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A1 – Learn the Hebrew alphabet

A1 –  Learn the Hebrew alphabet

Do you want to learn the Hebrew Alphabet,
you’ve come to the right page. This channel aims to offer videos simple and
educational. In this lesson, you will see the letters in
3 different forms. In phonetics, to help you read the name of
the letter, in square letters: these are those found in
all books, magazines and on the Internet, and the last are cursive letters, they are
used for writing handwritten. Indeed, Hebrew has the particularity that
it is read in one way, therefore with square letters, and that it is written by hand in
another way, with cursive letters. Now let yourself be guided by the rhythm and
do not hesitate to go back as often as necessary. After a few repetitions, you’ll be surprise how memory operates on its own. Wishing good lesson. Is you turn now ! Aleph Beth Guimel Dalet He Vav Zayin ‘Heith Teth Yod Caf Lamed Mem Noun Samekh Yod Pe Tsade Qof Reish Shin Tav Here we are at the end of this lesson, and if you have reach to the end, my little finger tells me that you’ve become familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet, at least enough so that it is no longer unknown to you now. And maybe you’re already able to recite it. So, I say to you “litraote” and see you very soon on the channel.

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