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10 Bizarre Death Predictions That Came True

10 Bizarre Death Predictions That Came True

What if you could predict your own death? Would it be coincidence, or some sort of sixth-sense
intuition? These 10 people had their deaths predicted,
and while skeptics may see these stories as mere coincidences, the predictions are just
so bizarre you can’t help but wonder otherwise. 10. Frank Pastore Frank Pastore was a famous baseball player
for the Cincinnati Reds who later went on to host his own Christian radio show on in
Los Angeles. He made a comment about getting into a fatal
motorcycle crash following a discussion about the afterlife with his viewers, saying, “Look,
you guys know I ride a motorcycle, right? So, at any moment, especially with the idiot
people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, all right, without any blinkers — not
that I’m angry about it — at any minute I could be spread all over the 210.” Only three hours later, Pastore was hit on
his motorcycle by a woman who lost control of her car. Pastore suffered major head injuries and died
a short time later. Maybe it was just an odd coincidence, but
others think his comment was much too detailed to be anything but fate. 9. Arnold Schoenberg Arnold Schoenberg was a famous composer and
a superstitious man who looked for symbolism throughout his life. He suffered from a debilitating case of triskaidekaphobia,
a fear of the number 13. His avoidance of the number consumed him,
as he was born on September 13, 1874 and believed he would die on a year that was a multiple
of thirteen. He would even change the names of his songs
to keep them from having 13 letters. Every 13 years Schoenberg became consumed
with the fear and paranoia that the year would be his last. He prepared himself for death in 1951, and
had an astronomer by the name of Dane Rudhyar make him a horoscope. To Schoenberg’s horror, Rudhyar informed
him that years with the multiple of 13 were the least of his worries and it’s the ages
that add up to 13 that he was really in danger from. Schoenberg soon found himself sick in bed
on Friday the 13th of July 1951 at the age of 76 (seven and six make 13). Schoenberg was minutes away from midnight
and surviving his superstitions when he suddenly passed away, just as he predicted. 8. Abraham de Moivre Abraham de Moivre was an accomplished mathematician
who’s most known for his work in chance and probability. He worked with numbers his whole life and
made large contributions to the world of mathematics. Not only was Moivre able to use numbers to
his benefit, he was able to use them to predict his own death. As Moivre began to age, he body began slowing
down. Unlike most people who simply disregard the
fatigue, Moivre somehow knew that his time was near. The more fatigued he became, the more hours
he needed of sleep, allotting himself 15 extra minutes each day. Moivre predicted that when those 15 minute
intervals added up to a full 24 hours on November 27,1754, he would die. Incredibly, this inventor of mortality statistics
passed away on that exact date. 7. William Thomas Stead William Thomas Stead was a writer and a man
of great superstitious beliefs. He believed himself to be clairvoyant and
have the ability to talk to ghosts and spirits. Also known as the father of the modern tabloid,
Stead was said to have sometimes gotten his information from sources in the after-life. While that claim seems a bit far-fetched,
the coincidental predictions he made regarding his own death are undeniable. The first article he wrote foreshadowing his
death covered the danger of not having enough lifeboats aboard ships after two ships collided
in the Atlantic and left hundreds dead. The second and even more eerie prediction
came in a story he had written called From the Old World to the New. It was about a ship that collided with an
iceberg, leaving many passengers dead while the survivors were rescued by a captain named
Edward Smith. Stead boarded the Titanic in 1912 to set sail
to America for a peace conference, and was in his cabin when the ship hit the infamous
iceberg. When he reached the deck, he found that there
weren’t enough life rafts to go around. To Stead’s horror, he realized that his
previous stories were coming true before his very eyes. While he believed in the superstitious, Stead
failed to realize his very own predictions — the captain of the Titanic was even named
Edward Smith. Accepting his fate, Stead sat down to read
a book in the first class smoking room until the waters overtook him. 6. Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his assassination
almost two weeks before he was shot. In the midst of the Civil War and facing an
overwhelming amount of stress, it’s not surprising that Lincoln was prone to violent
and vivid dreams. He recalled that he felt a “death-like stillness”
as he walked down stairs and heard the sounds of sobbing. He found no one as he searched the house,
