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top 10 moves to use are my female names semi-coma here are you ever wondered what do the names of your art friends mean I’m dedicated to lessons on the 10 mostly used expressed Arabic male and female 8 today we’re going to discuss female names and the mostly used ones let’s begin with my name actually my name is absolutely not widely spread now born but it had a meaning behind it and a funny one actually it has a lot of meanings it has three or four meanings but the men that like the main one of the name behind my name Maha is try to imagine the cow but imagine that wild cow and imagine its eyes that is called man the wild cow eyes not only the wild one so that’s the meaning of yeah that’s one of the meanings behind my name Maha not my heart not my it’s short mouth at the beginning my and then men along you are dealing with an edge Maha Maha so my heart is the wild cows I it’s not a rough and an ugly meaning actually it’s really spread in poetry it’s very used my name is Yusuf poetry because if you imagine that the cows eyes are really beautiful and usually this name is given to the girls with beautiful eyes so when I was born my parents right away understood that my eyes were and they gave me that name maha actually that was one of the reasons that other reason was my favorite my mom’s favorite teacher was is them called Maha and she wanted to call her so anyways this is one of the meanings at the fact that the meaning of my name is like our spring with clear running water and that’s also called maja I’m not they’re very very useful meaning of my name if the gazelle or the deer it’s also called maja and maja alright anyways enough with my name let’s begin with the top ten books to use are my favorite names so the number one name I want to mention today is the name Amon you’ve heard probably of a man or a man it has two variations amen so as I was telling you our beginnings have really deep meanings behind just like the simple name there there are deep and beautiful meanings behind them a man means dream or hope a man and a man is the pleura so you can call your daughter I’m a hope or a man hopes and dreams so just really at least both names I’m going to put them in just one category so the first names I’m not a man and they’re really nice and the name is widely spread in the Arab world I’m a I’m a second thing that I hear a lot is the name of a beer happy address AR I’m not a beard it’s obvious happy yet many people call their children T my children having a beer means fragrance or perfume the fragrance another very beautiful name for me it’s my favorite Arabic name female ever it’s the name of my daughter and that’s why I call her Laila Laila it’s you can like there are different variations of light Allah Allah Allah and it’s only they call her Lila Lila the Arabic way to pronounce this name was Lena Lena Lena Lena Lena has a lot of meanings actually it comes from the word Lena light which means night so it can mean the dark Beauty dark as the night or the baby girl born during the night or also from person the dark goddess or the beautiful the dark-haired beauty these are all meanings of like they are like I’m connected with night and dark and dark hair and a beauty action so that’s why I loved Leila and I of course wanted an Arabic name for my daughter and maybe many of you don’t know that Leila have Arabic or Persian origin so it comes from the word one Leila – means night and and Leila without if Mac surah the name which means the beauty the dark Beauty born at night late the next name of my list if the name Jameela Jamil I’d have also made variation that you’ve seen probably and them in the mailing list of 10 most important and widely spread innate Jimena comes in the adjective Jamil which means gracious or beautiful so jameelah is a really nice name to call your daughter’s already like your loved one I mean if you have a girlfriend called Jamila she’s not only jameelah beautiful but her name was Lena so it’s wonderful so you see these beautiful and really nice name meanings behind all of our names they make the arbic language very logical but also beautiful jameelah Hannon Hanna a new name that maybe even you didn’t hear of but it’s really really very very much used at my aunt Hanan and its really used also in hebrew as a male name which means shannon it’s like a which is pronounced canon anyways Hanna means compassion in Arabic so hang on a mother is her nuna she’s compassionate she’s merciful Hanna compassion you probably heard the Fatima Fatima means literally means captivating captivating farty farty Fatima party mice mainly mainly use as a real pronunciation of it which is Fatima like in Palestine pristine Ian Arabic we put simplified as far to me part mix and Fatima far to me but it’s the same name Fatima it means captivating and it’s the name of the most beloved daughter of the prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam so it’s name of the doctor of the Prophet and it’s far too – widespread in our world mainly used for Muslims in Arabic in the art world it’s mainly used for Muslims even