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1 of 3 How to Create a Pop-Up Card – Selecting a Design

1 of 3 How to Create a Pop-Up Card – Selecting a Design

Paper and pens are every crafter’s go-to
tools. In this video series we’ll take them both to the next level, and
introduce you to scoring, as we make a custom pop-up card with your Cricut
machine. We found this Ready-To-Make project, called Mama Bear Mother’s Day
Card, that will be perfect. For this project here’s what you’ll need: a Cricut
Explore or Cricut Maker machine; a laptop, desktop, or mobile device for
Cricut Design Space; a StandardGrip or LightGrip mat; four colors of Cardstock –
cream, red, light blue, and brown; one patterned paper; a Cricut pen; a Cricut
scoring tool; and an adhesive of your choice. To find this project search for
the keyword “mama,” and it should be right there in the results. Let’s go ahead and
click it. This project details page gives us all kinds of useful information like
difficulty level, time, materials, and assembly instructions, just to name a few.
If you get confused anywhere along the line you may want to return to this page
for reference. Okay. If you’ve got all your materials and accessories ready to
go you’re ready to move on. In the next video we’ll prepare our mats for cutting,
writing, and scoring with our Cricut machine. See you there!

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