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Add and Preview Fonts – Part 26 – Vectric for the Absolute Beginner

Add and Preview Fonts – Part 26 – Vectric for the Absolute Beginner

Hey y’all! In this video, I’m going to get into a quick demonstration… …of how to install a font for use in the Vectric software. I am using Aspire 9.5… …however this works exactly the same way in Cut2D, VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro, and Aspire. I’ve had some questions and I’ve seen some posts in some of the Facebook groups… …from people asking how to install a new font in their Vectric software. The simple answer is that you don’t install the font through the Vectric software… …you install it through the Windows operating system itself. So I’m going to download a font, install it, and show you how to do that. I have several fonts on my computer already… …but I have an idea for a shop sign… …and I need a big, bold font for it. I don’t really have anything that will fit the bill… …so I’m going to go look for one. My go-to place to find a font is this website here – dafont.com I’m in no way associated or affiliated with this website… …this is just the website I use… …because they generally have what I’m looking for. If not, I can usually find something similar. There are several other font websites out there. If you know the name of the font you’re looking for, a simple web search for it will usually find a result. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for… …I find this site to be pretty good. I’m looking for a basic sans serif font… …meaning I don’t want the little projections that stick out, off of the letters. I just want a simple, clean, but bold font. So I’m going to come up here under the Basic category… …and go into the Sans Serif fonts. Here, they’re sorted by popularity and by size. I can resize and scale the text within the software… …so I generally stick to looking through the medium fonts. I’ll just scroll down here and see if anything catches my eye… …and the first thing that does catch my eye is one titled The Bold Font. I think I’ll go ahead and look at this one. I can go ahead and click on this… …and it’ll take me to the page that lists the font… …and shows me all of the characters. We can see they’re all uppercase characters. There are no lowercase characters. It doesn’t matter if I use SHIFT or CAPS LOCK when I type, it’s all going to be uppercase. And here are the other symbols that are included with the font. I think I’ll go ahead and check into this further. Up here, in this corner, we see 100% free. dafont.com is just a repository of fonts – they don’t necessarily own these fonts. The font is owned by the author – the person who made the font. He has made it 100% free That means it’s free for personal use and for commercial use. Not all of the fonts are that way; some of them are free for personal use… …some of them require a donation to use them commercially. If there is any such restriction, it’ll be mentioned up here… …and the font will usually come with a Read Me file… …that you should check out, to find out how to get a commercial license to use the font. This one, however, is 100% free for personal and commercial use. There is a button here to donate to the font’s author, should you want to do so… …and it’s something to consider. Then here we have the Download button. I’ll go ahead and I’ll click the Download button… …and I already have a folder set up that I’m going to download this file to. If we look down here, it’s a ZIP file. That means it’s a compressed folder. It will have to be unzipped, or decompressed, before we can use it. I’m going to go ahead and save that file… …to that location… I’ll click on this little arrow here in Google Chrome and… …click Show in Folder… …and here it is. The ZIP file is highlighted. I have a little pink Extract tab that pops up… I click on that, and it opens up the Extraction tools. With the ZIP file selected, I’ll click Extract All… …it will open up this window, asking me where I want to save it. I’ll go ahead and save it in a folder with this name… …in the same folder I downloaded this ZIP file to. I also have a check mark in the box next to Show the Extracted File When Complete. This means that it’s going to open up another Explorer window with the unzipped file in it. Now, if I don’t want to save it here, I can click on Browse… …navigate to wherever I want to save it, and save it there. But, for this demonstration, I’ll put it in this folder. I’ll click Extract… …it does its thing… …and a new folder opens up, with this extracted TrueType font file in it. I no longer need to worry about this ZIP file… …so I’ll go ahead and close that Explorer window. Now we have the font downloaded to our computer… …but there’s one more step – and this is the step that a lot of people miss. We now have to install the font. It’s just downloaded onto the computer – it’s not installed anywhere. I’ll select the font… …right-click it… …and if we look down this menu, right here is Install. You can install it for whichever profile you’re currently using on your computer… …or you can install it for all users. That means it’ll be available to everyone who logs into the computer, if you have several user profiles. I’ll go ahead and do that: I’ll just click it… …and Windows does the rest. We see a preview of the font over here. That font is now installed and available for use in Aspire, VCarve, or Cut2D. I’ll minimize that window… …I’ll come back into Aspire… …and now I want to use that font. I’ll go over here and click my Draw Text icon… …and I’ll choose that font. The name of the font begins with a T, so I’ll type the letter T… …and kind of cruise down until I find it… …there it is: The Bold Font. Select it… …and now I’ll go up here and enter my text. Then I’ll tap ENTER to break it into two lines… Okay, I have that set… …I have my two lines of text. Now I want to split these into two separate
