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? DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks

? DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks

hey guys since a lot of you really seem to enjoy my painting videos and since you also requested some watercolor videos I decide I will show you some simple watercolor techniques while showing you guys how to make these cute and unique watercolor bookmarks give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more painting videos on this channel so I know and now let’s get started to paint this bookmarks I’m going to use watercolor paper from Hannah Mueller because we don’t want the paper to be on wavy and soaked with water and you divide the paper into sections so we can create several bookmarks at the same time I want to use an artist tape now sometimes this heap can be very pesky because it can rip off the paper when you fill it up and this happens to me all the time if I don’t prepare the tip first what our recommend is tip it under your clothes first just a few times so it’s less sticky and it will be easier to remove it from the paper later what I would suggest before you start painting the first design is pick out a color scheme you want to use you can find inspiration on Pinterest for example and see what color combination you like most before adding any color take a brush and distribute water over the first section this way when we add water the paint will automatically start moving around and create a gradient effect start with one color and added with a wet brush to one of the corners and then you can add other colors next to it and make it run into each other be sure to not use too much water or the paint will just run into each other way too much to create a more intense color I just kept adding more paint on top don’t forget that painting with watercolors is all about layering and being patient the first technique I wanted to share with you is using plastic foil once you’re happy with the design for now take a plastic foil and place it on top press down the folds and move them around to create a unique design this is really fun because you can actually see how the design will look at the end so you can move the fold around until you’re happy before we can remove the foil we need to let it completely dry while the first design is drying you can move on to next painting load up your brush with paint and then brush it over the paper from one side to the other while moving downwards to create the best result use a flat brush because this way you can distribute the paint evenly and create a beautiful gradient effect then dip the brush into some water to clean it a little bit and then just keep doing the same thing this time the shape will be lighter while the red paint is drying we can add the green part the same way does this time move the paint upwards so the lower green part is darker than the layer above to intensify the right color I went over everything again and added more paint on top the same way and now comes the trick and it’s using rice you can place the rice one-by-one so you can decide where it should go this way the rice will soak up the paint and you get an interesting pattern if the paint is not wet enough it doesn’t work as good but it still creates an interesting pattern now it’s time to let it dry again for the third design I’m going to use full colors and different shades and add them similar as we did with the first design wet the paper and then dab on the paint to create a Claudia effect but keep the middle part of the painting a bit wide to emphasize the cloudy effect the next trick you might have already heard about and it’s using salt it also absorbs the water but the same time it creates this beautiful frozen like pattern that you will see later if you follow me on snapchat or Instagram you have already seen it so be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss out on any behind the scenes footage don’t add too much everywhere play around with the amount add a bit here and there add a bit more to one place add just a tiny bit to another place you can really play around with it now we need to let it dry so the salt can do its magic for the next design I decided to draw a feather to show you another cool watercolor technique to create this type of feather and draw a curvy line that Nev ad zigzags along the line I’m not exactly sure how to explain it that well but basically you want to draw a parallel line next to the middle line but you want to make it a bit more exact break the line at different areas so you get more variety and it also makes the file look more interesting so the next technique I want to show you is using masking fluid I got tons of questions about what I use in my distich painting video and it was masking for it you basically add it to areas where you don’t want the paint to be this way you can focus on painting and not on avoiding painting outside the lines and you can also create a lot of different effects with that so for the feather I edit the masking fluid next to the outlines and on the middle line I would recommend when you’re adding the masking fluid next to the outlines make the line wider and not as thin as here because I still felt like I had to be very careful especially because the whole painting is pretty small here as well you can also add small dots and lines inside where you want the paper to look through before we can paint we need to let the fluid dry first while this is drying I’m going to show you another cool trick again add paint by dabbing it on to the wet paper so the colors run into each other again and then use some rubbing alcohol and drip it down using a pipette or a droplet this way you create these cool circle designs this is the same technique I also use in my Disney painting you can also sprinkle more of the rubbing alcohol to create these tiny dots or you can also use a q-tip to create cool designs as well I really love this technique because I feel like it makes the painting looks so dreamy and also abstract at the same time okay now while this is drying we can go back to our feather since we covered all the areas you want to avoid with masking fluid you can just go in and paint the feather here use dark purple red and a little bit of yellow color paint and just let everything run into each other so here the masking fluid serves as the border and the colors can just swim around and create this beautiful effect while this is drying I will show you the last idea but first we need to prepare the background here I created the gradient effect using two different colors and use the flat brush to distribute the paint if you create gradient effects like that a flat brush makes all the difference let me know if you want to know what color shades are used exactly and I will post them on my blog so you can get them as well if you like when our paintings are completely dry it’s time to reveal the design remove the salt from the painting and this is the result as you can see at the top area got these white lines and in the lower area where the paint was still wet we got these slider areas that will recommend to use this technique only with really wet paint and you will see how cold can look now let’s peel away the plastic foil I really love how it turned out and every time you create such designs they are always unique to remove the masking fluid you just need to wrap it off but there are other types of masking fluids that you need to peel off is both and I personally love this type because it doesn’t rip off the paper and now we can carefully peel off the masking tape as I said if you didn’t prepare the tape well enough it can rip off some of the paper but that’s okay just be sure to do it better next time and now we can add more details and use some other techniques if you want you can add these to the watermelon or more detail as to the feather here I’m using this black and white pen I will love this white ink pen because it covers dark color so it’s perfect if you want to add white details to your art with the same white pen you can create geometric designs just random lines or maybe you want to draw geometric objects or animals you can find tons of inspiration online and now it’s finally time to make bookmarks out of our small paintings you can either just cut them out and leave straight lines as a frame or carefully rip off the paper I love how organic and unique the design looks with this type of frame for the feather I thought we can just cut it out and leave a white frame around it just cut out the feather first following the simple line and then you can cut out the small details at the end I decided to make the white frames a bit thinner because I felt like it just looks better this way and then if you want you can also punch out a hole and pull through a thread to create these cute dangly strings but I decided to just keep it simple give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and find it helpful these were all the designs and techniques I wanted to share with you guys in this video if you want to see more please comment down below and let me know what you would like to see next or what problems you might have with painting so I can help you out I hope you learned something new on this video and found it helpful share your creations with me on social media I would really love to see your art thank you so much for watching guys have a wonderful day and I will see you soon bye

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