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3.4 How to Loom Knit | EWrap Knit Stitch

– [Kristen] Today
on how to loom knit, we’ll be working on
the E-wrap stitch. This is lesson 3.4. – Welcome to GoodKnit Kisses. We’re all about helping
you stitch your love and love your stitches. – Remember that we covered all four of the
different knit stitches on the previous video, so
click down on the link below to understand the properties. In this video, we’ll be covering just how to make the stitch. Let’s get started on
the E-wrap stitch. For this video, you’re going
to need to cast on 22 stitches. I’m gonna demonstrate
on this loom over here. Go ahead and start
casting on it. Doesn’t matter if you’re
doing the chain cast on, the double E-wrap or if
you do on the E-wrap flat. Pause your video
and meet me back up for working the stitch. Ah, the E-wrap stitch. Okay, so this one is super easy. You are just simply wrapping
around all of the pegs. This is that same stitch that is in lots of manufacturer
looms instructions, and they just do that one because it’s super
simple to teach, and easy and it is worth
knowing how to do it. You’re just going to take it, take the yarn and go in
between the next peg. Go in front of the
peg you’re working on and then around
to the back, okay? Gonna go behind the next peg. Go around in front, back in the direction you were, go in between, and
then come around. So you’ve done this
before in the cast on. You’ve made the
upside down cursive E, and that’s all it is. So you really already
knew this one, and you may have
already done this before when you got interested
in loom knitting. Here’s me working from the side. I didn’t even talk about this and holding your loom, but a lot of times
when I’m E-wrapping, I’m actually
working to the side. And then I just hold that last
stitch and I knit off, okay. And it locks it in place, and you can continue taking your yarn
and letting it go and working on your
stitches and knit off. I do have a tip about
this though, okay. So this is the easy way to do it and it holds on to it, okay. However, when you’re
working back and forth and around and
around in a circle, which we talk about knitting
it around at another point, what happens is knitting
it off at one point here causes a tension issue between the first and last peg, and you can actually
get some laddering. So the way to make it
really consistent is you can actually just E-wrap maybe a couple at a
time and knit off, and then do a few more. So, anywhere from like two
to four stitches at a time, and then just keep
working on your project, and not worrying about having
an inconsistent stitch. So you could totally
do that if you want. And plus, E-wrap is
used in other patterns and you might do a
few knit stitches and then do some other
types of stitches. And so, you need to
know that you can do it one at a time, two at a time. You don’t always have to wrap the entire row all at once. All right, so troubleshooting
on the E-wrap stitch. Of course you can come back here and unknit that stitch,
and undo it, okay. But what happens if you
have to redo something and you see that maybe
something came off. Maybe your stitch came off here. You’ll notice when
you take it off, there is a twist back here and you may be putting
something back on. So maybe you take this
off with scrap yarn, like something on here, and you want to get
it back on the loom and you notice, hey,
why is this really loose and these are tighter? Well, that’s because
there was a twist, and you have to know where
it was twisted before. So, when this was
twisted last time, it was going in
this direction here. So what I do is I
take my yarn, okay, and then I take my loop, I take my yarn and make a
loop around this direction. Okay, just as if I
was, just as if I was wrapping in that direction. So I can go this direction, or I can go in this direction. Either way, depending upon
the way I was wrapping. So if you remember
we talked about how when you go
in one direction, it makes the bump angled one way and then the other direction can angle it the next way. So, you want to remember
which way it was going so that when this comes out, it’ll look consistent, okay. So, if I was
E-wrapping like this, then the right part of this peg is gonna need to
come around first. So wrapping like that. No, yeah, like that. Anyway, so then
you get your twist and you’re good to go, and you can continue
working on your loom. Well, that was much
faster, wasn’t it? This one’s also
gonna get really big. This is gonna be about
an eight by eight sample. So, for your homework
on the E-wrap, which should be no problem
and lightning fast, this is going to be 32 rows. So knit 32 rows, go ahead and put
in your scrap yarn, and you know the drill. We’ll see you for
the next video. Our next video is working
on the purl stitch, and we’ll do a
similar small sample, and then after that, we’ll learn how to bind off and you’ll be doing
these over and over again until you get really good
and comfortable with it. All right, you know the drill. Be sure and click
for the next video link in the description, and subscribe for
notifications for new lessons. We also have more,
again, on our website, if you miss something. I can’t wait to
see you next time. – Thanks for joining us today, where we help you stitch your
love and love your stitches. See you again soon!

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