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A Grand Adventure on “G” Island | Learn The Alphabet with the ABC Pirates

A Grand Adventure on “G” Island | Learn The Alphabet with the ABC Pirates

(children’s music) – Ahoy there, shipmates.
It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today we’re going to be
exploring a new island and learning all about things
that start with the letter G. Keep a lookout for gecko,
giraffe, goat and gorilla. Glad to see you’re all good to go. Oops, it’s time to get going. All aboard! (traveling music) (traveling music) – Land hoo!
(whistling) Land hoo! – Aye, Mateys, we’ve gone aground. – (dog barking)
Where are we Captain Seasalt? – We’ve arrived at a grand
and glorious new island, Maya. – [Shipmates] Great! – Are we going to explore the island and search for treasure? – You bet your galoshes we are! Gather ye round! Good, grab your map and let’s
get on with our adventure. – [Shipmates] Aye, Aye, Captain! – Today we are going to explore G island. We’ll start here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, they’ll guide us to the treasure. The first thing we’re looking for is an animal that starts with the letter G. – [Crew] Hmm. – Guys, I think we found him! It’s a gecko. Gecko starts with the letter G. – Let’s call her Gertrude. Gertrude the gecko. – Um, what’s a gecko? – [Blonde Boy] A gecko is a little lizard. It has sticky pads on
its feet for climbing. It likes warm climates
and loves to sunbathe. (bird squawking) – Hey, that sounds like Jimmy. Let’s go see what he’s found. (traveling music) – Wow, Jimmy, you found a giant! – Argh, a giant giraffe named Gia. Gia the giraffe. She’s so tall! – Giraffe’s have long necks so they can eat green
leaves at the top of trees. – Hey, maybe Gia the giraffe can help us see where the treasure is. – Greetings, Gia, we’re
looking for a hidden treasure. Can you glance around and
see where it might be? Gee, I can see everything from up here. I think we’ve got to
go this way, everyone. Thanks Gia, we’re so grateful
for your help! (bird squawks) (traveling music) – Good day, you must be a goat. Godfrey the goat? – What’s he doing? – He’s grazing on the green grass, Sammy. – [Sammy] Look at him gobble it! (goat bleating)
– Um, get away please. (Captain Seasalt laughing)
– What a greedy goat. – This goat is the next clue on our map. – Great, we’re getting close. – Yar! Let’s go get that
treasure, guys and gals! (traveling music) (traveling music) – Where are we? I don’t see any treasure. (gorilla grunting)
– My goodness! Who’s that? – A gorilla named Gordon. Gorillas are the largest
apes in the world. They’re very strong. Many people call them gentle giants. – Hi there, Gordon! I’m Ellie. We’re looking for a treasure. Do you know where we could find it? (gorilla grunting) – [Pedro] Gosh, he found it! The treasure is up in the tree. – You’re right, Pedro. But how can we go and get it? (traveling music) – Look, Gordon the gorilla is helping us. Let’s see what’s inside! – [Captain Seasalt] Yar,
they be grapefruits. What a great gift! Yum! To the grandest adventure
ever to be gone on! (gorilla grunting) (shipmates laughing) – [Shipmates] Gotta go! Till next time! – Now that was a grand adventure. And how good were those grapefruits? Did you grab onto all the things that start with the letter G? Great! Let’s see if you can spot the other G words found on G island. (traveling music) (traveling music) Goodness, it’s a gopher. Gophers are rodents that
dig burrows underground. If you’re lucky, you might get to see them popping their heads up out of
the ground from time to time before they go back down. (traveling music) Good eye, you spotted a goose! Geese, as they’re called,
if there are more than one, are medium sized birds that fly in groups, stomp around in the grass and glide gracefully along the water. (traveling music) (guitar strum)
Listen to that tune! Sounds like it be coming from a guitar. Guitars are musical instruments
that have six strings. Ya pluck or strum the strings
to make different sounds. As a matter of fact, one of
the strings on the guitar sounds the G note. (traveling music)
Gather round. Hear that high pitched noise? That be from a grasshopper. Grasshoppers are insects
that have powerful legs that let them leap all over the place. And they make that noise
by rubbing their legs against their wings really fast. You did it shipmates! Ya found everything that
starts with the letter G. You’d be a great G island guide! Ha, ha, ha! And I hope to see you on the next island we get to. Until then, have a glorious day! (traveling music) – [Shipmates] Aye, Aye Captain!

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