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7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.

7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.

14 Replies to “7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.”

  • Carol Weaver says:

    Good for anyone, really. I am on Advisory bd for an adult home. Would be good for them. Even for me, as to not end up with any problems with stiffness etc. TY

  • Rakesh vlogs G says:

    For a stroke person after surgery 3years overed, still the hand is full stiff, movement is there. Fingers can be closed but couldn't open up. When he sleep hand is normal but when walks hand pulled up with stiffness.

  • Doctor Red says:

    Long time caller, first time listener. This is great! Easier to do when the Sinemet is in full effect. Thank you, gentlemen.

  • Nellie Wight says:

    This is probably my favorite YouTube thumbnail

  • Sarah L says:

    You guys rock! Thanks!!!

  • David Oaxaca says:


  • Chris MacNaughton says:

    Looks like Brad has rotator cuff problem on the right arm. The shoulder difficulty affects rotation of the wrist.

  • Jody Winchester says:


  • medo saadeldien says:

    can you making these exercices as step photos at the end of video

  • Andrew - Ajaw R. says:

    Youtube Navigation/Abstract
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    0:21 Introduction Treatment / Exercises
    15 repitions each
    1:15 *1.*Exercise Tabletop / Claw
    1:52 *2.*Straight Fist – Thumb stationary. Fingers Open and close to the palm.
    2:29 *3.*Curl Fist incl. the Thumb
    3:04 *4.*Tab Thumb to each finger – reverse it. Fatigue? -> Short break 🙂
    4:08 *5.*Wrist Flexion and Extension
    4:47 *6.*Pro/Suppination Thumb (5:20 Strech possiblilty )
    5:25 *7*Radial/Ulnar Deviation
    5:50 Shacke it out 🙂

    Another Try with Resistence:
    5:59 Handii Healthy Hands [Link] – Usage with the Whole Programm again
    6:38 Tabletop
    7:05 Straight Fist
    7:29 Full Fist
    7:50 Thumb tab to the Fingers
    8:12 Shacke it 8:30 Wrift Flex / Extension with a Hammer / Dumbell (Any resistant)
    9:00 Supination / Pronation with Hammer
    9:35 Hammering (Ulna/Radial)

    10:50 Thanks for Watching ^.^

  • grace purg says:

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  • sunsp0ts says:

    Three months after I began watching Bob and Brad's videos, I lost my sense of humor and my wife left me.

  • Brett Richardson says:

    What's your opinion on gyroscopic hand strengtheners, Bob and Brad? Thanks!

  • Kiran Khanna says:

    Not n

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