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10 Cute Korean Stationery Finds

10 Cute Korean Stationery Finds

Japanese brands get a lot of buzz in the stationery world, but did you know about all the neat Korean stationery out there? In this video, we’ll be showing you 10 cute
Korean stationery finds. Let’s begin! Bonomemo makes sticky notes that let you do more with your planner or textbook pages. The Keeper Sticky Notes turn into pockets
that hold slips of paper all in one place. If you want to annotate or trace pages while keeping them pristine, the transparent Window Sticky Notes have you covered –and they come
off easily when you’re done. Colorverse inks have some strong packaging game. Each box comes with a pair of dainty bottles, extra goodies, and inserts that tell you more about your ink. They make great collectibles or gifts for
your fountain pen-loving friends! Design Shim’s delectable Macarons Sticky Notes are designed to look like real macarons. They’ll definitely get someone’s attention–or give them a craving! You can choose from several colors in two sizes. Picking just a few will be as hard as deciding which ones to get at the bakery. Miffy fans will love Dong-A’s gel pens and highlighters. Each pen is adorably decorated with Miffy the rabbit. The gel pens have a subtle sweet fragrance and come in a lively selection of colors. The equally vibrant highlighters are double-sided! You can highlight with one end and underline or write with the other. We had to include Iconic’s stylish 2 Way Marker Pens in this video. These two-sided markers have both fine and chisel tips. Since they’re smudge resistant, they make great highlighters, too! You can pick between three sets, each with 5 unique colors. These Jstory Index Tab Stickers will brighten up any assigned reading or notebook. We can’t help but smile when we see their
lovable, dorky faces. You can choose from several cute animals! Monami Olika Fountain Pens are beginner and budget friendly, making them one of our top
picks for fountain pen newbies. You can choose from a colorful selection of pen bodies, each with a matching ink cartridge. Unlike most highlighters, Morris Highlighters are all conveniently designed with retractable tips and binder clips. Their scented sets put a fun twist on highlighting with six fruity scents and have round tips for consistent lines. If you prefer softer shades, try the pastel
ones—they’re ready to use with a click. If you like to use your planners with a lot of accessories, check out Suatelier’s stickers
and sticky notes! With such a wide selection of stickers, there’s sure to be one that suits your style. You can also pick up nifty sticky notes in
the form of mini calendars or to-do lists. They’re especially handy for carrying things over between planner pages. Every time we look at these Thehaki’s House-It Sticky Notes we just want to take them home. Each one comes with a box for you to assemble, so that your sticky note friends can have their own space on your desk. They’ll be there whenever you need help
remembering something. Which are your favorite Korean stationery picks? Let us know in the comments below. You can find all these products and more at Thanks for watching!

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