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7 steps to your dream modular kitchen

7 steps to your dream  modular  kitchen

Making a modular kitchen is easier than you think Just ask the experts at Ideas Modular Kitchens Just follow our 7 easy steps for a modular kitchen that is functional and stylish Shall we begin? Decide the material of the carcass of your kitchen Select what the boxes of your kitchen will be made of; plywood, steel, MFC, WPC This is the most critical step since the boxes determine a kitchen’s durability Now choose the finish of your shutters What colour and texture so you want in your kitchen? Matt, gloss, emboss, or glass? Make sure the shutters’ colour coordinates with the counter-top and tiles Choose the internal fittings of your kitchen Choose from a variety of innovative fittings to create an efficient cooking space Pay attention t the amount of load that can be placed on each fitting. Choose the tiles for your kitchen (it gets easier from here) Tiles act as aesthetic highlighters and can be used to add colour and symmetry Tiles protect the kitchen boxes from possible wall water leakage and stains What all in-built and freestanding kitchen appliances will you need? Space and plug points for each kitchen appliance needs to be though of and planned Electrical and plumbing points This ensures that there are points given for your sink, R.O and other appliances This is a drawing that will be given to you by your modular kitchen designer Only one last step left to your perfect modular kitchen… Countertop or your primary workspace Ensure that it is heat-proof and goes with the colours of your shutters and tiles These seven steps will ensure that you get your dream kitchen
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