yet everything in it seemed very familiar to him. When he reached the East Room he found a coffin
being guarded by soldiers and holding a corpse in “funeral vestments.” He found people mourning in the room and when
he asked a guard who had died in the White House he answered, “The President, he was
killed by an assassin.” Lincoln was immensely bothered by this dream,
and it came true on April 14, 1865, after which his coffin was placed in the East Room
of the White House and guarded by soldiers. 5. Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle Champion boxer Sugar Ray Robinson made a bizarre
prediction regarding his opponent’s death. On June 25, 1947, he was supposed to fight
Jimmy Doyle. In the days before the fight, Robinson made
several complaints about a realistic dream he had where he killed Doyle in the fight
with a left hook. The dream had troubled him so much that he
made several attempts to back out of the fight. A priest was brought in to reassure him that
the dream wouldn’t come true and that he should proceed with the fight, to which he
eventually agreed. Robinson was winning the fight, and in the
eighth round he delivered a massive left hook to Doyle’s head, knocking him unconscious. As the referee deemed Robinson the winner,
it was soon realized that Doyle was a lot more than just out cold. He was rushed to a hospital where he died
without regaining consciousness. Robinson’s dream had played out exactly
as he had imagined it. 4. Pete Maravich Pete Maravich played basketball for both the
Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks throughout the 1970s, and he’s commonly regarded as one
of the best basketball players of all time. In an interview with the Beaver County Times
newspaper in 1974 Maravich made an odd comment regarding his death, saying, “I don’t
want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack at 40.” In what’s either an incredible coincidence
or a very sick joke, Maravich died in 1988, after 10 years in the NBA, at the age of 40. Even more disturbingly, Maravich died despite
being in seemingly perfect health because he was suffering from a rare and undiagnosed
heart condition after being born without his left coronary artery. 3. Mark Twain While Mark Twain is most known for his accomplishments
in writing, it’s a little-known fact that he’s also said to have accurately predicted
his own death. Twain was born in 1835 following the appearance
of Halley’s Comet, which comes about once every 75 years. A year prior to his death in 1909, Twain reportedly
said, “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect
to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of
my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here
are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.” Sure enough, the day following the comet’s
closest appearance to the Earth Twain had a heart attack, killing him on April 21, 1910,
at the age of 75. 2. Princess Diana In what seems to be more of a conspiracy theory
than a prediction, it was recently discovered that Princess Diana predicted her demise months
before it actually happened. A letter written by the Princess to her trusted
butler, Paul Burrell, explained strange feelings she had about getting into some sort of car
accident. It was thought that Diana had been given some
information by people who were close to the Princess about a plot that was in the works
against her. Written in October, 1996 following her separation
from Prince Charles, she claimed, “This phase in my life is the most dangerous,”
and that someone was “planning an accident in my car.” The letter even went as far as to name the
individuals she thought would be responsible for the assassination. With the multitude of ways Princess Diana
could have died or been assassinated, it seems odd that she died in the exact way she had
expected. Now on one hand, the letter itself has been
proven to be written in Diana’s handwriting, but on the other it only surfaced when Burrell
needed to market a book he wrote about her. Whether you call it conspiracy or coincidence
you can’t deny that it was a bizarre prediction. 1. Mikey Welsh Mikey Welsh, the bassist for Weezer, received
a lot of media attention in 2011 after he supposedly predicted his death on Twitter
based on a dream he had. Many years of drugs and battling personality
disorders had taken their toll on the 40 year-old musician, though he had seemed in pretty good
health. On September 26, 2011, Welsh tweeted that
he had “dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). Need to write my will today.” He then quickly corrected his statement to
“the weekend after next.” In addition to these odd predictions, he had
made a recent Facebook post advertising a piece of $250 art he had made that said, “if
I am still alive at time of purchase, price to increase exponentially if I expire prematurely.” Welsh then died in a Chicago hotel room at
the exact time he had predicted. While the police feel drugs may have been
involved, the toxicology report was inconclusive and the exact reasons remain a mystery.

