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“A”in 11 calligraphy fonts|calligraphy practice|faux calligraphy|

“A”in 11 calligraphy fonts|calligraphy practice|faux calligraphy|

hi friends today we are going to write
the letter A in different calligraphic fonts I have prepared this video for
someone I hope you all like it so let’s begin so the first letter a is going to
very simple will be proceeding from simple to higher levels so first let me
write the simpler ones so here is your first simpler calligraphic a if the last we’ll be doing with the
calligraphy downstrokes so the second a you’ll be the second moving on did it
third one now the fourth one is a bit tough you can
say but it’s just okay I have crossed on you guys that you all can do it and can
do better than me okay sorry for the inconvenience
both moving on to the fifth one is a bit difficult one you got the 5 one moving on to the sixth
one now this is most beautiful but some of you will say that you liked the
before ones also then we do like the easier ones but this is a bit difficult
and I like it all now before colouring it might appear that
they are messy but actually after coloring you’re going to just love them
all now this is the most beautiful one now moving on to the eighth one now the
eighth one is inclusive and writing okay wait here is this one.Moving on to the
ninth one moving on to the tenth one this tenth one is quiet easy and moving
on to the last one okay good now I make the downstrokes and show you
guys this is how all your letters are going to look after making the down
strokes now I will color the down strokes and show you guys this is how your
letters are going to look so coloring the down stroke they are looking
fabulous guys don’t forget to comment down below which letter you like the
most I have even numbered them for your
convenience hoping to see you all in my next video bye bye

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