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A Hidden Treasure Hunt on “H” Island | Alphabet Cartoon For Kids

A Hidden Treasure Hunt on “H” Island |  Alphabet Cartoon For Kids

(playful chimes) – Ahoy there, shipmates. It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today, we’re going to be
exploring a new island and learning all about things
that start with the letter H. Keep a’lookout for hummingbird, hare, hippo, horse, and hedgehog. Ha, are you all hyped? Oops, time to start the show! All aboard! (upbeat music) (squawking) (gasping) – Land ho! – Halt! (crashing)
– Land ho! – Ahoy, mateys! We’re here. (Pepper barking) – Where’s here, Captain Seasalt? – Why, right where we are, shipmate. We’ve happened upon a huge new island. – [All] Hooray! – Are we going to explore the island and hunt for treasure, Captain Seasalt? – Aye, Maya. It’s high time we had such a hike. All hands on deck! Hunky-dory. Ready to look high and low, mateys? – [All] Aye aye, Captain! (Pepper barking) – [Pedro] Today we’re
going to explore H Island. We happened to be here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, we should hit upon the treasure. – The first thing we’re
looking for is an animal that starts with the letter H. (light buzzing) – Hey, look up there! That’s a hummingbird. Helene the Hummingbird. (chirping) Hummingbirds are tiny birds
that drink nectar from flowers. – Right you are, Pedro! Their wings move so fast that
they make a humming noise. Hear it? (light humming) – Yeah! And you know what else? Hummingbird starts with the letter H! – Maybe she knows where
to find the treasure. – Can you show us the way, Helene? (Helene chirping) Let’s hurry! (upbeat music) – Oh, hello. Who are you? – He’s a hare, Ellie! Harry the Hare is his name. Hares are in the same family as rabbits. They happily hop around
all over the place. (grass rustling)
(giggling) (giggling) – Ooh, that looks like a heap of fun. – Let’s all hop like hares! ♪ Hop hop hop ♪ ♪ Hop hop hop ♪ ♪ Hop hop hop ♪ ♪ Hop hop hop ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Hop hop hop hop ♪ (grumbling)
– Hey! Who is this? – It’s a hippopotamus! I’m gonna call him Henrik the Hippo. Hippos are humongous animals
and they’re very heavy, too. They love swimming because
they feel safe in water. Hey, guess what? Henrik the happy hiccuping hippo is the next clue on our map. – I wonder where we go now. – [Sammy] Hey, guys! Have a look over here! (light music) – Hello, horse. You’re Horatio the Horse, right? We’re hunting for treasure. Would you happen to
know where it’s hiding? (neighing) – [All] Whoa! (laughing) – Let’s head off, mateys! (upbeat music) Huge thanks for the help, Horatio. (neighing) – [Pedro] Ouch! – Huh? Pedro? – I bumped into something
and now my foot hurts. Ow! – Oh wow, it looks like
you found a hedgehog. Hedda the Hedgehog. They’re pretty prickly little creatures. – Hey, look! Hedda the Hedgehog found the treasure! – Huh? – It’s hidden in the hole in this tree! – [All] Hooray! – I guess you’re not all bad, Hedda. Thanks for having been so helpful! – Heave-ho! (grunting) Let’s have a look-see at what’s inside. Methinks the treasure is honey. Sweet, golden honey. – [All] Mmm! – Hooray, I’m hungry! – I’m happy! – Me, too! What a humongous adventure! – Have a good one!
– Hasta la vista! – [Ellie] Harry the Hare
sure is a hairy hare. – How about that adventure? And it all ended with honey. Such a sweet happenstance. Did you catch all the things
that start with the letter H? Hooray! Let’s see if you can
spot the other H words found on H Island. (light playful music) (hyena laughing) Hear those heckling sounds? That’s a hyena. Hyenas live in Africa, and
depending on the breed, may be scavengers or hunters. (squeaking) How cute! It’s a little hamster. Hamsters are pudgy rodents
who stuff as much food into their chubby cheeks as
they can to save for later. How much food, you ask? Well, their cheek pouches go
all the way to their hips. (chuckling) (light strumming) Hear that heavenly sound? That be the sound of a harp. A harp be a musical
instrument with many strings, each a different musical
note that can be plucked individually or strummed
together for nice harmonies. Oh, here comes some fun! It’s a hula hoop! Hula hoops are toys that you stand inside and wiggle with your hips to
keep them spinning around you. See how long you can keep yours spinning before it hits the ground. Huzzah, shipmates! You found everything that
starts with the letter H. Happy to have you here helpin’ and I hope to have you on
the next island we hop onto. Until then, happy trails! (playful upbeat music) – Aye aye, Captain!
(Pepper barking)

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