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이게 종이야 조각이야? 평범한 종이에 생명력을 불어넣는 현실판 가위손┃Real-Life Edward Scissorhands Cuts Paper & Bring Them to Life

There’s a strange man He cuts something with scissors every day This looks a bit familiar… Movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ (Why do they look so similar…?) Hello What are you doing with scissors? He doesn’t care if the production crew came or not The object he’s making is… I’m done A LION?! Glaring eyes From the mane to its eyes, it’s got incredible detail Production Crew/ How did you make it? What do you mean how? I cut paper with scissors (It’s really paper…) When we entered his workroom, The wall’s filled with his paper art work Are those paper, or sculptures? #vibrant_features I made everything with paper, and made it look three-dimensional How can flat paper look so three-dimensional? (Gasps) We’ll reveal the materials he uses They’re colored paper you see in ordinary stationary stores I moved the design to colored papers and cut them And utilized my techniques to make them round, bent, and connected them Transformation in Progress… Completed Making Hulk Muscular body with visible veins Fierce Eyes Looks Identical Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hong Gil-Dong Aladdin The Little Mermaid From various animations, Is that… chicken?! Looks like he attached real feathers He carved each skin bumps of this iguana with knives I made this tiger’s saliva with a glue gun How is it? Looks so cool, I’m gonna drool Even classic pieces ‘Ssireum’ by Kim Hong-do ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci He created the exact same facial expressions and hand motions He says there’s nothing he can’t make with paper And made around 100 pieces Production Crew/ Did you learn paper art? No I taught myself by figuring it out on my own His work isn’t done, even at night Made a gold lion Solemn When I finish a piece, it feels like I won the lottery He plans his next piece without resting I’m gonna make Napoleon ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ by Jacques-Louis David He starts designing and cutting It’s hard to tell what’s going on, just by looking at it He bends tens of pieces & attaches them with each other It’s like a puzzle After stacking layers of them You’ll see Napoleon…! The sun comes up Ta-daa! Copy & Paste The horse mane is blown in the wind Napoleon looks so determined Finished in 16 hours My hopes and dreams are in my paper art I can make everything in this world I don’t envy anyone in this world when I’m making paper art With his golden talent, he’s loved by his sons Sons each get a Spider man & Iron man mask So happy What kind of dad is he? An awesome dad Because he makes things with paper There’s so many things to make in this world, I should continue until I make everything

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