lines now… …and resize them for my sign. So with the text selected… …I’ll right-click… …come down here to Break Text Block Into Lines… …click that… …and it deselects them both. But now this line of text is separate from this line of text. So I can select that… …bring it up into position, about here… …select this one… …click it again to get into Move and Transform mode… …bring it down to about here… …now I can resize them. Hold down SHIFT to lock the center… …and that’ll work for that one. Then resize this one… …and we’re set there. Now I need to get into some kerning to spread these apart. I’ve got letters running into each other. So I’ll come over here to Edit Text Spacing and Curve… …click on that… …select the text line I want to work with… …go up here, I’ll hold down SHIFT… …and click to spread these apart… …hold down SHIFT again to spread these apart… …and I think that works out just fine. So there’s my text. I’m now ready to go ahead and v-carve this into a piece of material, then cut it out. Should it happen that you have some text… …and you’re not really sure which font you want to use… …you can very easily select the text, go back over here into the Draw Text window… …and scroll through your different fonts to see what you like. Try to decide based on that. But if I go back and look at my font list… …I have a very large list of fonts here. I have a ton of fonts installed on my computer. I have found an easier way than going through and searching for fonts one by one. And that’s another website I’m going to introduce you to… …with a little bit of a caveat. That website is called Wordmark. I’ll go to wordmark.it I’ve been here several times before, obviously. The caveat is, some folks will not like this website because it uses Flash. And a lot of people don’t like Flash websites. That’s understandable and perfectly reasonable. I have never personally had a problem with this website, so I feel confident in using it, but it’s your choice. If you’ve never used it before, depending upon your security settings… …when you first come to Wordmark, you may see an icon down here… …that says Click to Activate Flash. If you click on that icon… …a notification will pop up, asking you to Allow or Block. You’ll click Allow if you feel comfortable using a Flash website. What this website will do is… …you type a word or phrase in this box here, then hit Enter… …Wordmark will search the titles of all the fonts you have installed on your computer… …and display this word or phrase in all of the fonts you have installed on your computer. To demonstrate, I’ll type my phrase in here… I… never… finish… anythi… …then press Enter… And now this phrase is being displayed in every font I have on my computer. So I can scroll through… …take a look at that phrase that I want to use for my sign… …in every font I have. Let’s say, for example, I decide that I want to use this font right here. Let’s say I prefer that. I just hover my cursor over that font… …and the name kind of lights up. Now I can just go to Bernard MT Condensed in Aspire… …and select that font from the list. It’s just a simpler way of deciding which font to use… …when you have a bunch of fonts on your system like I do. That’s wordmark.it I’ll put a link to this website and to dafont.com… …in the description box down below. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this video. Yeah, I know. This was pretty short – especially from me. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns… …please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section. Again, installing fonts for use in any of the Vectric software titles is all done identically. So I’ll close this video right here. If you’d like to continue to follow me in my CNC adventures …or follow along with my Vectric Software for the Absolute Beginner series… …or my 3D Modelling for the Absolute Beginner series… …please consider subscribing to my channel. I’ve also had a couple of questions on… …how to find all of my videos – is there a
main index? Yes, there is. All of these videos are compiled in playlists… …that are available on my YouTube channel. At the end of almost every video… …I put a link up here in this area… …to this series; the Vectric Software for the Absolute Beginner. And down below, I put another link… …to another playlist or video that I think is relevant to the subject. For this video, I’ll put V-Carving for the Absolute Beginner down here. Off to this side, I put a link to subscribe to my channel… …and up here I put a link to my website… …where you can go cruise around for more information… …check out the t-shirt shop… …and maybe pick up a coffee mug or a t-shirt for you or someone you care about. I do that at the end of just about every video. So that’s it for this video… …and, as always… …whether you subscribe to my channel or not… …I’d like to thank you very much for taking the time to watch … …and y’all take care.