100 Replies to “10 Bizarre Death Predictions That Came True”

  • Johny Rose says:

    The second one (number 9) sounds more like a case of self-fulfilling prophecy, like, from the start, he willed himself to die. Which reminds me……What was written for the hypochondriacs epitaph?? "I told you I was sick"

  • Laz Toth says:


  • Sheriff Pablo says:

    Awesome Vid, but you forgot James Dean.

  • MrTAL69 says:

    I've always found it a bit creepy that Big City, the last track on Prince's last album before his passing ends with words: "That's it!", followed by about a minute of silence before it stops playing…

  • Phillip Crabtree says:

    I've seen this happen first hand by a friend of mine in High School. It's just strange when it happens and you look back on it afterward like"WTF???"

  • Dim Beam says:

    last one defo OD'd

  • Fabian Acuna says:

    No 2pac?

  • Dina Ashford-More says:

    Mind over matter….when one predicts one’s death, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Most of these people willed themselves to die.

  • frank hargreaves says:

    I predict I will die in a year that is a multiple of 1.
    Diana's prediction: It helps when you hire a drunk as your driver.

  • Minnesota Fatz says:

    So how many of these people committed suicide to be right? I think the mathematician was legitimately dying, but cut it a few days short just to be a legend.

  • Peter B says:

    Of course the most unlikely and strange prediction would be to say "I'm over 300yrs old and I'm never going to die…"

  • MechaKefka says:

    Thanks for this, now I know a giant pool noodle will be my demise.

  • LocalHeretic 1127 says:

    Natalie Wood anyone?

  • Jaylea Jones says:

    I actually had 2 family members who predicted their own deaths with stunning accuracy. My great grandma always said she would die on Thanksgiving & she died on Thanksgiving day 2009 (I was 7). My grandma said she wouldn't make it to see 66 and she died at the age of 63 a week before Christmas 2019. I'm 17 now (18 in June of this year).

  • Ryan Coulter says:

    Smothered to death by a bevy of beautiful busty naked women on top of me. fingers crossed

  • Deaner Weener says:

    Pistol Pete s team was the New Orleans Jazz …. No Jazz seen in Salt Lake

  • Florida Crypto R says:

    With Lincoln, I studied for a few years and there has beenn contradictory things days after the assassination the Government is clearly covering up as this has been proven throughout history and even the present time observed in the Impeachment of Trump. But in regards to the death prediction of Lincoln, this is factual and it is interesting that many world leaders & spouses of world leaders have seen Lincoln's ghost still there.

    I suspect some supernatural communication presence was with him prior to his death. I also believe as it is known about the super national that many times but not always, if someone dies tragically such as his murder or dies during the time of a tragic event where the persons mind is focused in high stress, for what ever reason unknown, their spirits don't wish to cross over thinking that they are still part of it. In regards to princess Diana, being British american myself and living in both Countries since birth, my love for her and what she did for the children of England was strong. I do miss her and I believe that she did predict her own death according to two people close to her in communication. I do believe that she also recieved word on a plot of her death being set up by the queen. I am not sure but with Megan and Harry, I would suggest they be very careful as Megan could repeat history . But unlike Diana, Megan has not been accused of sleeping with another man to create a different blood line into the royal family which is why Diana was suspected of doing resulting in her death.

  • Augustus Wayne says:

    Some people just will themselves to death .

  • 123. 4567 says:

    I believe in speaking into reality

  • Tony Anthony says:

    I like to think that Mark Twain heard the news that it had just passed by, and then he just started doing insane cardio until he died from it

  • H P says:

    One of the few made worth actually watching. Thanks!

  • lekiscool says:

    Wait, how did they know that the guy on the Titanic sat down to read?

  • james kidd says:

    James Dean, Paul Walker, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln


    ☺ I am not afraid to die

  • Jennifer Baby says:

    Loved the video so much it only seemed like it last a minute.

  • JoDonHo says:

    I will be run over by the ambulance sent to help me.

  • NullLex00 says:

    Inconclusive you say? I choose to believe some rabid fan made sure this one dude would leave this mark in history.


    I predict that Donald Trump is going to die this year. He's going to have a massive stroke or heart attack. If that doesn't happen, someone will probably assassinate him!

  • Yautja Prime says:

    Anyone who rides a motorcycle isn't very bright. True story

  • kenya smith says:

    I predict that I will die by my own hands. I don't know what age though.

  • loxxxton poxxxton says:

    I predict in the next 12 months the truth about where the real Simon whistler is being kept hidden will see the light of day. I pray he is found safe and well

  • John-Paul Silke says:

    Poor Sugar Ray. That ruined his career and his life. ☹️

  • The B's Nest says:

    Can any of these stories be verified

  • Captain Marvel's Son says:

    I'll let you know if I predicted my death correctly. . . or maybe I won't.

  • charles g says:

    I had a guy trying to sell me his bike. He kept saying if he didn’t get rid of it, he was going to die on it. Next day, I saw the bike on the news and that the rider died in the accident.

  • lagitanavderoscio says:

    "Prince" Rogers

  • Catherine Spencer-Mills says:

    Coincidence – you have to hit on one at sometime or another.

  • Ice Guy says:

    This is mostly cases of confirmation bias. More specifically a form of non-survivorship bias. We forget, or don't even know of, all the bad predictions.

  • Ice Guy says:

    Man predicts exact minute of own death. Commits suicide. Big surprise.

  • Gordon Lawrence says:

    Given how many years there are that add up to 13 in a persons lifetime that are above 40 (when the likelihood of death increases) the chances of dying at an age where the numbers add up to 13 is about 10%. It is almost inevitable therefore that many people in history with a fear of 13 would die at an age that adds up to 13.

