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Achmed The Dead Terrorist BANNED in Malaysia? | JEFF DUNHAM

Achmed The Dead Terrorist BANNED in Malaysia? | JEFF DUNHAM

hi everybody Jeff Dunham & Walter here
hello and we’re sitting next to some odd vehicle I don’t know what this is you
know what that is whatever it’s the Achmed mobile oh no one cares yeah
anyway you know alter our video this week you
know what we’re doing I had no idea well we’re getting ready to go on our next
international tour we’re going to the UK and then tape our Netflix special in
Dublin that’s right but the last time we went on an international tour things
didn’t go so well for Achmed that’s true we got to Malaysia and the lion
government said no Achmed the dead terrorist on stage you couldn’t even say
his name right so I had a solution to that almost got arrested yeah almost got
you turned into one of these yeah here’s what happened hey what’s up come in I got some information on Malaysia they’re reviewing the sterilized it’s
not gonna be a bidet meeting I can’t use argument I’m telling you no I am going
to slaughter okay so I’ll start booing and they’re not gonna be booing me
they’re gonna be booing the fact that this is happening Jeff Dunham y’all
thank you good pre record the interview so now feel free to say anything you
want blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right the the main concern for the
Malaysian government is then an artist is suitable for de Malaysian culture
religion sex politics all the fun stuff so is there actually somebody that sits
there and nothing it’s more or less if they get a complaint then there’s then
do polisseni were you gonna send in this yeah and then we get fined like three
hundred thousand is that right in the media fan yeah hopefully not it’s gonna
be a challenge because obviously i have to leave out any references to anything
even remotely related to religion i can’t even say the word virgin I can’t
even say that name Achmed I mean I could of course I could but
when I want to stay here and get caned the final ruling is that it’s Achmed the
dead terrorist it’s not allowed on stage what this is who they’re gonna be
waiting for they’re gonna be waiting for Achmed the dead terrorist in the back
men they’re probably aware a lot of this stuff they’re probably you know they’re
not a striction are used to living with we are promoting the show with on the
poster and I know that people are paying good money to come see me they expect it
to be great I have a feeling unless something goes
horribly wrong it will be great so not only does Achmed
I have to change his material he also has to change his appearance
they said would you mind making some costume pieces for a terrorist no one
explained to me what the reasoning was for the berries and I didn’t actually
ask I just followed a brief and now I know
yeah if anyone knows French Jacques emailed me and Jack so I have Jack the
dead fridge terrorists do you know any French no how about more what no more
it’s French oh right it’s just another show it’s
just another show and that’s what I’m telling myself it’s just another show
but it’s not you want to make sure you do it an unbelievably great job at the
same time you know I feel a little funny going as far as I do in other places
because I don’t want to you know I don’t want to go too far and be offensive but
at the same time I have to because that’s what got me here after we booked
this show we were contacted by the Malaysian Ministry of Arts and history
and culture and they asked me very nicely and
sternly to not bring a certain character to the show tonight they even said
please do not even mention his name but I know that you people are here because
you’ve seen stuff on YouTube and you’re expecting to see a certain someone that
certain person is not here however his brother is here he is from friends please help me welcome Jacques the
French tears Bossier and the I can dig see your
fridge really chef wants a uh-huh and your name is Jacques we still not that
shocked and and what is your last name nailed what does they nothing yet
I mean is Nellie Hey do not understand what they are
laughing is I think marriage is translated into game check well just
write your name you seem like a nice guy you don’t know jack wait something’s not funny
they’re laughing and kill you

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