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3 Simple Solutions to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

So this week is change of scenery and I
was in Sydney, Australia for a few days A market often known for outspoken
creative underlined with dashes of humor Yeah humour – if you’re not sure what
I’m on about check this campaign out Tosser – What you do with your rubbish says a lot about you Hey tosser put it in the bin Now on the flight over I was
preparing for the week ahead and I had to write some killer copy that was gonna
grab everyone’s attention I sat there in the cabin I flew overnight hunched over tiny desk and I realized coming up with creative copy is a pretty hard task when we don’t always have the unusual tools available to you So this week I want to
share a view my top three tips for writing killer copy Thats improving your
writing skills whether it’s for headlines concept territories or
creative directions – these tips are gonna help you enhance your writing skills so
you can start producing head-turning copy Welcome to the channel this is the
Tomasco project where you will learn how to build your brand and grow your
influence if you’re new here my name is Tom and I’m a marketer with 15 years
experience working alongside some of the biggest brands in the world as a client
but also a consultant Now Australia’s best in class when we think about
innovative creative ideas there’s a lot going on down under and they often tend
to bend the rules when it comes to traditional communication The role of a
copywriter is a pretty specialist one but often we don’t have access to them
so we have to create that head-turning copy ourselves and guess what it’s a
pretty hard task for the master So for near enough for the past decade
I’ve been working alongside teams where English is not the first language and as
a native speaker myself I’ve realized there’s one thing that proves to be the
stumbling block when it comes to creative copywriting. It’s not the
ability to find words themselves it’s the structure required to generate
creative attention-grabbing copy Now these 3 tips will hopefully allow you
a way to rethink the ways in which you structure your wording so you can pack a
surprise and give your work that stopping power it deserves so let’s get
straight into it #1 Use a thesaurus – now yes it’s an obvious one, but still I don’t see enough people using them. I just mentioned the words
themselves are not the main challenge but often the first word that comes to
our head or even the first solution of our headline just clouds our judgment
and we can’t see beyond it. Now tools like the play a
critical role in the creative process that allows us to expand our vocabulary
and offers a springboard for further ideation. Now I’ve heard many a creative director ask for shorter more concise even punch your headlines now I’m using a thesaurus will allow you to do just
that Just start a new search and see the options flood in select the definition
is most appropriate for your needs and start exploring possible solutions. You
can add the site as a bookmark for easy access from your home page or if you’re
somebody who prefers to work off their phone go ahead and get the app it’s a
really useful tool for referencing things mid-meeting or if you’re just
struggling to find the words to express yourself So number two let the music do
the talking and what am I on about? Luckily we live in a world where new
content is always trying to grab our attention as some of the best
copywriters of our generation have put their work out there for us all to hear. I’m talking about musicians, they are brilliant at copywriting. Well whether
they write it themselves or not that’s not the point. The point is we should look to songs as a starting point for our inspiration. Now
when you have an idea of what you want your copy to say try to establish one
or two key words so you can start searching online for relatable content Head over to Spotify start searching for those key words. Scroll down the titles
or listen to some tracks to find inspiration. I prefer to search by artist
and check out their track listings because often I already know some of the
lyrics to the songs and I can just refresh my mind and get new ideas You can also try to discover pages to find new music that may serve as new
inspiration for your copywriting needs So go ahead take some tracks and play
around of them maybe change a tense or add more robust adjectives it’s really
able to you you can save playlists with tracks that provide inspiration or
simply save ideas for a later date and you can do this by project or music
genre again it’s really up to you so start bringing this method into it
every day and see the benefits of organizing your ideas online I tend to write my ideas down in a notebook but I also use Evernote is a great app to organize my thoughts and capture the lines that really grabbed my attention Putting your thoughts down in a notebook physically or digitally will really provide an invaluable point of reference for the future Number three keep it analog
Sometimes your brain simply need some form of stimulus to unlock its creative
side and physically go through magazines provides us up a way to scan ideas but
also jolt your brain into action. Now this tactile approach means you can also
learn from professional writers but also pick up ideas and find new ways of
wordplay which you might have previously overlooked The input is key so look for
magazines that are fit for the purpose you intend them for. Personally, I refer to
publications with a higher quality of writing. I grab a copy of Monocle, it’s
great for business and lifestyle ideas but also GQ and AugustMan a great
stimulus in the same category A slightly different approach is to search for images that you might find useful and their associated captions. Sometimes
these image captions and the subheaders are powerful references for inspiration
and they often get overlooked Now these tips are not about copying
words directly but acting as a point of leverage for style and structure. Now use
a combination of all three of these tips to get the most out of your existing
style and take your skills to the next level. Now I do have one bonus tip, I
can’t talk about copywriting without a special mention to one of the great
ECD’s he’s always picked me up on something he refers to as a widow. A
widow is a single word of a sentence that appears on a new line due to the
copy being too long and that word wrapping around to the next line. Now two words on a new line of okay but never leave one on its own. If you can’t rephrase
things to get rid of that Widow you copy simply isn’t good enough So there you have it three tips to help you take your writing to the next level. Let me know in
the comments below which tip should you use on a daily basis and for more
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