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16 HOUR Hand Lined 3D Calligraphy Alphabet

16 HOUR Hand Lined 3D Calligraphy Alphabet

ward up everybody Mike here from MrMGWard penmanship and design and today we’re gonna ink a schnazzy alphabet if you follow me on Instagram @MrMGWard number of months ago you would have seen it this alphabet now I was really happy with how this came out but the more and more I look at it the less I like the format each individual letter I think turned out really great the lines turned out really great but as a whole I think the design could be better fast forward a couple of months I was contacted by John Neal Books and has to design an alphabet for them to put on t-shirts I should probably be wearing one of those t-shirts now in hindsight anyways this gave me the opportunity to revisit my old alphabet but format in the way that I like better this is the original pencil sketch Ooo that is bright get this in you so you guys can see it this is the original pencil sketch of my version to alphabet that I did for John Neal Books the letters are basically the exact same they’re just formatted and overlapped in a way that I think looks a lot better this is not superscripted this is not like signature design nothing in here is connected they’re just overlapping for today’s video I broke this process down into four segments number one outlining the letters number two adding a black shade to each slender number three adding diagonal section lines to create a 3d effect and number for adding horizontal section lines two-and-a-half that 3d effect put together create a really dope piece well you’re about to see is 16 hours and 44 minutes of inking work done over 4 evenings that’s kind of insane to be quite honest but that’s how I work best so that’s how I did it step one done all the letters have been outlined now we’re gonna add that slight black shade to each one and that step to finished now we go into step three and four these are a little more complicated they use it to call a section liner this is a stepping ruler has a little lever here and essentially when I press that lever the ruler travels across this bar so I press make a line press make a line press make a line and in the process of this video I probably pressed that little lever gosh probably thousands of times I didn’t count the lines in this piece but uh there’s a lot and that is that that is all four segments of the video we now have the completed new alphabet if I can get in there a little closer so you guys can see it actually made the lines closer together on this one that I did the previous one so I like the way it looks a lot better than the last one the format is better I am extremely happy with this piece awesome I really hope you enjoyed today’s video if you have any questions about section lining or about inking or about this piece or about anything else let me know down in the comments below also be sure that you hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the bell so you don’t miss out on any future content I hope that you are falling in love with the process and don’t forget ladies and gentlemen life should be just a bit of silliness really

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