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10 Best Free Fonts Fonts (2020)

10 Best Free Fonts Fonts (2020)

What’s up guys today, I’m gonna go through the top ten free fonts. You can use in your own work I’m gonna do it first and stick around to the end. I’ll let you know my favorite font of all time. Let’s go Guys I appreciate time so I’m gonna run through this as quick as I can Let me know in the comments what your favorite font is that I’ve talked about I’m gonna leave all the links in the description down there. So let’s kick it straight off with Ivy mode So I found this font when I was doing a website review. I found this website Hello JP and I thought the font knocked absolutely beautiful. So I’ll just zoom in here. You can see how like I Thought it was kind of like Asian like and the calligraphy style So I had to dig into the code and I found that it was Ivy mode available with Adobe fonts So if you have any sort of CC license would be a lot of creative people do subscribe to Photoshop or any Adobe product they have fonts available to download So I’ll leave the link in the description But all you do is go on over there and activate the font and it’ll be available in all your programs. So Check out Ivy mode. The Finn vision is really nice there’s also beautiful italic version and then they’ve got like thicker and it goes to you know, the bold which quite Almost like Art Deco and star with the keys and then the eyes but yeah So Ivan modes the first one I’m gonna talk about absolutely beautiful Let’s move straight on to Montserrat. So Montserrat something that I use in Like the if you look at some my early videos Where I talk about like the UX design tutorial, it was all done in Montserrat. I think it’s a beautiful modern font So you can head on over to font squirrel comm type in Montserrat download it there Yeah, I get a lot of requests people asking me what font I used but I use the Monserrate more in the black style Here, I think it’s a I think it’s just more impactful as a black I’m not really into the alternatives, but you can use it in the fin It’s quite nice quite futuristic looking it’s very very simplistic Montserrat I think it’s a I think it’s a great font. And here’s just an example of Montserrat in use so you can say it’s just a regular version it was done for this French design, but it’s quite Now that I wear quite well this cartoony star which I’ve never really seen it used with before I just normally use it on white But yeah montserrat another great one to go for The next one I want to talk about is died off or died. Oh, I’m not really sure how to say it But I’ve just included the vogue logo here Because it’s something that I used a lot when I was working in fashion sewing up or the big fashion companies use died off Look, you can see the actual Vogue logo. I just be made them. It’s just died off but like a Bit I stretched a little bit same with the bazaar logo you can tell us died off because of the really thin fins and then these fat almost like Sharp Blacks and look you can see the Jade the G is very very iconic in that. It’s got like this this cave On it even like the ADEA the family and Modern Family users died off but it’s definitely if you’re doing anything very fashion a very Classy anything to do with And yeah anything to do with fashion or makeup or Something in those worlds. I definitely check out Dada laughing. It’s a great font then The next one I want to talk about is a veneer. So a veneer is free if you’re on Mac OSX and I’ll talk about the alternatives to Windows in a minute but a veneer is a beautiful font I use the one with design and a website for Canali, which is a high-end Italian suit manufacturer so let’s take a look at a veneer am In use I found this really good example. I think it was like this this car book, but You can see it looks great in no case. It’s very very similar to monserrate in a way, but it’s got its own I Think a veneer looks better in the in the thinner form in like the more book or the Light versions, whereas the monster I prefer to you in the thicker more Bold styles what if you’re on Mac OS actually, no, not everyone isn’t but check it out is available. It’s licensed to To Apple then the next ones Helvetica Helvetica is probably the most well-known font in the world it certainly Certainly has been since Apple took on over so another font that’s license to Apple I’ll talk about the next one which is free for Windows as well, which is very very similar, but Helvetica, so Here’s an example of how about have us come in use. It’s a beautiful font You can if you look at the a you see it’s got like a teardrop in it. It’s just very very very iconic It looks great. We’ve just flat color backgrounds. It’s Yeah, you can just always look for an air, you know, you see a teardrop shape You know 50% of the time. It’ll probably hobart occur And check out the Helvetica film. It was released. I remember watching it in university. It’s available on iTunes It just talks about like the font Popularity, I mean if the phone’s gonna you know, it’s got a film about it then it’s definitely a popular font But you can see it’s all using all the long old the New York on the ground it American Airlines user as their logo You know, it’s so iconic It’s available everywhere and it’s something that you don’t like you won’t go wrong in using it. The next one once off was Ariel So Ariel is an alternative. I guess if you’re on Windows to Helvetica, you see look at the a it’s a If people people