  • Paulafan5 says:

    Predicting someone will die in the boxing ring? Is that like predicting there will be a crash in NASCAR? Can we see the top 1,000,000 death predictions that were incorrect?

  • sandy roberts-anderson says:

    My mother always spoke about her father lived for 9 months after a stroke. When she suffered a stroke herself it was almost exactly 9 months to the day when she passed.

  • JustLocal says:

    I predict that I will die in the future😉

  • n ge says:

    Bill and Hillary Clinton predicted a myriad of deaths… and then facilitated them.

  • Tate Van Cleve says:

    Um you know 51 isnt a multiple of 13. That would be 52. 13, 26, 39, 52. 51 is a multiple of 17, 34, 51.

  • Tiago M says:

    Now the real question is: did the prices go up exponentially?

  • Kirsty Jones says:

    I seem to remember Alec Guinness predicting the death of James Dean – he even asked him not to use his car! Apparently nothing like that had happened to him before.

  • Sonja Morrison says:

    You can absolutely predict your own death! A.) you are going to die. B.) you are going to die. C.) You are going to die. Period. The actual details of your own personal death may or may not pop up in your personal awareness. But, does that really matter? Now, Simon …. what are the implications of this post? Mere sensationalism? No real reflection on the larger issues? Just creepy profiteering? Time to unsubscribe from all of your channels, me thinks. If your team initially had some authentic gravitas, it is long gone.

  • aSinisterKiid says:

    some sort of sick senth intuition?? Hahahaha I think Simon got tongue tied trying to say Sixth Sense hahaha

  • CityinFlames says:

    Lead singer of Type O Negative accurately predicted his death in a song I Don't Wanna Be Me "Two steps forward, three steps back
    Without warning, heart attack" He died at the age of 48 without warning of a heart attack.

  • Karen Sabella says:

    I have my own prediction I had a dream when I was 17 or 18 one of them that I will only die in a car named Tinkerbell and I haven't named any car named Tinkerbell yet so I will not get hurt and I will not die in any accident no matter how severe until I have a car that I named Tinkerbell in that car I will die until then I'm perfectly safe I can hit a tractor-trailer head-on and I won't get a scratch unless that car is named Tinkerbell

  • Finn the Human says:

    At 7:30, now, does that actually say "Lady Diana, Pubic Soap of Hearts"? My eyes are terrible, so someone please tell me I'm wrong. And if I'm not, WT actual F?

  • PhantomFilmAustralia says:

    7:30 Lady Diana Pubic Soap of Hearts. OMG!!!!

  • Ben Little says:

    Why didnt diana wear a seatbelt?

  • dafttool says:

    I used to say at the bars that I could drive home in my sleep,… & have. Then I got into a head-on collision with a 250 year old Live Oak as I was driving home one night. Was lucky to survive. I stopped living my life burning my candle at both ends after that. Knew it was time to grow up.

  • Neil Bentley says:

    I predict I'll die one day…

  • Michael Palmieri says:

    I know that story about Abraham Lincoln dreaming of his own death. Years ago, I saw a Made-For-TV movie that was part of a series of programs about Lincoln at various times of his life, and the last one depicted the last few weeks before he died. His "death" dream was dramatized in a rather vivid scene. His assassination, however, wasn't shown. The conclusion showed Lincoln taking a carriage ride through Washington with his wife, Mary, followed by a private conversation between the couple, and then, they're shown taking the carriage back to the White House. Finally, there's an epilogue where the narrator tells of how Lincoln was murdered at Ford's Theater later that night.
    I believe Hal Holbrook played Lincoln.

    The "death" dream also turned up in a TV miniseries called "Lincoln," which was based on a book by Gore Vidal. I don't recall who played the President, but Mary Lincoln was portrayed by a real Mary — Mary Tyler Moore.

  • Mike Russick says:

    I predict that I am certainly going to die, it will happen on a certain day at a certain time of a certain cause. This I am sure of.

  • jodynh says:

    James Dean was told by a co-star that if he didn't sell his new car, he would die in it. He died in the car.

  • MAsterr Serch says:

    This might be the craziest video you've ever done… I'm astounded at each entry

  • Mike Tench says:

    Oh, and Glenn Gould, Canadian Pianist!

  • Prowler Cam says:

    Twain's prediction was a little known fact? What rock have you been living under?

  • Hadwell says:

    self fulfilled prophacy, because you hear that something could happen, you actually do the things that cause the thing to happen… whereas if you hadn't heard about the prophacy, it might never have happened cause you wouldn't have gone out of your way to try and prevent it or make it happen.

  • Nolan Is Innocent says:

    I predict….

