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6 months of Egyptian Arabic/٦ شهور العربي مصري

6 months of Egyptian Arabic/٦ شهور العربي مصري

Good afternoon, my name is Damjan. I am 22 years old and I want to speak a little bit in Arabic today, because I learn Arabic for almost six months. And this is my first video in Arabic and my first video in general on YouTube. Why am I learning Egyptian Arabic and what do Krakow and Poland have to do with learning Arabic? I study history of Eastern Europe in Bonn, Germany and thanks to Erasmus I studied in Krakow, Poland. I loved Krakow and Poland very much, I travelled a little bit… …and I recommend very much to study in a different country, in Poland, in Germany, in Spain once in life. And there were Egyptians from Cairo, I loved them very much and they’re now my friends. Because I have a passion for the old Egypt and because I wanted to learn Egyptian Arabic earlier, I said: why not? Why not now learning Arabic? Of course I do not speak fluently, of course I learn Arabic for six months and not for six years, but I love Arabic very much, I love the alphabet very much, Arabic is beautiful in my opinion and I want to see my friends in February, when I come to Egypt, I hope. I want to see in general the culture in Egypt, because the Egyptian culture is very different from the one in Europe and I want to see the real Egypt. I was in Egypt in the year 2005, but in Hurghada and not in Cairo or Alexandria. I want to see my friends in Cairo and in Alexandria, too. I want to see Egypt and I want to improve my knowledge of Arabic until February. If you want to learn Arabic, one has to be smart about it. I don’t learn with books, since there aren’t many books about (Egyptian) Arabic, because the official language in every country is Standard Arabic and not Egyptian, Algerian and so on. Without my friends I won’t know the mistake or new words, but I like Egyptians, Egyptians are very funny. Practice makes perfect (lit. Repetition teaches the donkey). In my opinion practice makes perfect and you have to talk to people, if you learn Arabic, German, Spanish, I don’t know. Enough, thank you very much for the video, good luck with everything, peace.

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