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A $15 ART BOX from CRAYOLA?! I Can’t Believe this..

(Jamie): Okay this is gonna be funny. *Chloe laughing hysterically* Hello there! Today I am with my lovely friend Jamie Jo. Cool. And I’m with Chloe! So if you didn’t know, I have talked about Jamie on my channel before but Jamie is actually the reason that I started doing art on YouTube to begin with so she – she is to thank for everything that I have in my life right now so… But yours is like really good. Yeah, but you’re really good! No, I mean like, it’s not me that did it, it’s you that did all of it. I know, but you’re the one that made me like, “Oh my gosh she’s so good, I wanna do that too.” You’re talented! I mean, you’re talented. -You’re talented! -You’re talented! This is just a video of us complimenting each other! *Laughs* Jamie is so amazing at art. Like if you don’t follow her already for some reason, seriously, go check out her channel, check out her art. (Jamie): I’m alright. I’m not – She’s “alright.” Mm-hmm. Okay. (Jamie): There’s someone who can do it better! I’m always striving to be better. I’m alright. Okay, so if you don’t know, I’m not an art subscription box unboxing channel. So as you may or may not know I have subscribed to Crayola art boxes, which are $40 and as you probably may have seen, I don’t really like them all that much. Yeah, there’s like $10 worth of value in a $40 art subscription box and it’s not good. But when you go into Target, and I said this in my last video, -Yeah. -you can get Crayola signature craft boxes and art crafts boxes for $15, which… I’m gonna try out with Jamie today and see if they’re actually comparable to those boxes. Yeah, and these particular ones, they’ve been well loved cause you traveled all the way from America! (Chloe): Um, I think, what we’re gonna do, I think I’m gonna start with the trinket dish. So these trinket dishes were $15 at Target and this is the exact craft that was in the first Crayola box that I got. Um, and it has more in it than that one did so, (Jamie): Oh wow! It does, like, it’s got a proper paint brush, it’s got like, a plastic mould, proper creative paints, glaze pots, it – the other one didn’t have that at all. Maybe they reduced the size of it to reduce the weight of it for shipping. They could have done, that is a good point. They might have reduced the weight, yeah. *Beep* Hi, my name is Chloe and I’m reporting live from Chloe’s bathroom with a green screen stacked to the wall to tell YOU that this video is being sponsored by Skillshare. If you love learning in a Bob Ross format but you want to learn in a HD format, check out Skillshare because you’re gonna see some amazing classes from Bob Ross-type people and you’re gonna learn – A LOT. I have learned many art skills on Skillshare. I have learnt many techniques. I’ve also learned a lot about photography, business, design, entrepreneurialship, web design, pretty much everything that I do in my day to day life I have learnt somehow from Skillshare. I’d also like to give you a class recommendation. This one is a color masterclass and I found it very very helpful and beneficial in my artwork. So, definitely check it out. There’s a link in the description for free for two months of unlimited classes on Skillshare so check it out while you can. So make sure you check out Skillshare. It’s an amazing website, I love it, and thank you Skillshare for sponsoring today’s video/news report live from Chloe’s bathroom. Okay. Goodbye. Should I be opening it this way? Not really but… I mean, never trust me with scissors honestly. So, the reason why I wanted do this with Jamie of all people is because Jamie is very good at not just like, painting, she’s amazing at crafty stuff too, which we all know, I am not. (Chloe): Well, like, the boxes they send you don’t have any form of plastic here. So we’ve got some – oh this doesn’t feel very happy, does it? Okay, this is gonna be funny. *Chloe laughing hysterically* Is it hardened? *Laughs* *Loud banging* *Both giggle* It’s disintegrating! I know! So we’re stuck with an orange and a purple. It kinda feels like – I just wanted to say – clay. It actually does feel like clay. -It is clay! It is clay! It’s air-dried clay. -It feels different to… Oh, yes, see this is different to what they’ve put in the subscription box, I’m sure of it. Did they put like, fluffy cloud clay in it? Yes, that was the one. See, you like, sandwich them together. We’ve