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A Canvas Art Display That Doubles as Extra Lighting | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

So there was a lot
of art and lighting that was missing
out of this space. So today, we’re going to
make a canvas art light. LAILA ALI: Sounds interesting. OK, so with this canvas, it’s
going to become a light box. And then we’ll have the
word, family, written across the front, and
that’ll illuminate through using this light kit. LAILA ALI: Oh, that sounds good. I pre-drilled some holes
in the back of the canvas. And then I have these
stencil letters. So we just cut out
“FAMILY,” because we’ll place those onto
the canvas, and then we’ll paint on top of that. You guys ready to get started? LAILA ALI: Let’s do it. Make sure that there’s
an equal amount of space in between each letter. OK, ladies, this looks great. So our next step will be to
spray these letters down. I think we should put on
a mask for this part too. LAILA ALI: OK. So I’ll turn our first
letter over, light spray. I want it to be
tacky, not sticky. Then place it on your canvas. Rub it a little
bit on the corners. Lay it gently. Press that down. Nice. Next, we have our
black spray paint. The idea here is to
get complete coverage. [SPRAYING] All right, so we’re going
to put that off to the side and let it dry and work
on the back of our box. So we can take our masks off. Next, we’re going to chisel an
area in the back of our canvas, so that the cord
can fit through. Laila, why don’t you
have at it on this side? [CHISELING] There you go.
There you go. Because she’s like,
don’t tear it up now. [LAUGHTER]
– Look, look, no. Whoa, that’s perfect, Laila! I couldn’t have done any better. LAILA ALI: No, fabulous. This is perfect. So you need Laila
for this project. [LAUGHTER] All right, so we are going to
spray paint the back of this. [SPRAYING] Perfect. Very nice. Good job. OK. Now that we’ve painted the front
of our canvas and the back, we’re going to use the
box cutters to peel off each of the letters. Want this to peel off
easily and effortlessly– LAILA ALI: Nice. NIKKI CHU: –to reveal
the nice white letters. LAILA ALI: Gorgeous. Isn’t this beautiful? LAILA ALI: It’s gorgeous. So we’re going
to put it together. We’re going to have the
wire sit in this screw. OK, so I’ll sandwich
this together. I’ll put our screws in
our pre-drilled holes. LAILA ALI: Drilling this here. – Lovely.
– OK. Nice, done. OK, so if you want to change the
light bulb, all you have to do is take these screws out. And we used an LED light
bulb, so it doesn’t heat up and cause a fire. You want to plug it in and
do us the honors, Laila? LAILA ALI: Yep. Why don’t you go ahead
and click that on. All right. Beautiful. Look at that. LAILA ALI: Nice. Absolutely gorgeous. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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