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A NEW FAVORITE! Watercoloring with Karin Markers!

A NEW FAVORITE! Watercoloring with Karin Markers!

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone,
Kristina Warner here. Welcome to another video
for Today I’m going to be using the Cosmos Bloom Background Stamp, and I’m going to be doing
some fun watercoloring with Karin Markers. These are some new markers
that are in the Simon store, and I thought I would show you how you can use them for watercoloring. So I’m taking that background stamp, and I’m stamping it in
Versafine Onyx Black Ink, which is a waterproof ink onto some Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper. And I stamped this background three times so that I could get as good
as an impression as possible on this very textured paper. Arches Cold Press Paper
is beautiful and luscious and just nice and thick
but it is very textured. So here are the colors of
markers I’m using today. This is their Brush Marker Pro. And these have a liquid
watercolor in the barrel of the markers so you can actually see how much liquid watercolor you have left. These are fairly new to me. I’ve done some lettering with them, and a few little watercolor projects. But today, I thought, I
would really break these out and try watercoloring with them. I’m first going to try these with an ink smooshing technique, where I have the colors
on a slick surface, just kind of all spread out. And then I’m going to take a spray bottle. This is a distress sprayer from Tim Holtz. And I’m wetting down this entire area so it’s nice and liquid. And then I’m going to press my watercolor panel onto the color. And then smoosh it around a little bit, wiggle it and then lift it up. And I’m going to get a very organic, kind of mix of color going all the way across this piece here. I have a little bit of some gray happening so I did use a paper towel to sop that up. And then for any dry corners or dry spots, I just pounce that into
the water droplets of color on my work surface. Cleaned up my work surface,
and then used the heat tool to speed along the drying process. You definitely don’t need
to use a heat tool for this. I was just impatient. So now here’s where the really
fun watercoloring comes in. Taking a darker blue marker, I think this is Sapphire Blue, and
then just a water brush. And you can see how well
that color spreads out from where I’ve drawn with the marker. Got a little even more
adventurous and added more color. And I loved the depth that I
could get with this blue shade. And how transparent it is over the colors that are already there. I used the same magenta
shade over the pink area. And for the most part, I didn’t have any sort of plan for what
color to make these flowers. I just kinda went with
whatever color ended up when I did the ink smooshing. And for these two flowers,
it was more pink on one and more blue on the other. And then for the other flowers I added this amber shade, which is sort of like a golden yellow orange. And I, that flower was mostly yellow. So I thought I would put this color in the center of the flower. And kind of used my water
brush to spread that out. And then I added a purple. I thought it needed just another
kind of more intense shade. And so I added this
really purple blue shade. And you can see how transparent that is over the color that’s already there. This process was very very fast. If I was to be using regular
watercolors for this, I think I’d probably would’ve been painting quite a bit longer but this moved very very quickly. I was also doing very loose watercolor. Wasn’t being super precise. I just wanted to have
fun with these markers. I then took that sapphire
blue shade and I filled in the gaps that were around
the flowers and leaves, just to add some darker shade in there. I almost thought about just leaving it. But I really liked the
contrast between the lighter tips of the petals and this
darker background shade. I thought it really made the
flowers pop and stand out. You could also just take a black marker and fill that in, but I like the the kind of variation and color
when I used the blue marker. Took a white gel pen and filled in the centers of those flowers. And it really helps that whites be vibrant on top of that color. Now using the You Da Best Die Set. This is from Simon and a CZ
Design from Cathy Zielske. And I used some vellum
and also white card stock to die cut both of these die cuts here. I’m gonna set those aside for a little bit while I cut the actual watercolor panel. You notice I only painted
about 3/4 of the panel. That’s because I plan to use a die. This is one of the A7 layer
dies from Waffle Flower. And I’m going to be making
an A7 or five by seven card. So that’s why I used that die. Some of you have asked
why I have this grid paper in my cutting sandwich, and this is why. Sometimes when you’re die cutting painting or color things like
that, some of the color can kind of get smooshed onto whatever’s on the other side of it. So I use some grid paper
to protect all of my plates in my cutting sandwich. Took some white card stock,
this is Nina Solar White. And this is the 110 pound version. And I cut that to be a
five by seven card base and squared that up five inches. I then adhered my watercolor panel using some foam adhesive. And then I took some Gina K Connect Glue and glued the white You Da Best die cut on top of that velum shadow die cut. And then I’m going to put
more adhesive on the back of this adhered piece. And because I put that
white die cut on top, now I can hide the adhesive
on the back of this velum. And then I shouldn’t have any trouble adhering it to my card. I’m gonna pounce this on some scratch white paper to the side. Just to get rid of any excess glue that might switch out from underneath. And then I placed that
directly onto the card. So that finishes the card for today. I had a blast using these
markers from Karin Markers. I think they’re fantastic. The colors spreads brilliantly. The colors are vibrant. I had a lot of fun using these markers and I highly recommend them. I think they’re definitely
worth taking a second look at. Thank you so much for watching today. Just a reminder that all of the supplies that I used today are listed down below with links to Simon Says Stamp,
where you can purchase them. And I’ve got three more videos on screen for you to check out. Don’t forget to subscribe and
also hit that thumbs up button that lets me know that
you like this video. And I will see you guys very soon with another card video.

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