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2 BOYS (Arabic version)

2 BOYS (Arabic version)

Sometime in the future… Ali: Whoo hoo!
David: Come on, Ali! David: My mother once said there used to be
a big wall dividing us. Ali: Hey David, grandfather said that too. He said the Israelis were on the other side. That I would have hated you all and thought you liked killing Palestinian
children. David: Mother said
you would have hated me too,­­­ and would have wanted all of us Israelis to drown in the sea. Ali: You were all probably scared to death. David: I’m sure everyone was. [explosion] [scream in Hebrew: mother!!] Ali: We lost it. [sound of planes] [explosion] David: I think we lost it, too. [man screaming in Arabic] Ali: A lot of people thought that’s what
God wanted. But it isn’t! David: Everyone lost out. [weeping] David: Sounds like everyone
was nuts for a while. I’m just glad it stopped. Ali:  Yeah. I guess people figured out we’re
all the same, and we shouldn’t be afraid of each other. David: Ali…I’m not afraid of you. Ali: I know. Me neither. And I would never
want you to drown in the sea. [laughter from David and Ali] But I’ll race you! David: Lets go Ali: Come on David! David: Yeah Ali run! Both: Whoo hoo!

3 Replies to “2 BOYS (Arabic version)”

  • Tanblondalex says:

    A palestinian kid doesn't need his mother or grandfather to tell him about Israel when he can see with his wn eyes the Israeli airplans raiding his city daily destroying palestinian homes schools and hospitals and killing his beloved ones, or witness the Israeli solders humiliating his family at the check points or kidnapping his friends and most possibly himself from the streets for doing nothing and being subjected to beating, turture and jail.

  • Tanblondalex says:

    If you are sincere about your "peace" propaganda you should better address the israeli solders asking them to be more kind when they bombard , humiliate, kidnap palestinian kids in the occupied territories…

  • Sam Voron says:

    Thank you for this video which I have put on my Islam and the Quran website islamandthequran

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