only got two colors but you sandwich them together. Okay, so I’ve sandwiched mine. Little sandwich. Right, so I’ve done that, and I need to keep stacking it apparently. I tried to marble it last time but I overly marbled it so then it just looked like a smush. So I like, they have the little template because the other one was just kind of like, on making oblong shape. But this definitely makes it easier. (Jamie): That is not gonna pop out. Nope! (Chloe): Here we go. It’s coming. All right. I’m guessing you let it dry in there, do you? Oh! We did it wrong! You do it like that. Have you ever done anything like this before? Well yeah, when I was a child. Beautiful. I’m gonna not use the mould because I don’t have 24 hours to wait for it to dry. -(Jamie): Close your eyes. -Okay. -Keep them shut. -Okay. I’m scared. *Gasps* That looks so cute! I love that so much. *Loud musical banging* *PLOP* I still feel like this is already a better craft than what they put in the subscription box because they have TWO crafts per subscription box. -Yeah. -But even so it was NOT worth $40, and this was 15 for a little trinket kit, which I am personally okay with. I love how you just have a jar of buttons. So because this trinket dish is an absolute no-go, and because it looks like molten lava, I am going to… make a volcano. How do you make a volcano? Uh, you make a start with a cone shape that’s not the clay because the clay collapses in on each other because it’s quite heavy. So, cardboard, you can use the packaging. This is why you’re crafty and I’m not. We need a hole… Do you like my volcano, Jamie? It’s a very nifty volcano. -Does everyone like my volcano? It’s… it looks like a unicorn’s horn. -I love it. What do you think? Oh my God! That’s terrifying. (Chloe): Look how good that is! That’s so cute! That is adorable. -(Jamie): You showing off your thing? -Mm-hmm. You can seal it with their, um, glaze that they’ve provided which is a pretty good idea, to be honest. -Just got that everywhere. -Is it like Mod Podge? Probably. It’s probably like Mod Podge, yeah. Not used the acrylic paints, but already it’s more decent than what they provided before. Okay, so Jamie just told me that she’s never done acrylic pouring before. No. So she put down a plastic sheet because she doesn’t trust me. I got it, wait – ooh! Okay, this one definitely… (Jamie): Oh. There’s no canvases! (Chloe): There we go! Okay, so I hope these are really runny paints because… that’s not gonna work. Maybe we need to mix it with water, I expect. It’s fine. It’s only a small canvas. Like, this is what comes with it, you’ve got a little canvas, ten of these cups. So it’s pretty good. They provide three canvases so you can give it a go. Loads of popsicle sticks to stir, a few different colors of paint so that’s good. Normally, they provide like two colors and it’s like, these ones. Like, these ones here. So, it should be good. Should be good. (Jamie): Boosh! Boosh! Tom, what do you think of my volcano? It looks fabulous doesn’t it? *Laughter* You don’t wanna join the fun? So we’ve got all our colors here and we’re mixing water into it to make it a runny consistency. -Hello! -Kirito! Hey! All the colors or can I use different colors? You can use whatever colors you want. Uh, I’ve made a mess already! How did I do this? So we’re gonna mix our own colors today. They’ve got gloves. -They’ve got gloves but we’ve got – I’ll give you one glove that’s already covered. -I really don’t want that! You don’t want a glove? Okay. I’ll have a giant-sized glove. (Chloe): Gonna do Barney, I guess. They always usually provide a white because the white gives it a nice like, marbled effect. You can pour it or you can, um… Do that! Do that! There we go! There we go. (Chloe): Ohh, that looks cool! I like that. That looks pretty, Jamie. There we go! There’s mine. Oh, that’s cute. -I’m gonna go wash my hands. -Same. We’re gonna be right back and then we’ll show you what it looks like, I promise. That looks so pretty! I love that. -(Jamie): Not add too much. It’s just a galaxy or something. -It’s so pretty. *Music* (Chloe, gasps): That’s such a nice color! So here’s mine. It’s, um… I kind of ruined it with the glitter actually, I don’t really like glitter but, it’s okay. It’s fine. It’ll do. Didn’t do anything. So let’s take this off of here. And then I’ll film it. Look how good Jamie’s looks! (Jamie): You’re very kind. It’s so pretty! And this is mine. It kind of looks like a Christmas thing I