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한자 서예 연습 Practice With Hanja Calligraphy

한자 서예 연습 Practice With Hanja Calligraphy

Hello everyone. Today, with my new calligraphy brush, I will be practicing Hanja calligraphy. I really wanted to try practicing with this brush, so I am doing this video. I am a foreigner, but I really enjoy hanja. So, I think you all may like it. If there are people that enjoy hanja as well, you may really like this. Calligraphy is.. an art. Normally, you can just right them like this, but actually conducting the calligraphy is really hard. So, I will try and if I can’t do it well, please understand. If any of you want to try out calligraphy buy one of these kits. you can buy it at Emart. How much was it? 9,000 won? Its pretty cheap! Its really cheap and other than the ink, the kit has all you need. This is the part where you put the ink. Uhh.. this is the thing where… you go back and forth with it. (You stir the ink) so that it doesn’t dry out while you write.) Even if it dries out you have this little water container. If you put one or two drops in the ink gets wet again to use. So I have this big brush here, which isn’t but 2,000 won (~$2). I bought that big one, but I also bought this smaller thin one. Say “Hi” Charlie. Hello~ This is the ink. Charlie: I will start my show too! Charlie : Lets start. Charlie : And complete! Well, what character shall we start off with? (正: Jeong (Chinese, zheng) English: Right, correct or positive) This is hard. Oliver : No its not. No, it is hard to do it in this artform. Let’s do a prettier one. Lets do 海 (ocean, sea). This should be okay. My 바 character is pretty? Its really ugly! Okay, lets do 海! (Had to change spots because of my phone battery) 海 has the character for water (水), the character for person (人) and the character for mother (母). So the ocean, although I could be wrong, the way that I see it is, The ocean The water is man’s mother? Man who came from the water his mom. I’m not very sure. 出(to exit, come out) looks fun! OH, my hand is shaking. Cuz I am nervous. When you do calligraphy with this brush aren’t you supposed to grab your wrist like this? You can write it like you use a pen, but… well, it looks like this. Oh! Its pretty nice! Okay, just ballpen style. Oh, that does look good! This is 山 (mountain). Well, the people I see on the TV do it like this. Buts so hard to do it that way. I gets shakey because you are having to hold up your arm. While you’re writing your hand it shaking. You can see it here. Its not straight. Especially like this… See? I am putting too much into the brush (and the line is too thick). But if we do it like a ballpen, Comfortably, it goes like this. My first son really likes hanja. So, me and my son will be taking a hanja capabily test next month. I will be taking Level 6 and my son Level 7. My wife also did it up to Level 4. (Special level is the highest and then Level 1) The goal of my son and I is to make it to Level 2 or 1 or Special Level. Oliver: I am going all the way to Special Level. You’re going to go all the way to Special? Yeap! But you need to do your homework first! Where do we start with 世? On Youtube, there is a guy who does this calligraphy much better than me. I watched him and this is what he taught me. Basically, if you write it like this, its not very good. You have to make it an art. You go up, then right, and come down with it. It comes out much better when you do it this way. Hanja is not difficult. If I am a foreigner and I think hanja isn’t hard, how can a korea think that this is hard? 🙂 For example, we have ocean right here. Within the character for ocean, There is the character for water. Water is there. Man is there too. and mother is there. This… tells some type of story! This is ocean, this is ocean, this is ocean…. You dont have to study like that. You dont have to learn it that way. “Ahhh. Water, is the mother of man.” If you think in this manner (its not hard). Science tells us, That millions or billions of years ago that all man (and living beings for that matter) can from the water. So if you understand this, then understanding that the character for ocean means that water is the mother of man, then you can easily learn the character. All hanja works this way. If you study that way, then you can think “learning hanja isn’t hard.” I will tell you why I like hanja so much. A while back, a Korean person (actually a lady) used the word “hogam (호감)” in a conversation with me. The used that word and I did not know what the word meant. But because I studied hanja, I knew what “ho” meant and what “gam” meant (as separate characters). As for “ho” it is the “hao” used in Chinese. Folks who learn Chinese learn “Ni hao?” That “hao” is “ho” in Korean. Therefore, The relationship between a woman (女) and man (子) is good. So this is 좋을 호 (ho means good). So just to cover it again, “ho” means good. The relationship between these to are good. Well, a relationship between two girls can be okay too, but… whatever. As for “gam”. My wife is here. (I actually wrote this character wrong. 감자 잘 못 쓰는거 알아요~ ㅠㅠ. It should be 感) So I said earlier, the reason why I learn hanja… if there is a word that you do not understand, but you understand the hanja characters that make up the word, like ‘ho’ and ‘gam’, you can understand what that word means. At the time I didn’t know this word, but I understood the characters ‘ho : good’ and ‘gam : feeling’. so I then understood that hogam means good feeling. Charlie what is the next character that we should do? Han! 漢 Which han? I dunno. You don’t know? The ‘han’ in ‘hanja’. Ohhhh. Do you think daddy can write that one? It might be difficult. Han starts with the character for water (水).(I actually say ocean, my mistake. 바닷 해 잘못 불렀다) Then Thats han. This is the han character for the Han Chinese. This han character is different than this han character. The top one is for hangook (Korea)and this bottom one is the han for hanja. Oh the character for water… I will make it pretty for you. I will make is as pretty as Eileen (our daughter). 🙂 I can’t make it as pretty as you can I, Eileen? You are the pretties thing in this whole world aren’t you? Who is prettier? You or mommy? Eileen is the pretty one, right? You are the prettiest girl in the worrrrrrrld. Okay, I will write the character for water now. Water is the best! I have been practicing a lot with the character for water. “Human” Well, we have to eat dinner now, so we are finished with this hanja practice! 빠~빠~이~

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