    Death by SNOO SNOO!!

    Bring it on.

  • Don St. Esprit says:

    You should do a piece on the "27 Club"

  • Oli Pritchard says:

    Love the Viz spread for Diana just neatly placed there in the corner 😂

  • Johanna Verplank says:

    I think some is coincidence, some is a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. My best friend in college told me and some other friends that he knew he was going to die young in a car accident. A year later he died in a car accident at 22 years old. I still think it was a coincidence. Many people attempt to predict their death, just by chance some are going to guess correctly.

  • drew pedersen says:

    I hope the priest that told the boxer he wouldn't die swore a vow of silence and never spoke again.

  • Josh Lyons says:

    Just like the old gypsie woman said…

  • Infinite Sentient says:

    7:38 "Lady Diana Pubic Soap of Hearts" I don't think I have seen a more insulting thing about a decent person in my life…….just wow!

  • eetadakimasu says:

    Samuel Clemmons

  • Calvin Folan says:

    Not sure if this counts but in The Sopranos, Tony Soprano is insulted saying "you'll have a heart attack by the time you're 50" James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano, died in Italy of a heart attack at 51.

  • manic mechanic says:

    Bob Scott predicted his death with the song "Carry me home".

  • Laurie says:

    Both my mother and grandmother died on Jan. 21st. I have 2 days to go. lol

  • Eric Leblanc says:

    The last one, with the painting. We have a term in french, i dont know how they say in english. Anyway we call that "une croûte"

  • Shane K says:

    Jeffry Epstein? Dozens of public figures joked about his suicide the next week, then it happened. If you watch the Clinton body count videos quite a few of their victims publicly said they’d be murdered very soon because of info they had, then they were

  • Thea van den berg says:

    Some people so indeed have a premonition about their own end. I firmly believe that. My granddad knew…

  • herauthon four says:

    if you believe in your own death prediction – also the body and the mind will follow track – even lifestyle might be impacted..

    so, does it make sense .. might you not better assume you live forever… hmm.. no not really..

  • Marc beebee says:

    1951? It says 1974 on the room stone. A click bait

  • Airton Granero says:

    De Moivre story is the coolest. I bet many mathematicians do not know it.

  • ferociousgumby says:

    Before Schoenberg died, his wife came in his room a minute before midnight and said, "You see, dear. You were all worried about noth – " (DIES)

  • Luis Mendez says:

    Another person you could of mentioned is John Lennon.

  • Deplorable Kunt says:

    No, seven by six means 7 x 6, which equals 42. Seven add six, or seven plus six, or seven with six equals 13.

  • Arya1999 says:

    I have a jeart condition and we have a single heart specialist who works 3 hours a week and has to serve 150000 people. So yeah, I think I can pretty much predict how I'm going to die.

  • adamknowles1 says:

    just like gypsy woman said

  • Steven Tebou says:

    For the sake of all that is decent and human, someone please tell me that Lady Diana Pubic Soap ad wasn't real…Seriously, I'm begging here…

  • Poes Law says:

    Really? No Epstein "suicide" predictions?

  • Awesome Drone Stuff says:

    So…all the other predictions were just bizarre and Diana's was the only one cited as a 'conspiracy'…thats interesting…

  • Spicy Ananas Pizza says:

    Predictions or morbid ideas

  • Nick Tarry says:

    With number 9 and several of these other "amazing predictions" what about the many other times they lived through that also had the same conditions. So for number 9 he lived through many other times when his age or the date had some connection to 13. Then also with such a strong belief its not hard to imagine his mind being stronger than his 76 years old ill body and him dying because he believed so strongly that he would.

  • Jake Cooper says:

    Mikey Walsh took his own life. It wasn't a coincidence, it was all planned. It may not have been a completely intentional suicide, but more of a destructive frame of mind that he knew would probably kill him. Or it may have been deliberate on the day, we will never know

  • David Flancman says:

    You can’t take life so seriously, you’ll never make it out alive.

  • Western Centrist Rants says:

    What about John Lennon?

  • fishkakat7700 says:

    What about James Dean?

  • Marissa Bones says:

    I loved this video.
    Thank you

  • Linda W says:

    My husband always said he was going to die young. It haunted him. He died at age 50.

  • Nononom12 says:

    Pistol Pete isn't regarding as the best of all time. Just the best of the 70s

  • nomine * says:

    I think Ivan the Terrible was also prophesied to die on a certain day which subsequently did happen.

  • JIM MUSCLE says:

    Imagine only 2 chapter's left and the water's rising…

  • Kenny Rider says:

    I was selling t-shirts at Riot Fest and people were coming up to me and telling me about Weezer's bassist.

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