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10 Cool Fonts for 2019

10 Cool Fonts for 2019

Fonts have an incredible ability to add personality to text. These 10 cool fonts will take you on a journey far beyond the everyday realms of Arial and Helvetica Neue. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below. Something Cool by maulanacreative gets us started with a boutique cursive script – perfect for stationery, quotes, and product design. If you’re stuck on what colors to use it with, white and Millennial pink are pretty safe bets. When it comes to using text on design assets like logos, promo graphics and landing pages, your font can convey even more personality than the words themselves. The handcrafted look of Kathleen by inumocca, for example, will implant an instant association with nature and art in the minds of your viewers. Tagliner by Slidehack is an all caps brush font that works brilliantly as high-contrast type on print and poster displays. Use it when you have a marketing message that you want to shout loudly and clearly. Sidebook Script is a playful quasi-cursive typeface from author cruzine. The font comes with five stylistic alternates for each lower case letter, which grants you the freedom to customize your lettering to your heart’s content. Black Spirit by shirongampus looks like the work of a passionate writer armed with a chisel-tip pen. This eye-catching font will dominate a graphic and showcase what you came to say. SUBSCRIBER by alit_design strikes an excellent balance between nonchalance and legibility. The strokes are clean and precise without being boring, and the handwritten feel makes it an ideal candidate for titles and designs with a more relaxed tone. Zenith Script by Kavoon is another cursive font that captures the essence of felt pen calligraphy. In addition to four different glyph alternates for each lowercase letter, the font pack also comes with a collection of underlines and other accents that will complete your logo or typography design. Alexdirte by DebutStudio is a beautifully imperfect brush font with a lot of character. The strikingly dirty texture of each letter lends the typeface a fresh and adventurous flavor. Maroonbaboon takes us back to a bygone era with their classic typewriter font pack called Perfect Thoughts. The pack gives you freedom to vary the realism with two levels of roughness and three style versions, including one that’s straight and serious, and one with realistic stamp marks. Dope Script by SetSailStudios is a hand-brushed font that’s raw, rugged, and rough around the edges. The typeface oozes street-wise style and is sure to make a big impression on your merchandise, logos, posters and display text. And for the finishing touch, make sure to hit the brackets [ ] and braces { } characters to check out a few hidden bonus swashes. That wraps up our list of 10 cool fonts for 2019. You’ll find links to all the items featured in this video in the description below. Which font do you think deserves the Fon(t)zie Seal of Approval? Tell us in the comments, and remember to like and subscribe if you found this video helpful. If you’re looking for more trending design content, check out this next video from Envato, selected just for you.

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