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Abdelkarim Mats Cederberg: ”Rhythm, Symmetry and Presence” Degree Show 2016

Abdelkarim Mats Cederberg: ”Rhythm, Symmetry and Presence”  Degree Show 2016

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful I am a Swedish artist and I do Islamic geometry, Arabic calligraphy and
works in wood. I created greenwood and also many different types
of wooden in media I really love it because it’s a living
material and it’s got its own soul and sometimes it’s not just me
expressing myself in a medium but it’s also the wood is expressing itself
through me and I tried to to make things that are beautiful and rhythmical and
symmetrical and the things that kind of resonates with the soul and expresses
spirituality and that’s also what I have been working on this year is to
bring together the old Nordic the Old Norse tradition of by morphic patterns
around the Viking Age and before that and also with the Islamic wood art. I wanted to bring that together with the arts from the Islamic
world so my main piece is a carved mihrab Islamic prayer niche in a style which it’s not just important from
a specific time and place but it’s also my own design i’ve been
working a lot with the overall shape and how it should fit in
that mosque that it is going to be in and also to make it coherent with the
surroundings that it’s in line with Swedish aesthetics and it’s also
connected to very old traditions around there and i also want to
express Islamic spirituality and the world view in I want to express the rhythm of the
Quran in the biomorphic patterns and shapes I’ve got calligraphies, chip
carving, Ism-ul Jalalah carved in linden I’ve been working with the
square Kufic calligraphy and it’s like a Rubik’s Cube its kind of puzzle to get
the stylized letters to fit together and it’s also about yeah it’s like sometimes you change
something here and it messes something up over there and it’s a bit of
a puzzle I started studying Arabic calligraphy
with a master in Damascus 2004 and this exhibition, it’s mostly square
Kufic and Thuluth and a bit of Diwani as well actually because I was drawing
everything full scale when I was designing the mihrab I was drawing it full
scale I think it’s very different to do
something in a computer program just click and then you
got it. You don’t get the same feel for it as if you take a compass and you draw
like a circle and then you make build everything up like these do in the old
days. Then I realized that my compasses were not big enough so i had to
make them and I want to make them nice and fancy as well I made it in walnut wood
and some other exotic woods and I’ve been doing also mine carving knives so some of them have a reindeer and
lewis and burls from trees that looks really nice some of the materials are from Sweden
and some from other places like Andalusia. Andalusian olive wood which is
also very symbolic and special so you’re most welcome to come and see
the exhibition and i hope that you really appreciate it and see what we’ve
been working on over here thank you

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