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3 Hot Trends in Wedding Calligraphy

3 Hot Trends in Wedding Calligraphy

Good morning Evette it is so good to have
you on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips. Thank you Holly it’s a pleasure to be here. So tell me Evette what are the hottest trends
for calligraphy this year? Well there are several things that are very
hot this year. One is a style of writing called Bombshell
which is contemporary it made it’s debut a few years ago. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s definitely
calligraphy, which means beautiful writing, but it is very popular. There’s also a resurgence in the classic
and elegant kind of swirly type writing. Two of the basic styles that fit that bill
one is called Markum and the other is called Burgess. They lend themselves to a fine point pen where
there are lots of swirls and adds a flair to the writing. The other two things that are popular. Gold, gold ink is everywhere, and wedding
vow scrolls. That’s a unique and beautiful way to present
your vows at the wedding as well as having a lifetime keepsake. Would you like an example? I would love an example of that. This lovely silk box holds one or two scrolls
if each member whether it’s two brides, two grooms, or a bride and a groom want their
own vows on two separate scrolls. The box will hold two. If they have the same vows to one another
one is enough. I make these. I cut the dowels, glue on the pineal, I paint
them whatever color the couple wants and do a matching ribbon. And then at the ceremony they unfurl the vows
and read the vows to one another. Perfect then I don’t have to forget what
I’m saying. That’s correct and then they have a lifetime
keepsake. That says when times get rough, or he or she
said something that they didn’t like very much. They have a reminder, “This is why we did
this. We do love each other, we do care about each
other this is forever.” What does the bride need to know about addressing
her envelopes? Or her invitations. There is envelope etiquette, it’s a little
more relaxed these days that it has in the past but it’s still a form of presentation. Generally speaking the invitation is addressed
to Mr. and Mrs. Or Dr. Susan and Mr. Joseph Smith. Occasionally titles are dispensed with particularly
for close family and that’s perfectly alright. The most important thing is to remember that
this is the first glimpse of a wedding that your guests will have. So please handwrite every envelope. If your budget does not allow for hiring a
calligrapher that’s fine but please handwrite them. Do not ever use labels. Several years ago I did a nonscientific survey
of people that I just met casually as well as family and friends. And I had a mock up of a nice envelope it
was a nice oversized envelope it was beautiful and I put a label on it that I had an address
on the computer. And I showed it to them and said, “What
does this look like to you?” and they said, “Junk I would trash it, I wouldn’t even
open it ever.” So please don’t put labels on your wedding
invitations, handwrite it. If you need some help, a family member, or
a wedding party member, a neighbor, yourself. There are lots of options to nicely handwrite
your wedding invitations.

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