guess, with the gold and the red. Got a bit of green in there actually, so yeah, it could be good for Christmas to be fair. Okay, so this last one is a DIY gallery designer. You’ve got to provide your own frames but they’ve given you three pens and some paper. Oh no, there’s four pens and four cream sticks, whatever they are. -So – *laughs* -“Cream sticks”?! -I do love Crayola, so that’s one thing. -I like Crayola… Oh wait no, hang on! We got some paper! (Jamie): I think I’ll design a gallery. (Chloe): Oh, this one’s got roses on it so I should probably use that. -Origami! -Oh hey, they do origami too! (Jamie): That’s the flower that I was talking about. You see, okay, I will say this, it’s not true origami because you tape. Also, to be fair, this has like, two crafts in it. In a way. Like, for $20, the best is for what they’d normally do for two crafts. Has two crafts in it cause you can do origami and the “gallery thing.” -It makes my heart hurt because it’s like, there’s not enough. -Nope. Let’s read the instructions. -Oh no, it’s just telling you to figure it out yourself. -Oh, okay. -Am I doing something wrong? -Am I doing something wrong? Oh, that just twists. I mean, fun, I guess. Jamie literally uses very very cheap acrylic paint, and all of her paintings are incredible. I think she seals them with Mod Podge, a lot of them, don’t you? Mod Podge? Yes. I kind of regret doing the weird, weird pattern, but it’s roses! Oh, it’s like, it’s a paint marker. So what do you use the paint marker for? The black paper? *Loud tapping* Nothing’s coming out of this. It’s like a Posca marker, but not as big. *Even louder tapping* Wait, there we go. (Jamie): It’s actually not a mouse. It’s a chinchilla. Hi, cat! You staring at Bob? There we go! I made Jamie’s signature. I drew my chinchilla but look, A dinosaur doctor chinchilla? You know what? I love it so much! What I love about you is your brain is always going, like you’re always thinking of things to do. You do it and then you’re like, “I’ve got a better way of doing this!” (Jamie): I’ve got paint on my arm. It’s okay, you match me. So me and Jamie, me and Jamie have spent ten minutes doing this. And this. To be fair, the paint markers are actually really nice, I will say that. I don’t know if- I made one of those eye things, eye tests. Can I do an eye test for you? -Oh! To see if you’re color blind? I’m just – -Yeah. See, I’ve done more than what was asked of me. So, supply is decent enough. This, again, you know, you could, like Jamie said, put it together yourself, but, you know, it’s better than the $40 subscription box, which I still can’t get over and I’ll probably be opening another one because I think, I think I have another one coming. At this point, I’m just unironically not cancelling it because they’re just fun to open. Okay, so uh, that’s it! What did you think of all of these boxes and which was your favorite? The paint pouring. -That was fun. I think that might have been the $20 one. -I think that that’s the most rewarding one. The clay one, I feel that you could buy the clay separately. It’s good that it’s all convenient and -Crayola does do fun packs. -Yeah. This one, I feel like I wouldn’t buy it personally. -No. -But I would buy the pens individually. -Same, the pens were very good. I wish there was a bit more. -Yes. It was a lot of plastic for such little like – literally we had – what was it, 8 pens? In this. There was nothing else so… I don’t know. It was good, it was a fun craft. Again, I would not personally buy it or want it but I am an adult child so… -Right. -Yeah. At the end of my videos my desk is covered in crap! So thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. Make sure you check out Jamie in her channel and the video that we did on her channel. She is so unbelievably, unbelievably talented. All of her work is just… I don’t know how she does it. So seriously, check her out if you don’t already, check out the video that we made together on her channel, and yes, thank you so much for watching this video. Thank you. Subscribe to Chloe! What? It could be someone new! Subscribe to Jamie! Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. Bye! Byes! Bye! *Laughter* Goodbye! -Bye! -We’re going out this way. This is hard. Okay. Goodbye! *Both laugh* I don’t think my back’s gonna do that. I’m old! -Oh I hit your head! Are you okay? -Sorry! *Both laugh* (Jamie): I’m old! *End music*

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