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ABC Magnetic Alphabet

ABC Magnetic Alphabet

Hello and welcome to another demo On an educational app My name is Justin and I do reviews and Demos on educational apps that you Can see on my website Please go to my site and like our Facebook page, our Google+ page and Follow us on twitter so you can stay Connected with our most recent reviews Thank you and lets get started on this demo The free educational app I am doing a demo on today is called “ABC Magnetic Alphabet
Lite Learn to Write for Kids” Many of us remember when we were kids and we got that pack of magnets in the shape of letters We would play with them for days putting them on the refrigerator writing out words until we lost to many of the letters Well with this app you get the value of having the magnetic letters without the chance of losing them and having mom or dad step on them The uppercase letters to choose from are down below You can slide the roller to display more magnets but anything other than uppercase will cost a fee The app is really simple to use You simply touch the letter and drag to where you want it to be and that is it Now if you want to change the color of the letter just tap it until you get the color you want and then drag and drop This feature is really important to my daughter who loves to have the all the letters pink when she is spelling her name As you can see this is an easy to use app that your toddler can use to start learning their letters or have your pre-k or older child use to practice spelling words I hope you appreciated this demo. Thank you very much and share it with your friends Have a great day

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