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4 Steps of improving Handwriting

4 Steps of improving Handwriting

Hi friends , welcome in Calligraphic show Beautiful handwriting is really a dream for everyone but it doesn’t fulfilled due to some reason but friend today I am telling you four important steps to improve handwriting These 4 steps will be helpful to you after seeing this video completely Enjoy this video completely and don’t forget to subscribe this channel for seeing such different video Let us see 4 steps , 4 steps of improving handwriting First step is Controlling strokes Controlling strokes is very important Strokes and its controlling decide your handwriting Handwriting depends upon your strokes For this you take any plane page or any type of page or news paper , draw various types of lines take any type of pen . It is not necessary to have a calligraphic pen draw various types of curves Draw vertical lines , horizontal lines , various types of curves ,irregular curves and circle After making such type of practice , it makes a controlling strokes When you draw strokes or circle in one stroke , then you can say that you are on proper track Our second step is choosing of font Some times what happens, while selecting a font we select most cursed font In such a type of selection no practice takes place For this try to select a very simple font at first which is favorable for your day to day life Try to practice letter in between two lines Our third step is making a practice for 100 times Whatever the font which you selected , try to make the practice of each and every letter for min. 100 times For getting good result there must a practice of each letter for minimum 100 times At first your handwriting may come in between four lines , after practicing for more times your handwriting may come in between two lines Our next step is Try it on Whatever font which you have selected , try to implement this font in actual practice Write names , write your friends name , relatives name . Write on your copies Write various types of words sentences and paragraphs and write daily After practicing for number of times of selected font you will notice that your improved handwriting will be in two lines Friends if you follow these four steps definitely your handwriting will get improved if lot of practice is done Friend, try to comments For more video try to subscribe Good Day , Thank you

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