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5 Cool Signature Styles Difficult to Imıtate? | Giveaway Class Part II

5 Cool Signature Styles Difficult to Imıtate? | Giveaway Class Part II

Hi everyone,
In the second part, we continue our giveaway class. And we can design two letters. For
example, if I have a letter A and a letter B, I can create a design that integrates with
the components of the two letters. So I can create a practical and creative signature.
I design H and A for “Huzaifa Ansari.. I can lenghten the line. See how different it
is. I’m changing the size of the lines. I’m removing equality, and using different dimensions.
Like a triangle. We can do something similar for Amir Sohel.. I started and A, I started
and S. Seems complicated, imitation is perhaps difficult but very practical. You can also
write your last name if you wish. I think the simpler the better. And we came to our
famous technique. Cloud signature technique. I had a house. I was using the roof of my
house. I wasn’t using its poles. I was turning it,, and using it in different ways. I was
flexing. I could ovalize, and bend. Very briefly, I think it was a nice summary.
Now “Andres Bermudaz Robledo . There are 3 different place with this name. I have to
make an inside selection. I will proceed by choosing. I chose A and R and the inners.
I thought I’d never write “Bermudaz.” But I could do something like that. The first
syllable of my first name is “And”, and the last syllable of my second name is “daz”..
“”Andaz”, for example.. I could have created a word like Andaz.
I did an A. I made A’s line with the inner letters and went through it. I centered R.
You can’t read the inner letters, can you? Because I’m making waves in the cloud signature
technique. I’m going with the “ant march”. And watch where the letter R and the letter
A come from. Same. I worked in the form of too tiny inner letters. I have the same beginnings,
and the same ends. I have a vertical line and a round line. These particles make your
signature look harmonious and beautiful. Secondly, with the same technique,I worked for Syam
Prakash. I got S. I rotate. I’m starting. I have an S
in the beginning, and I wrote P as the opposite of S.
I put them into the saime form, opposite forms. My inner letters are tiny again. You can adapt
them to your own names. If you do not find a response after a lot of efforts, you can
contact me via [email protected] for professional support.Now let’s make a
design for Huzaifa with cloud signature technique. Rotating the letter H. I removed the line.
I turned it around. I wrote H according to cloud signature technique. I roll. There’s
an important point here. I made this move, there was a gap. Here I used the “ladder
method.. I wrote my name. I wrote down my last name. My signature goes up again. It’s
a very strong initial. Finally, let’s complete it with a more normal
signature design. Let’s work upright this time. Small x height again. I worked for Muqeem.
I worked clear inner letters. My letters inside are clear this time. My beginning and end
are the same. The position of this underline is very important. How do you think it would
have been if this had been like this, there is no emphasis at the end. It could, but it
wouldn’t be as strong as we did first. This line has a very, very big function. Now It’s
like a bird, it’s going to fly, like it’s flying. Free, powerful, determined, who knows
where to go. It wouldn’t make much difference if it wasn’t
under the line, but it wouldn’t be as effective as above if you threw it out of there. My
line starts here and there. Neither too far nor too close. This may be, but not this.
Not this, not this. That’s all for now. we have repeated both
our old techniques and methods with basic design principles, ; we made 10 different
designs and added new things. I hope this course will be useful for thousands of people
around the world, like any other course; in this sense that we can make our voice heard
everywhere with Youtube, and I am very happy to meet you on this occasion. See you, take
care. Apply at the same time as you watch.

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