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한글 모음#1 Learn Korean alphabet-Basic Vowels ‘ㅏㅓㅗㅜ’ The easiest Korean class for beginners

한글 모음#1 Learn Korean alphabet-Basic Vowels ‘ㅏㅓㅗㅜ’ The easiest Korean class for beginners

Hello. Welcome to DewKorean school. This is Korean Dew. Hello hello everyone this is dew. if you are just getting started to learn Korean, If you tried to learn Korean but gave up because it was so difficult, Why don’t you study with me step by step? it’s easy and fun to learn with me let’s study Korean hard in 2020 Don’t give up and follow me every day.
Your Korean will improve a lot Today.. we will learn about Hangeul It’s really the first time It’s the time you started and gave up. Basic Hangeul has consonants and vowels just like English basic consonants are total 10 And 10 basic vowels.
If you only know how to make this sound, you can read some Hangul words even though you don’t know the meaning of that words As there are exceptions in English, Korean has exceptions but you can read and speak most of Korean language. 14 basic consonants 10 basic vowels.
Among the vowels, there are 11 vowels that are combined together (Conbined Vowels). If you practice with me so far, you will definitely enjoy Hangul. Let’s start the first class with me today The first is a vowel
There is a phonetic sign next to the letter And I looked for some of these English sounds “a” repeat after me It’s the same in English If you say KOREA Canada Oh even when you say DRAMA, there is “a” sound.
Everyone loves K Drama Oh, it’s pronounced when you drama there is a very common word in Korean Hello when you say hello
“annyeong” Now follow me so many people say “nyeoooong” just say “nyeong” Don’t worry about “yeo”sound because you will learn it later And then “a-gi” agi is “baby” ‘agi”. Let’s try it again Good job next
Americano 아메리카노 is a similar pronunciation to americano in English. Korean doesn’t have many accents Because there is not so much accent and syllables are strongly divided. It sounds difficult to say. I’ll practice again one last time I’ve already learned one of the 10 basic collections You are amazing Then “yeo”
In English pronunciation of words like “uh” At this point, I think “uh” sounds a little. It’s not the correct “uh” pronunciation, but it sounds like “ah” I wrote it to make it easy for you to understand When I say umbrella. “uh” Let’s follow along
uh Good job The Korean word that says “uh” What do you think eomma means? Yes, that is correct it’s mom It’s very similar Next is Seoul Seoul Seoul
Some people say “sse oul” I think there are quite a few foreigners who say like that The correct pronunciation is Seoul. Next. Next is the bus
In English it’s a bus so it’s a syllable But in Korean, the bus is 2 syllables I think even “beo” sounds like “peo”. When I say the bus, I use “uh” I put a lot of example words that come from English. I wanted to make you feel Korean language more easily, so I used foreign words as an example. I hope you find it helpful I’ll see the next word oh “O” is similar to o in English
ok on order old that’s “Oh” If you look at k drama or Korean entertainment running man You’ve seen a lot of this “oppa” It’s a very common word in Korea. oppa I think it’s acting charming with “o bbang” Next is cucumber It’s very easy to pronounce oi means cucumber Next word is ot I think it’s easy to pronounce this too You know about pronunciation The next word is “u”. Today is similar to the “woo” sound in English So it’s similar pronunciation in English so I think you can do it right away u li Koreans love this word “u li” like it a a lot. frequently use this word. the word you learned earlier “oppa” we called ” u li oppa” Not all of us that is my brother. but Korean used to say “u li oppa=our brother” It may sound a little strange Korean really like the word house is called our house Mom is called our mother too Korean say our mom . not my mom It may sound a little strange If you come to Korea and live in Korea, You must have heard a lot Um, you must have heard a lot You see next space There’s a space girl in the idol group. Umbrella is used when it rains Let’s pronounce Woo again Well done I already learned four. Well done Don’t give up and don’t be frustrated, if you learn Korean every day little by little, Step by step with me You’ll really improve your skills to the point where you can talk with me. Today we learned about ㅏ ㅓ ㅗ ㅜ If my video was helpful good And if you are curious about the next video, please press the subscribe button Please leave a comment if you have any questions I’ll see you in the next video Good-bye 🙂

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