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ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children – Alphabet Song with Two Words for Each Letter

Rock ‘N Learn! A, apple, a-a-apple
A, alligator, a-a-alligator a-a-a B, bug, b-b-bug
B, ball, b-b-ball b-b-b C, cat, c-c-cat
C, cake, c-c-cake c-c-c D, dog, d-d-dog
D, duck, d-d-duck d-d-d E, egg, e-e-egg
E, elf, e-e-elf e-e-e F, fork, f-f-fork
F, food, f-f-food f-f-f G, girl, g-g-girl
G, guitar, g-g-guitar g-g-g H, hat, h-h-hat
H, hamster, h-h-hamster h-h-h I, insect, i-i-insect
I, iguana, i-i-iguana i-i-i J, jet, j-j-jet
J, joker, j-j-joker j-j-j K, kid, kuh-kuh-kid
K, king, kuh-kuh-king kuh-kuh-kuh L, lion, l-l-lion
L, log, l-l-log l-l-l M, man, m-m-man
M, monkey, m-m-monkey m-m-m N, nut, n-n-nut
N, nest, n-n-nest n-n-n O, olives, o-o-olives
O, octopus, o-o-octopus o-o-o P, pig, p-p-pig
P, pool, p-p-pool p-p-p Q, quilt, qu-qu-quilt
Q, queen, qu-qu-queen qu-qu-qu R, rocket, r-r-rocket
R, raccoon, r-r-racoon r-r-r S, sailor, s-s-sailor
S, sun, s-s-sun s-s-s T, tiger, t-t-tiger
T, tent, t-t-tent t-t-t U, up, u-u-up
U, umbrella, u-u-umbrella u-u-u V, van, v-v-van
V, vegetable, v-v-vegetable v-v-v W, wagon, w-w-wagon
W, water, w-w-water w-w-w X, fox, cks, cks, cks
X, box, cks, cks, cks cks-cks-cks Y, yarn, y-y-yarn
Y, yak, y-y-yak y-y-y Z, zebra, z-z-zipper
Z, zipper, z-z-zipper z-z-z

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