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ABC song for kids – The Alphabet (British/UK English)

Hi Kids! We are the Tea Time Monkeys! Hi Tea Monster! Hi! OK, Flip. What are we doing today? Today, we´re going to learn the alphabet! Alphabet! Good! And we´re going to sing an alphabet song. An alphabet song? I like songs! Wait, let me get ready. Song! Yeah, Tea Monster. Do you want to sing with me, Flop and everyone at home? Yeah! OK! (sound of drum) Aaahhh!! Ha ha ha! I´m ready, Flip! OK, Flop! You play and you at home, sing with me! (music) a, b, c d, e, f, g h, i, j k, l, m n, o, p q, r, s, t uvw x, y, z Great, Flip! But now, I think we can make the song more fun. Fun! Fun? Yeah! So everybody pay attention and sing the song again. 1, 2, 3! (music) (repeat alphabet) Ha ha! It´s fun! Now we can repeat both songs. (music) (repeat alphabet) 1,2,3! (whistle) (repeat alphabet) (drum sound) Flop! Flop! FLOP! What, Flip? The song´s finished! Oh! I´m sorry! I love music! (both laugh) OK, kids! See you next time! See you! Bye! (end music) (Monster singing “Subscribe”)

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