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6 Lombardic Versals

6 Lombardic Versals

Clip 6: Lombardic Versals There are a couple of changes of pen angle with these letters For the letter ‘c’, I will start here at an angle of 20. These curling terminations at the end of
the strokes are optional. This stroke here is done with a flat pen as is this closing stroke here. For the ‘b’, again we need an angle of 20 degrees. I will just anticipate the curve on the ‘b’ coming in, here, and going out, there. The top bowl is always slightly smaller… …than the bottom one.
Just take the pressure off the nib to do the push stroke, there. And then close this down with a flat pen angle. Now for the ‘k’… The pen angle is again about 20 degrees The top diagonal stroke on the ‘K’ comes in just above half way. And the next stroke comes down just below the baseline. Then close the stems off with a flat pen. And now the ‘m’. For the ‘m’, the first bowl is closed… …and the second one… …is open. Then close the stem with a flat pen.

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