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9 Ergonomic Pens To Try in 2019

9 Ergonomic Pens To Try in 2019

If your hands hurt after long writing sessions,
an ergonomic pen might help. In this video, we’ll discuss what to consider and share
our top nine ergonomic pens to try in 2019. Let’s begin! Pens that are long, balanced, and thick are
considered more ergonomic because they are easier to grip. A pen should be light enough to hold comfortably, but heavy enough so that it doesn’t
require too much pressure to write. Look for tip-heavy pens–the weight naturally
pushes the tip down. A good grip can help alleviate finger discomfort. We recommend checking out pens with rubber grips. You can choose from grips that are
extremely soft and cushioned to firm and contoured. A pen with good ink flow reduces the amount
of force you exert when writing. Gel, rollerball or fountain pens
tend to have better flow than ballpoints, but even ballpoints have come a long way. Many brands now offer ballpoint pens with low-viscosity inks that have a smoother ink flow. Now let’s jump into our recommendations
for ballpoint, gel, rollerball, and fountain pens. Stick around ‘til the end to see our best
overall pick. Our first ballpoint recommendation is the award-winning Pilot Dr. Grip, which boasts an innovative double layer grip design where the outer layer is firm while the inner layer is soft. This provides softness while still offering support. Its weight is also perfectly balanced
so it’s easier to write with. Designed to accommodate slim fingers
and small hands, the Zebra Surari Airfit’s grip features a layer of air cushion between the grip and body. This provides not only support for your fingertips, it also keeps your fingers from getting sweaty. Plus, Zebra’s specially formulated Emulsion Ink combines oil and gel ink for super pigmented and effortless writing. Gel pen lovers already know the Pentel EnerGel
for its smooth, fast-drying ink, but did you know that it’s also great
for preventing hand discomfort? It comes with a latex-free Comfort Zone grip and a lightweight body, so you can write for a long time. The Uni Signo 207 Premier was designed for
those with strong grips. It has the same easy flow as the Pentel EnerGel but comes with a squishier rubber grip
that makes it easy to hold. As for rollerball pens, the soft, light rubber-coated body of the Stabilo Worker Colorful rollerball pen is a welcome reprieve from hard plastic pens. The high-quality nickel silver tip and Stabilo’s
advanced liquid ink provide a great writing experience. Tombow’s Zoom 505 has a
durable aluminum body, thick rubber grip, and a low center of gravity that is
ideal for writing quickly with ease. Its smooth liquid ink is nicely pigmented
and doesn’t require any additional force to get going. No wonder it’s one of our staff favorites! Let’s move on to fountain pens. Targeted towards students as a pen for writing
practice, the Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen is lightweight with an elongated body. Its indented grip helps you position your
hand correctly, helping prevent fatigue during long writing sessions. The Lamy Nexx’s aluminum body provides a pleasant weight that doesn’t require much pressure to write. It has a triangular rubber grip that’s
comfortable to hold and supports your fingers. Our top choice overall for ergonomic pens
goes to the Uni Alpha Gel. Its gel-like grip is the king of all cushioned grips– squishing it is as satisfying as squeezing a stress ball. Even though the Alpha Gel is a ballpoint,
it also writes amazingly well. It also comes in a slim model for smaller
hands and the like, and if you want something more pigmented, the Alpha Gel grip is also available with Jetstream ink! There you have it: our top nine ergonomic
pens you should try in 2019. Did any of your favorites make the list? Find all of these pens at,
and thanks for watching!

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