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5 best BOOKS for Art lovers YOU should read and WHY!!

5 best BOOKS for Art lovers YOU should read and WHY!!

Hi guys and welcome to my channel! I am
Clelia and I’m here to share with you my passion for art. Today I’m gonna talk
about five books for art lovers so if you are interested in the topic I
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Finally, I was able to start reading some books again. It sounds incredible to
me!! I don’t know if it also happens to you but there are some times of the year
when I have time to read a little bit more. Lately, I’ve managed to make some
space around the busy schedule and the read for an hour about and around an
an hour on the subway and I’m super happy about this. Like for movies also for
books I always have to choose carefully to keep me interested in the book but
there are plenty of beautiful books dedicated to art and they can be essays, novels or biographies. the choice is wide! The first book is “The
Critic as an artist” by Oscar Wilde. It is neither a novel nor an essay but it’s
more a dialogue between two lovers and it talks about topics that are still
very current the role of the artist, the role of the art critic and the meaning of the artwork. But above all, it talks about the relationship among these three
elements. Consider that Wilde wrote it at the end of the 19th century but even so
it kept me interested just like a contemporary book. I read it overnight
and for me as a slow reader it was a real record. The two main characters mix
their ideas and when reading the book I have found myself taking the part of one
or the other character it depends on the situation. I would recommend this book to
think about our relationship with artworks and also about their meanings
and the emotions they provoke to us. Today the second pick is an essay “The
12 million Stafford Shark” by Don Thompson. It’s one of those books that
you should read, read again and give as a present, please! The title comes from the
famous Damien Hirst’s artwork but it doesn’t refer only
to that. The book analyzes the art market and many auction records. And every
chapter is on a different topic such as the figure of the art dealer and the
role of the auction houses. there are interesting stories about Andy Warhol,
Bacon, Klimt, Koons, Hirst and many others. Thompson’s message is that to better
understand the art market you should study and analyze all the relationships
behind it. You need to have an open mind and in my opinion, get informed even
through a book like this. The next book is a Susan Vreeland’s one. Her books are
always so exciting for me and I’m lucky because there are so many! Each one is
dedicated to a character from the history of art for example Picasso,
Tiffany or Vermeer. My choice for today is “Luncheon on the boating party”. The
book talks about the life and activity of Auguste Renoir and the main
protagonist is his most beautiful work “Luncheon on the boating party”. Today the work is on display at the Phillips Collection in Washington, the first
modern art museum in the history of the United States. Back to the book, the magic is in my opinion in the writing which flows and makes the reader passionate. But the plot is also super super interesting. The story is simple: it’s
Sunday on a terrace of a hotel on the Sainne but it turns in a tangle of the lives
and love stories that characters have really lived. But their stories are not
100% true in the book and in the novel you’ll lose this vision and their
emotions catch you. Being one of my favorite story of course for me it’s
super recommended! The next book has been a classic in the history of art for
decades and it can’t miss on the shelf of any art lover. It’s the history of
art by Ernst Gombrich. It’s often used in the university courses and it’s
considered more a manual of of the history of art. Instead in my
opinion it should be read and considered as the story of a story. It starts from
the ancient art with the description of cave paintings until the mid of the 20th
century. Snd this is one of those readings that I wouldn’t recommend all
in one brief. I would let myself be carried away by curiosity for a certain
historical period or a certain nation for example and then I will go into it
further, maybe thanks to other books. The last book that I recommend is Artemisia by Alexandre Lapierre. From the
title you will have understood that it’s the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, Orazio Gentileschi’s daughter. From her first years of life Artemisia follows
her father everywhere and there learns the job. Above all the book tells of her
passions but also of the injustice that she had to suffer as a woman and an
artist. First of all the violence by the Roman painter Agostino Tassi. I like
a lot how the love-hate relationship between father and daughter is explained
in the book and as Artemisia will be able with the time to affirm herself. But
the book really makes us think about Artemisia and it makes us wonder without her today will there ever been a female artist
free to express their emotions? If you want to go deeper into her story go and take a look at my video on women in art. These are five books that I recommend
you as an art lover! They are all different from each other: novels, essays
or biographies. I always prefer to change and based on the period of the year
chose my reading. Right now for example I’m about to finish an essay on selling
artworks with many many interesting stories. I’m really enjoying it a lot, but I would like to finish it and then start another one. The title is Artwash and it’s another essay that I found in a bookstore here in London. A book on
international sponsorships by oil multinationals so a hard one. If you are
also reading book related to the art world that you
want to share with me or with the others leave a comment down below in the
comment section so we can create a beautiful virtual list of books for
art lovers to read over and over again and if you liked the video please leave
a thumbs up and share it with friends who loved reading too. See you next time! Ciaooo!

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