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200 Turkish Words Used in Arabic

200 Turkish Words Used in Arabic

Hello, I’m Feyza Among those who follow our channel closely, we have many audiences whose native language is Arabic. In this lesson, I prepared a content that I think they would like. If you entered guncelturkce.com, I wrote about myself there. I have been teaching Turkish to my students whose native language is Arabic since 2016. And I really love what I do. Once, I was a student who, on the contrary, struggled to learn Arabic. I was really having a hard time at that time. But exploring the common words that are the subject of this lesson excited me. Isn’t it nice to have so many common words that we use in our daily lives? Although their pronunciation is different, when we hear these words, we can more or less understand what they mean. When you see these words that we will repeat together soon, you will realize how many Turkish words you actually know. Let’s start! Urgent Incapable Justice Tradition Piece Ordinary Moral Octopus Family Mind Relative Scorpion Relevance Tool Surgery Chief Land Dignity Love Torment Grocery Simple Blanket Municipality Pea Building Steam Ignorant Spy Attractive Jacket Greatness Heaven Corpse Serious Device Geography Friday Republic Sentence Punctual Minute Case Invitation Notebook Degree Lesson State Dozen Eternal Diamond Goodbye Order Document Poor Difference Invoice Philosophy Individual Idea Elephant Philosopher Strange Envy News Light Right Turkish bath Mustard Action Map War Sensitive Orator Air Life Sad Target Gift Account Story Wisdom Crescent Auspices Attack Government Liberty Sadness Spinach Return Worship Economy Advert / Announcement Faith Examination Revenge Name Independence Fireman Confession Objection Grave Acceptance Convoy Laughter Coffee Pen Heart Law Clove Scribe Word Linen Book Stationery Part Value Cologne Force Language Matter Court Office Scissors Makeup Meaning Council Place Handkerchief Center Busy Famous Season Inspector Pudding Accounting Engineer Possible Kitchen Banana River Narcissus Intention Trousers Pyjamas Orange Comfortable Figure Official Artist License Morning Patience Soap Charity Reason Wealth Trip Siphon Magic Gun Politics Zero Secret Soda Sausage Speed Person Personality Desire Shape Honor Healing Thank god Layer Nature Trader Imitation Calendar Tariff History Experience Inspection Threat Representation Translation Diagnosis Trade Crocodile Horizon Time Decease Ruby Vow Orphan Ginger Olive Visit Emerald Giraffe

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