you helped me figure out what I like to do. You see? One must know something. Haidar, what’s inside this bag? They’re sandwiches I’ve prepared for everyone “The Incredible Sandwiches!” I love letters and words I read them and I note down joy It inspires me to express ideas I’ll become a writer one day I love playing with numbers I add and subtract them I love wood and saws I’ll become a carpenter one day! Tareq is Taller Than the Tree Now, I will assign roles for the new play. What is the new play talking about? Characters of our play are from the forest. And now we start with you, Haifa. You will be the little white flower and you, Shireen, will be the bird. And you, Haidar, the duck. As for Hussam and Wessam They will play the role of the twin rabbits. Even in the play? And you, Tareq, will be the tree. Why am I the tree, Miss? Because you are taller than everyone Tareq You will be at the end of theater. You need new pants. Your pants have become short. Yes, maybe I’ve grown a bit taller. You’re becoming taller every day, Tareq. Next year, we’ll have to carry a ladder with us so we can talk to you. How marvelous is that? You’ll be able to walk with Hassoun while he is far away in the sky. That’s strange. It looks like it will rain because there are enormous clouds in the sky and I don’t see the sun. No, it’s not going to rain but Tareq has blocked the sun from us. You’re tall! Tareq is the tallest! The tree is in the back because it’s the tallest in the forest! What is it, Tareq? Is it a nightmare? Perhaps, you must have slept exposed. Come on, cover yourself. You’ve grown taller because the blanket no longer suits your size. I will bring you a bigger blanket. What’s with you, Tareq? Does your back hurt you? No but I woke up and found myself shorter. Please, Miss give me a role other than the tree because I’m no longer the tallest. Are you upset with me because I gave you the role of the tree? Yes, I am always given roles that require height. I sit at the back of the class because I’m the tallest. I stand in the back of every line because I’m the tallest. I’m asked to hang things in the classroom because I’m the tallest. I don’t want to be the tallest after today. Believe me it’s annoying to be the shortest because I have to jump to see if I’m in a crowd. Firstly, I gave you the role of the tree because it’s the strongest role in the play and you’re a skilled actor, Tareq. Secondly, each of us is bothered by something in his appearance or his behavior Isn’t that right, friends? Yes, Miss! I wear glasses and they bother me so much. And me, too. My glasses bother me. And I was very upset when I lost my tooth and you started laughing at me. It was a little funny. And I’m the biggest out of you and my red cheeks bother me a lot. Did you see, Tareq? We shouldn’t be ashamed of the way we look no matter what. God created us because He loves us and we must love what we see in the mirror so that we are happy. I feel much better now. But you didn’t tell us, Miss. What was the thing that bothered you when you were little? Come on, Let’s get back to the subject of the lesson. Honestly I couldn’t pronounce the letters properly. All the letters? But, only one letter the “r.” How?! “Come on, Taweq take the papew.” I want to be among you And be a part of your fun Despite my unique appearance Within me, is a genuine heart Which is in need of company laughter and friends Amongst you and surrounded by you So allow me to share your joy

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