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179. Difference between Writing and Handwriting

179. Difference between Writing and Handwriting

These children are extremely noisy during break! You know them well… Why are you erasing the board,
what are you planning to do? I’m getting the board ready for the writing
lesson I’ll have with my class. Today my children were also learning
how to write and they did so well. I do not mean learning how to write but
I’m talking about creative writing. When teaching children how to write you teach the the fundamental
techniques, like when to start and writing within the line Mine have started with cursive So our style of writing now is cursive. What I’m talking about is using a certain writing style Like if you are writing an invitation, They need to know that they have a name, time, venue
and what’s the event about. Like when writing a story.? You divide it into introduction,
the body and conclusion. You reminding me a lesson we had
in my class about recipe. I was saying writing recipe is
different from story writing. We talked about it having an introduction where
it tells you about ingredients needed, Below it should tell you how to prepare
the meal you’re about to make I was telling them there are many
methods of writing. When you tell children to write, often times
they don’t know where to begin So when we write we use the template/method
and guide them step by step. After that we write as a class or in groups. Finally they write as individuals. You’re teaching them this so when they won’t
get stuck when they are writing individually. That is very important. Let’s go the break is almost over. Let’s go and eat before the break is over. The learners are so noisy out here. I do not have something to eat, Don’t panic I’ll share lunch with you….

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