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Abstract Faded Rose – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

Abstract Faded Rose – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

It’s snowing outside, and I love it, but we’re snuggled inside the house, and I’m gonna show you how to do roses. I’m Suzie, join me in my 5-minute mani. I’ll show you roses with a twist. Let’s get started These roses are easy and what a great idea, it’s very simple It’s a new product by exclusive nail couture called Fun Gel. It does all the work for you. Let me show you. Now Fun Gel is a gel, and it needs to be cured with a light, but you want to put it on very very very thin I’ve already got a base color down here as you can see. You can do whatever color you want to do. I find a nice contrasting color to your rose is really the best choice. So the color I’m wearing the base color chosen is number 170 by Exclusive Nail Couture. So I have put two coats of that on and I’ve cured it and now I’ve put one layer thin layer of the fun gel. If you do it too thick it can burn a little bit under the lights so don’t do it too thick. Now after we put the fun gel on do not nuke it I’m gonna work with a very very dark color. I think this is pretty much black So this is an OPI color called Nein! Nein! Okay fine. And it’s basically a black. Now, I’ve got a very tiny brush see that? Super tiny brush. This is the stripey brush by light elegance So I’m just gonna dip it in you can see it’s just a little bit on the tip of my brush sometimes I’ll kind of pull it out a little just to saturate that tip of the brush make sure it’s not too bulky So my first is going to be the center of the rose Then I’m going to come at the petal that goes around and then I’m just going to start Drawing the petals that go around I’m just gonna keep adding my petals of my rose Over and over and kind of overlap them Now this is where the product starts doing all the work for you. It starts to spread Now you can do this in all sorts of shapes You can do abstract shapes, I hear some are doing smoke, which is really cool, I’m gonna try that. And you just keep adding your petals And let the product do all the work Now this is kind of a timed thing this looks really cool with black nails with a red or you could do black nails with white or white nails with a black rose or white nails with a red rose any combination that you see fit and you can see that it’s all just moving I’m actually gonna see if I can add a little in the center just to make it a bit darker Just defining those leaves a little bit more and it’ll just keep spreading Don’t you love it when product just works for you all you have to do is put it on and just wait That’s all I’m doing is just kind of Spreading out like that The design ideas could be endless with this It’s beautiful. It’s just all the edges are just sort of softening I’m not sure at what point you want to nuke it but when you feel that you’ve got the look that you want go ahead and nuke it. That’s what I’m gonna do Okay, so now. I’m just gonna put a top coat on it to seal the design cause it’ll be a bit sticky, right So it takes away almost all the hard edges making that really soft image. Okay. Well that fluorescent color under there’s beautiful isn’t it? Okay, let’s check out those reveal shots Well that is a very quick and simple way to make a beautiful rose, it’s a little on the abstract side I kind of like that Thanks for joining me and I’ll catch you guys in the next video

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