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2 Types of Stencil Embossing – NEW Holiday Release from Simon Says Stamp

2 Types of Stencil Embossing – NEW Holiday Release from Simon Says Stamp

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m using two
brand-new products from Simon Says Stamp, I’m
using this stained glass greeting stamp set and the
Christmas star stencil. I’m gonna start out
with the stencil first, and I’m going to be creating
two different backgrounds using the stencil and
both have different types of embossing. This first one I’m
using some Schoolhouse Red card stock that I’ve
cut down to a standard sized card, it’s actually
just a little bit smaller than a standard card, and
I’m going to be working on top of a non-stick
slick surface. This is the Tonic
Easy Clean Mat, and then I’ve taken the
Christmas star stencil and I’ve taped it with
some blue painter’s tape to that red card stock. This is going to hold
the stencil in place without having any tape
covering up those sections of the card stock. So this is a really great
way to have that stencil, have it stay in place
but not have gaps in what you’re adding
on top of the stencil. I’m using some garnet
red glimmer paste from Nuvo and I’m going
to use a pallet knife and just smear this
all over the front of this card stock,
making sure that I’m using really slow movements, I
don’t want to do anything really fast or jerky and
possibly pull up the stencil because it’s not taped
down on the left side so I’m making sure that
as I bring that paste over to the other
side of the card stock that I’m pulling
in from the center. I wanna make sure I’m not
introducing any opportunities for the stencil to gap or
pull up away from the surface of the card stock. This is actually a really
nice shimmer or glitter paste, and I have it in a
few different colors and I really, really love
it, especially with this red on red tone that
I’ve got going here. You want to clean off
your tools fairly quickly. If you don’t want to work
super quick like this you could have a
bowl of water nearby and just drop that
pallet knife into it. You could also place
the stencil directly into that water as well. When it comes to
cleaning the stencil, I do have a tip for you guys. The way I clean
all of my stencils, whether I’ve used
ink on top of them or shimmer paste like this
or regular embossing paste, I take it to a sink and
I just use my regular hall bathroom for
this, and then I have a nail brush. It looks like a
really small hairbrush and it has stiff bristles
and I just hold the stencil in my left hand and I gently
brush in circular motions over that stencil and
it takes off everything off the surface, it’s
super quick and easy, and I’ll link to a nail
brush like I use at home. I’ll link that in the
supplies section below. So now I’m onto the
second background, I’ve just set that red
glittery one to the side to dry and this time I’m going
to do heat embossing. And I did try this technique
with a couple different methods and this was my favorite,
which is to apply some clear embossing ink, this
is clear embossing ink from Simon Says Stamp,
and I’m applying that with a mini round blending
tool in pouncing motions, just pouncing up and
down onto the stencil. I’ve found that this
was the easiest way and the most accurate way
to get a really good result. I did try taking my ink pad
directly to the stencil, and I wasn’t really able to
get a nice, even impression that way, it was just
a little bit easier using the foam tool. So now I’m shaking
on some antique gold embossing powder from
Simon, and this is a really pretty gold shade. It’s almost like a
champagne gold shade, it’s not like a really
yellow gold, and I really particularly love it when
it’s paired with red. There’s sometimes that
more kind of brassy red or I’m sorry brassy gold,
it can kind of change the entire tone of
what you’re doing and I really love this
antique gold shade. In fact, I’m gonna
use it quite a bit on today’s cards. Using my heat tool
just to heat set this until it’s smooth and
melted and it definitely changes color when it’s
melted so you’ll know when it’s heated up enough. And you can see how
beautiful that is, and what a great
impression I got by using that foam tool for the
application of the clear ink. I use my embossing powder
over a coffee filter, and I just was able to funnel
that back into the jar. So now I’m going to work
on the sentiment areas for the cards. I’ve taken some
more red card stock, this is just the other
half of that card stock that I cut down earlier, and I’m using the
stained glass greeting stamp set that I showed at
the beginning of the video and I’m going to be
stamping and embossing this and I wanna prep
my card stock here with the anti-static powder tool because I wanna make sure I
don’t have embossing powder sticking to areas
where I don’t want it. I use that same
clear embossing ink that I used before from Simon and then I’ll just
close my misty door down and stamp that onto the
schoolhouse red card stock. Going to sprinkle
on some more of that antique gold embossing powder. This is a really fine
detailed embossing powder so it works great for
all of those small words on that line, that top line. Use my heat tool
just to heat set that until it’s smooth and
melted, and then I took my fingers and just wiped
off whatever was remaining from that anti-static powder. I’m now taking the
Wine Red marker, this is a Zig Clean
Color Real Brush Marker, and you could use
any marker for this except for Copics or any
other alcohol markers. And I would say avoid those
because it can eat away at the embossing powder,
and then it could ruin the tip of your marker,
so any marker except for alcohol markers
will work for this. So I’m cutting that down
so it’s more narrow strip, and I’m gonna cut it
down even more than that in a minute. I then also trimmed down
my gold embossed piece so that it is three
and three quarters wide by five inches tall. This is gonna give me a
nice, wide white border around my card once I
mount it on my card base. Speaking of my card base,
I scored that at five and a half to create
a top folding card, and the card stock I’m
using today is Neenah Classic Crest Solar White
in the 110 pound version. Put some foam
adhesive on the back of my gold embossed piece
and then adhered that down onto the card base. Then took that red strip,
I’m gonna line up my card using my grid mat here,
and that gives me a nice reference for making sure I
get this on here straight. I’ll press that down
and then this first card is complete. I love how shiny it
is and that gold shade is amazing. So after my red piece
had a chance to dry, I decided to move on and
create the greeting area for this one as well. This time I’m
taking the joy stamp from the stained
glass greetings, and I’m stamping that
onto some vellum. Using that same
clear embossing ink so that I can make
it gold once again, and I’m using the antique
gold embossing powder. I’ll just shake that
off and make sure I have a nice, clean impression. Then heat set that
with my heat tool, and then I trimmed it
down so that it was a lot smaller than that
vellum piece there, and I’m actually going to add
a little bit of a gold edge. This is going to give me a
place to put some adhesive to adhere this vellum
piece onto my card. So I’m masking off just
that top, that side of the vellum piece,
and I’ll press that down into that embossing
ink, and by the way, that white tape is
just some post-it tape. I’ll also have that linked
down in the supplies. Gonna dip this narrow
strip into my jar of embossing powder and
then I’ll use my heat tool to heat set that. Like I said before, this
is just to give me an area where I can put some adhesive because vellum, because
it is translucent, it will show any
adhesive underneath. I’m creating another card base, this one’s going to be
a side-folding card, and then I’m adhering
my red glitter piece onto the white card stock. And this one doesn’t have
quite as big of a white border, this finished piece was
actually four inches tall by five and one quarter wide. So I press that down
onto my card base, and then I put a little
narrow strip of foam tape right behind that gold edge that I embossed. I’m gonna press this
down onto the right edge of my card, and that finishes
the card for today as well. So I’ve got two cards. This post and video
was actually part of a blog hop celebrating
the newest release from Simon Says Stamp,
this is part of their holiday release, and
this is actually day two of blog hops, so there’s
today’s inspiration and you can also check
out the inspiration from yesterday as well. Make sure you head
over to my blog to see all the
supplies that I’ve used and thank you so
much for watching, and I’ll catch you
guys in another video very soon. (gentle guitar music)

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