though Fatima I think it’s a name of the Maria’s mother of Jesus and in other countries I’m not sure about this detail but I’ve heard of like notes the Fatima in the Italian no Maria party medieval denier or something shiny waits for Timo party ma is the Arabic name of the daughter of the prophet and it means captivating and you will hear it a lot you will hear a lot of girls named Fatima in our gate another name that is widely spread is named dunya dunya nice also like pronunciation of it dunya dunya means life dunya world world or life dunya try to pronounce it easy dunya dunya another name that is found also in a lot of songs isn’t named Aziza Aziza now as either can have two meanings powerful or strong Aziza it also covered the main variation are these powerful or strong as it’s as easy but it can also mean come from the attics analysis which means dear somebody who’s dear to you a word like valuable from something somebody who’s valuable or dear to you as easy as either not a seasonal houses that remember stop I didn’t letter at the beginning I Lisa fancy that another name that maybe you’ve heard of it because of the news lately is the name added it’s really difficult to pronounce it’s in I’m with an etch without vowels and then addy know about so it’s really a little bit difficult to for you to pronounce ah I had to simplify it we say I had to move that edge a little bit towards the e I hid it’s also our Wireless spread Arabic name meaning Palestine but it means attacking them all of our world it means pledge or knowledge I made a pledge dr. Alan Alan Athena so it’s really a nice name made me for females nice when it comes meaning difficult to announce when it comes to like pronunciation so let’s try together I had another name there is really nice that I loved a lot of love a lot and I wanted to call my daughter but I decided no like that’s better even the name know what I still love it newer newer larger reactions of new or you can say noona noona I could find a lot of noodles out there but mainly new wood and it’s also like a neutral name it can be given to males and females newer means light or someone who’s shining with light new wood new wood you probably have heard a lot of Sameera Sameera Sameera comes from also that it has masculine version which is Samir that it means entertaining somebody would entertain somebody who’s fun to be with it’s Samira Sammy you know yes meme is the version of jasmine and it means the jasmine flower yes mean we said yes me this is also one this was also a candidate of another name for my daughter I had on my mind yes mean Leila newer and Salma which is going to be our next name so yes mean was also one that I love but it’s a little bit difficult for a lot to be using in Europe everybody would call her Jasmine how a jasmine or and I didn’t want I wanted the Arabic pronounce also name yes mean so we opted for Leila and we’re so happy but also yes mean is so beautiful as a name send my eyes another name is so beautiful and it comes from salon which means peace and means peace or peaceful somebody was peaceful it also has a nice meaning from person Salman is sweetheart so selling man in Persian sweetheart Salman Arabic peace or peaceful and it’s really nice name to give to your daughter Sally’s mom we have also had a lot of variations with AE after that Selma and they all come from the Arabic name Selma which confronts ll also who that is really nice name Buddha what if somebody who’s always right or it means like somebody who’s who’s guiding you into the right direction so it’s right guidance this is the meaning of Buddha Buddha really nice name and short and easy and beautiful letters not matter or that hope with an axe spitter aspirated it who that who that who that an extra name is the name Marie Hannah the same singer and I big it’s not something it might come I don’t know if you agree with me but it might come from the Arabic word name Rehana very Hannah which is the meaning behind it it’s like a scent like a good plan to the good senator perfume and it also means a fresh basil so any plant with good perfume with good scent it’s called the Liana it’s something that has good right now means smell so it comes from these root letters or ah ha which have meaning and it’s also named a given name rihana we’re not very widely spread now record I just wanted to give you an extra that Rehana our pop star her name comes from arabic origin which means fresh basil with a plant with good scent alright so that’s it for now I hope you like this lesson I hope you like these types of lessons of things that you even if you’re not so into Army maybe you’ve heard about these words and you wanted to know the meaning and maybe this will attract you to stop learning army because you can see that our because really logical and everything has a meaning behind it even beans all right so I’ll see you in from our lesson make sure you subscribe to my channel you share this video with as many friends as you want and I’ll see you know : I would lesson with Mema kiss and maxilla why [Music] [Music]


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