scoff at Ariel because it’s like one of the free fonts that you get but it’s actually a very well-done font So you look at Ariel see the tears off shape again. It’s not as elegant This have had to get how that it’s a bit more theory, but you know if you Couldn’t really tell the difference unless you liked it. You really got a train knife. So if you using Windows Definitely check out Ariel Also check out this website fonts in use calm If you type in a font, you can see all the like they big pull together all of the uses of it online So you can see it’s used actually on em Can you West’s new album they used? the used Ariel Not really sure where they use it there might be there I don’t know it says it’s used’ but you can go on this website and you can see where they used the the typeface and I’ve look at some of our examples of it and it just breaks it down here so you can see areas been used there So quickly moving on the next one is no two suns or not o Suns I’m not sure but this is one I used I recently translated a website into Japanese Korean and Chinese and You’ll notice a lot of the fonts that you normally use. I’m really up to scratch in the in the characters So not of Suns is a Google font It’s free and it’s something that you can use for if you do know website in some of these more pictorial Languages so it’s a Noto CJK for chinese, japanese and korean It’s it’s free to download. It’s from google fonts. And it it’s just something that’s good if you want to jump into that world and Learn a bit more about designing websites in different languages. It’s a it’s a great one. The next one wanna talk about is Roboto so whatõs kind of like It’s a sans serif font. It’s a bit more I guess rubato robotic is the good is I guess that’s why they call that it’s a Google font So if you design it for Android the whole operating system is Roboto the font. It looks great at all sizes It’s a very very very readable on screen. It’s something that Google’s certainly pushing. It’s part of their material design language So if you look at the fonts used in material design You’ll see that Roboto is the one that they tell you how to use in the different sounds So if you want to head on over get it from google fonts So the next wanna talk, well is Mattern so you see a lot of these are in excellent actually sans-serif fonts I I find the great they’re a lot more modern. They look great on screen. Yeah The ones like die dot work better normally in print then on screen. I mean they look good, but they look really good in print So mat own it’s a free font that I found it was actually featured. So the awards dot-com website The inspiration section they have new fonts or the time and I just followed that through When free of downloaded my downloaded it from this website Colectivo de IT and they say they distribute open source and free fonts So I just scoot on down download that it I think it’s a nice font. I can see many uses of it I’m a teen using like an album cover or something. It’s I wouldn’t use too much of it I’d use it for like a single word also makes its it’s a bit decorative and it’s not that normal But it’s definitely want to check out and then the last one is before I give you my favorite one is Loki So Loki is another one that I found using awards So I follow the through I mean, it’s a beautiful font. Imagine using this at Polly’s of prints. I mean It’s quite similar to Dido, but it’s more like handwritten. I mean look at this Qlae it actually Reminds me of a couple of book offers I’ve used I’ve seen recently there was one done on the ancient history of Rome It looked like it was something like this used. So it’s only in caps. It’s It’s good of a lot of white space around It looks like like I said, it’s definitely something that I would think about using the numbers look great, maybe for like a print book or something But again, you can download a free you can em you can give them a nation for this. It’s up to you and That’s my list of my top favorite fonts done as quickly as possible Yeah, some free ones and then my favorite font of all time for those years stuck around is Gotham So Gotham is another Sun serif font. It’s modern. It’s big It’s a I first learnt about it when I did some work experience at GQ magazine in the UK so their magazine is just Full of Gotham it’s it looks great And we can see it used on these. It looks great in bold and You will see that they use it in bold all the time. It’s great for subheadings so you can see Gotham Ultra looks great It’s a half a font. So you’ve got to pay for it but if you’ve got a bit of cash lying around then you want to go the extra mile and make you Just you know to take it to the next level. I Think I’d certainly pay for it. But then you know Fronter a personal opinion. I definitely check out Gotham from Hoffler. It’s a You know, if you’re into magazines, it’s one of the classic fonts available guys. I hope you enjoyed that lesson Let me know in the comments what your favorite font is if you haven’t already check our school that Anthony convoy comm if you want To learn more about UX UI web design graphic design loads of tutorials on there There’s a free course on there your alligator up and run in the foundations of UX and UI and make you just more confident designer Think about subscribing to the YouTube channel. I’m going to be doing a lot more content like this Let me know in the comments what you think and until next time keep designing

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