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ABC 🐶 Explore the Alphabet w/ PAW Patrol, Top Wing & More! | Nick Jr.

ABC 🐶 Explore the Alphabet w/ PAW Patrol, Top Wing & More! | Nick Jr.

Let’s explore Nick Jr. from A to Z. A is for Apple. Is this OK, Ryder? An apple! It’s perfect. A is also for Awesome. These are awesome, Pickle! Yeah, these are pretty awesome, huh? B is for Bubble Guppies. Bubble Guppies! And boulder. Last one. Great work, Rubble. C is for Crabs. All aboard! C is also for Crane. Woof! Mini cranes! D is for Darington. Darington! D is also for Dragon. Oh no! E is for Exciting. Me, excited, me! E is also for Excellent. Excellent! F is for Fishketball. Let’s play some fishketball! F is also for Fuzzlies. Fuzz-tastic! G is for Green. When I blink-blink the light like this,
you follow it until you find me. G is also for Gasquatch. My name’s Gasquatch. Nice to meet you, Gasquatch. H is for High Hoof. Gimme some hoof! – And…
– Yay, Chef! Hooray! I is for Icicle. Man, that was close. And Ice Cream. Yuck. Mm, not bad. J is for Jasper. ♪ Good morning, Jasper
Carrots go over there ♪ Wow, Dazzle. I didn’t know
you could sing so well. Thanks, Jasper. J is also for Jack-O-Lantern. Whoa! That’ll make a perfect jack-o-lantern. K is for Kite. We can use a kite. Kite’s use wind power
to push them high in the sky. This kite is ready to fly! Oh, yeah! K is also for Krill Icers. Take this cooler full of
ice cold krill icers. In case you need something
cold and tasty on the way to Ronda’s. See ya, Penny! Thanks, Salty! L is for Leah. How are we going to get out of here? I know, I’ll just wish us out. Great idea, Leah. L is also for Llama. We are hauling some very important
freight engineer, Deema. Baby llamas! Llama! Llama! Llama! M is for Marshall. [barking] M is also for Mud. [spitting] Aw, mud. – N is for Nonny.
– Hello. And Night. Good night, pups. O is for Orange like Mr. Grouper. – Good morning, Mr. Grouper!
– Good morning, Mr. Grouper! Well good morning, everyone! O is also for Oil. You know, I think I’ll try
some of that medicine oil now. Here you go, Crusher! [slurping] Hey, I feel better, I’m not sneezing! P is for Peppa. Come on, Peppa and George,
let’s go down to the garden! – Yes!
– Yes! P is also for Princess. Me Princess Flugny. Hello, Princess Flug,
I’m Abby Hatcher and this is Bozzly! Hello! Q is for quick! [engine roaring] Q is also for Quack. [quacking] R is for Rubble. OK, everybody, stand back! It’s time for an ultimate
wrecking ball demolition! [crashing] R is also for Ramp. [engine revving] S is for Shimmer And Shine. Shimmer And Shine,
wish granted divine! S is also for Splizzacular. That was splizzacular! T is for Thomas. [whistle blowing] All aboard for a big adventure! [whistle blowing] T is also for Thunderhoof. – Go, Captain Thunderhoof!
– Go, Captain Thunderhoof! Now all you do-gooders at home, raise your hoof to your heart
and say it with me! – I am a do-gooder, that’s guaranteed.
– I am a do-gooder, that’s guaranteed. – Whenever I can, I do a good deed!
– Whenever I can, I do a good deed! Hi, it’s us, Team Umizoomi! U is for Umizoomi! – I’m OK.
– I’m fine. And I’m fabulous! U is also for Umbrella. Uh-oh, it’s starting to rain! V is for Victory. [engine roaring] And the winner is… Alex! I did it! W is for Water. Here’s the water! [music playing] And here’s the sugar! Now all we have to do
is add the juice of one whole lemon! One pitcher of refreshing
ice cold lemonade! W is also for Walkie Talkie. Got you loud and clear, Ruby. OK, we’re inside now
and getting very close to you! Awesome, we’ll be here. X is for X-Ray. Hey, Marshall, can you help us
see what’s inside the eggs? Sure can! [barking] X-Ray! X is also for X Marks The Spot. And there! X marks the spot! Y is for Yelp. – Whenever you have a problem…
– Just yelp for help! – Y is also for…
– Yippee, let’s play! Z is for Zeg. Yay for Zeg! And Zoom. We’re almost there! [engine revving] [sirens wailing] You’ve explored Nick Jr. from A to Z! You can find more of your favorite shows
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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