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2 Writing in Evernote: Mac

2 Writing in Evernote: Mac

over the course of a workday you create a lot of content drafts of documents meeting notes and agendas checklists and so on everyone gives you a central workplace where you can create all of this content let’s look at how to write in Evernote in this example we’ll create an agenda for an upcoming meeting click + new note and then let’s enter a title for it let’s add a headline for our agenda items let’s make the header stand out a little bit more I’ll add bold and underline to help it stand out let’s add items that we want to discuss at the meeting to keep things organized I’m going to create a bulleted list and I’ll do that by clicking the bullet list button in the toolbar I can also add sub items that I want to discuss under product ideas I’m going to create a numbered list first I’ll click on the numbered list button in the toolbar and then add my items if I want to call attention to a particular item I just select it then click on the highlighter if there are items that I want to make sure get covered during the meeting I can add checkboxes for them just click on the checkbox button and add items for follow-up steps in a process and so on you can check off the checkboxes as items get completed you can also add images and other documents like PDFs or office files directly into your notes just drag them and they’re permanently stored in Evernote you can open your attachments right from Evernote and any changes you make are automatically saved right back into the note tables can help you visually arrange information right inside of your notes just click on the table button and select the number of columns and rows in this example we’ll add the names and roles of people at our meeting Evernote also lets you record your voice with a built-in audio recording function just click on the microphone to start your recording and then hit the record button remember to follow up after this meeting click Save and your audio is saved directly into your note where you can play it back later when you need to you’ve just learned how to get started with writing in Evernote check out our other videos to learn how to do even more with Evernote

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