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8 வழியில் ரெஸ்யூமே எழுதுவது எப்படி? | How to Write a Resume in Tamil?

8 வழியில் ரெஸ்யூமே  எழுதுவது எப்படி? | How to Write a Resume in Tamil?

Good, you’ve mentioned that you know excel. We are looking for a candidate like you only. I put “Good at excel” on my resume its easy to lie to your parents but if we lie on the resume, we’ll get caught Already lied about a couple of things? Don’t worry, you still have a way out if you write a simple resume How To Write A Resume? It is difficult to write a resume especially when it’s your first step in your career, the pressure is real Don’t worry, just list down your skills, qualifications in an order, the job will come your way easily To let you know when you get a call for the interview or if you got the job what is required? Your contact number. So, the first thing you put in your resume is your contact details. Your name, Contact Number, Address and your e-mail ID If you write it in this order, it will be easier for the interviewer as well The next important thing to include is your bio Share a small brief about yourself The next thing to add is your work experience. Oh, you are a fresher? We’ll come to that in a second What do you add as your work experience? The work you have done in your previous jobs You see your whatsApp messages right? The latest conversation shows up first Just like that, start from your latest job to your first job In this, you write the names of the companies you worked with, Place of work, designation and duration of your work. Adding to the list, share your job description as well Basically, I’m a writer. So I write articles, scripts, blogs. These are all my job description. Now, coming back to the freshers Since you can’t write your professional experience, You can share your education qualifications When you say education qualifications, You mention the name of the institution you studied in, What course you opted for, where you studied. You mention the school name along with your 12th marks One second, when you say education don’t mention your first bunk, first love and other shenanigans, okay? We are going to watch a trailer Just about your work life. About your internship & part time job It is very important to mention this on your resume. Why? Depending on how you perform in your internships etc they give the job to you You should mention where you interned and what was your role during the job You must’ve learned a lot of tools right? Software, Programming language, technology etc..write about those as well. Because when you go for an interview they give a job appropriate for your speciality. Umm… are you an all rounder? Interested in singing, dancing, playing sports, art & media etc? Write about those interests too. Because the companies tend to promote them a lot. You get your skill developed and a great job Killing two stones in one. if you speak different languages, mention them on the resume as well If you have more communication skills, the companies will have a lot of interest in your resume The probability of you getting the job will be higher Do you want to showcase your achievements? There’s a section for that too. Write about your achievements, awards won etc. That’s enough. Other than that, if you had done any other extra courses like typewriter, you can mention them as well Have you done paper presentations, workshops etc? If you write about them, your resume looks good as well. Phew, are you done writing your resume? Is it too long like the Marina beach? Resume should be short, sweet and smart Now, try to make your resume 1 – 1 1/2 pages. It will look good. Also, use bullet points to make your resume look professional Next is font size. It shouldn’t be too small or too big 11 or 12 is the recommended font size font styles like Times New Roman & Calibri looks good for a resume Is it too difficult to follow? Don’t worry, there are templates Free templates. If you choose one template and type out your resume automatically, a proper resume will be ready You can use tools like, for the templates What will you do if you have grammatical errors or spelling errors? There’s a solution for that as well. Free tools like Grammarly, Ginger are really useful. And that’s all..! You are done with your resume Now all you have to do is to double check it and sent it out to the companies. Oh, it’s so late now. Talking about one resume took the whole day But when you watch videos like these, it is easier to understand the content Now, if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, comment and share it And if you want to learn tricky subjects like these, subscribe to this channel Now, I’ll go and finish my resume. Bye!

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