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ABC Song – The Pirate Alphabet – Pirates for Kids

ABC Song – The Pirate Alphabet – Pirates for Kids

We sail the seven seas and sing the ABCs
Ye better not forget The Pirate Alphabet A’s for Avast, Avast ye scurvy dogs
B is for Blast, C is for Cannon ball D is for deck, me has to swab it clean
E is for eel, F’s fishies in the sea G is for gold, me plunder and me hoard
H is for heave ho, haul the loot aboard I’s an island where we hang our hat
J is for jolly, like our jolly flag K is a black powder filled keg
and L is my wooden replacement leg We sail the ocean deep, bringin’ ABCs to ye
Ye never will regret… the pirate alphabet M is mutiny, N’s for navigate
O is for octopus, they taste really great P is for Parrot, repeatin’ all I say
(repeatin’ all I say) Q’s a quest,
R’s ransackin’ the bay We’re sailin’ all the time
‘n eatin’ lots of limes Now let’s get back to it…
the pirate alphabet S is for sword,
T’s treasure sparkly U’s an urchin,
V is for victory W’s ‘Walk the plank’
and X is marked in red Y is for ‘Yo ho ho’,
a phrase us pirates said Z’s the last bit of the alphabet
Then again, some say that it’s “Zed” Our singin’s been real bad,
but ye should be real glad, We’re all done, that is it…
the Pirate Alphabet

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