15 Replies to “Add and Preview Fonts – Part 26 – Vectric for the Absolute Beginner”

  • David Agar says:

    The wordmark web site is dynamite, thanks for the heads up!

  • Jeff Burklow says:

    another home run Mark! there are lots of folks that are intimidated about tinkering with their pc's especially in today's world of online madness. This video makes it easier for folks to get more out of their applications without being a puter genius 🙂

  • John Fisher says:

    Wordmark very cool, downloaded a couple of fonts from Dafont as well. Keep on keeping on Mark. Nice shop sign by the way.

  • resorter66 says:

    Another great video Mark how can I contact you to send you a vcarve file and give me some advice on being able to do what the file shows
    Jeff Peters

  • Malcolm Turton says:

    Another very useful video Mark, Thank you.
    You say it's a short video especially from you, all the information needed is there, no need for anything else.
    I don't know if you've seen Laney Shaunessey on Spindle tv your lucky to get a video under 2 hours. He seems a great guy and very knowledgeable with Vectric like yourself, but i usually have a nap halfway through his presentations 🙂

  • Larry Gault says:

    Very good info Mark, Thank you..

  • palmerhudson says:

    The wordmark example is worth so much alone……. you da man Mark….still keeping is simple but yet loaded with useful info.

  • George Chambers says:

    Being in the sign business for many years I have literally thousands of fonts on my computer most of which I paid for. Wordmark.it is a cool site but takes a while to load everything. 😁 Good tips on font loading many folks don't know how it's done. Much easier now than it was in WindowsXP. Enjoy the heatwave this week, thanks for the video!

  • Jim Hester says:

    Nice video, Mark. You never fail to teach me something I didn't know, or an easier way to do something I've already been doing. I'm glad you introduced folks to wordmark. I've been using it for quite a while, and it really helps me a lot. Especially since after you select a few fonts that you might want to use and then click on "filter selected", a list of just those fonts and examples appears. I usually print that page out to make it easier to compare.

    Lately I've noticed that workmark isn't showing a few of my fonts. It may be that there are non ttf fonts on my computer and wordmark's not picking them up. I haven't checked yet. Also, I like that you can click on "Google Fonts" at the top and see some more choices available on google. Thanks!

  • Skip Evans says:


    Awhile back you did a video that used a – or + sign to adjust the movement of a vector. I cannot remember which video that was. Can you remind me?

  • Sangyun Lee says:

    Thank you Mark. it will be very helpful.

  • rob viggers says:

    Hi Mark, I am a Artcam user but as you will know Artcam is no longer and the new successor costs a bit of an arm and a leg so I have been contemplating V Carve for a while now, I have been ploughing through your instructional videos and have learnt so much from them with regards to V Carve and I would like to thank you for doing such a great job, your tips are also invaluable many thanks, RobUK,

  • Rob Brown says:

    FYI. Just activated Flash and Chrome says it will not be supported much longer and to add an Chrome extension

  • Vasilis Mathas says:

    Great teacher , thanks Mark

  • UncleBob says:

    You never cease to amaze me! I learn something new in every video. The Shift key to keep text centered is new to me. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your videos and helping folks like me.
    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! God Bless You.
    Uncle Bob

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