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14. Ders | Küçük Harfler: x, y, z | Online Modern Kaligrafi Atölyesi

Hi everyone. we have come to now the last part of the last letter lesson then we finish the lowercase letters. We start with x. Getting started fine. thick and thin. then I write the middle stroke of x as thin. I started, I finished. I apply minimal pressure. press less, press more, press less then press less. My hand is always on paper I never lift the pinky side of my hand from the paper. Lets continue. Finish the line. You can get a few prints. Don’t try just one page. Print a few pages. Work several pages. You can bend the middle line a little, you can bend it. This adds animation to your letter. It gives your word vitality. and move to the letter y. This movement is very familiar to us. We made this move in the letter u.. We can formulize like this I + j=y and I’m done. Thin. I thickens. Thin. thick-thin. if I want to be thick, I exert pressure. If I want to be thin, I apply minimal pressure. You can extend the tail, you can shorten. but if you use a long tail you should make all the letters they have descender/tail long and you should enlarge beginning of all letters, maybe. If you are making a short tail, all letters they have a tail must be short. Let’s continue. Let’s move to the letter z. We’re going to make a few different z-letters. This beginning is very familiar to us. We can bend it a little. Or we can do it like I did first. If z at the end of the word I’m using a ‘z’ like this. I’m giving z’s tail a little behind. If z is in a word, I’m using z like this. I’m giving it down because a letter will come after it. and you can use such a square z cross the guide line first, then Let’s continue on line. I mostly use z, is this z. Because we are using such z in the word easily. If a letter should come next, it is not problem for such z. So this is the most useful Here again, the size of the tail is up to you. Lets continue. I finished. I’m throwing my middle stroke. Thin thick-thin I finished. More angular z, Let’s make a angular tail. thin thick, thin thick, and thin thin thick thin thick thin. I push less and push hard. and let me do the last z. I draw my tail and finished. We’re at the end of this section. See you in the next section. With love aand calligraphy.

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