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[와치빌런-49]극강의 퀄리티를 가진 영국산 밀리터리 필드워치. 크리스토퍼 와드 C65 Sandhurst

[와치빌런-49]극강의 퀄리티를 가진 영국산 밀리터리 필드워치. 크리스토퍼 와드 C65 Sandhurst

Hello. This is Watchmaker Explorer. Let’s start the review Why bought this model This model is on my tricky watch list I would like to tell you why I went to purchase I needed a field watch As a watch, of course, as a luxury Need a role to demonstrate one’s prestige and ability, Intrinsic ability to see time This is not a pawn Become accustomed to seeing through a watch on your wrist That can serve as a field watch for “chews” like me. I needed a special watch. Going to work out, doing work, When you go to a supermarket or when you are at home No financial burden, no mental burden, no physical burden I needed a comfortable watch. But now a lot of watch brands For this field watch Peter fights Fieldwatches that say “Okay” Small enough I have to go through very difficult conditions. 36-40 mm size Affordable price less than 1 million won Design with great heritage Waterproof, dustproof and durable Quality above a certain level Meeting four conditions There aren’t many more good field watches than I thought Let’s pick it up Citizen’s PMD56 Seiko Alpinist Hamilton Khakifield and W10 Smith Everest in Time Factor Rolex Explorer 1 Where PMD and Hamilton Khakifield The quality is relatively poor W10 and Smith Everest are too small Alpinist was renewed Changed from a good value to a slightly clocked clock Explorer 1 is too expensive to kick. So the last one remaining model This is C65 Sandhurst in Christopher Ward. 38 mm optimal size Thin thickness of only 11mm Light weight of 60g Except customs duty A price of about one million won British Authentic Heritage Design Great quality above Oris There are many Oris fans in Korea Compare Oris microbrand with Oris I understand that you are shining But if you watch a little more video When I found out I didn’t lie I’m sure Park will reap the light. It is watch specifications Let’s look at the design This military gusset is greatly It’s divided into RAF and German B-uhr In the case of the IWC, Had a history of supplying watches to both the UK and Germany I have both design heritages So, for example, Mark 11 has an authentic RAF design In the case of the recently released Mark 18 or Spitfire, Half the British and German design It’s a bit like a hybrid. So it’s relatively less popular with enthusiasts. But this model brought RAF design to 100% British forces. The origin of the design is W10 Kwad is a British brand and he actually has a contract with the British. The dial is so unusual I don’t know if you can feel this video Because it’s a military watch I guess the black dial is a matte texture. No Depending on the amount of light It feels like a matte texture in a lot of light If it’s not matte and light is lacking The dial disappears into the dark Only the index looks floating. In the air The numbers are really neatly printed I have vintage luminous paint Even this is printed very neatly as if printed I often see luminous paint splashing in top brands. I can’t just pass by hands In the middle of the curved hands in three steps As luminous paint is cut with a knife too It’s neatly filled Ironically, where there is a lot of light Rather, the yellow luminous paint comes first The steel part is inconspicuous In a strange light Bending current steel part with black dial sparkles I can’t see the luminous part Second hand is what I think is the highlight of this watch. It’s a white hand and a red end I thought this might be a risk. In addition to the flat military watch I think it’s a great point Overall, the hands look bright because of these hands. When traditional Korean wedding You’re putting red glue on the bride’s cheeks? I think it’s similar What I really want to show is the case In small size called 38mm 20mm is a little wider lug size But this is a little dwarf The weight of the watch is hard To a tough field watch feel. There was a lot of ball in the case Most of these watches are cases The structure is a little bigger Inserts and cases are sandwiched It’s a double structure Under the slightly protruding domed sapphire glass The insert that supports it It has a three-layered structure with matte-gloss-matte treatment. The case underneath It’s a three-layer structure with a gloss, matte, and gloss finish. The six-layer sandwich case I finished the design which followed a dial wonderfully This leads to the rug The streamlined rug grain seen only in a luxury watch It makes me realize that I put a lot of effort into the case Despite all of these complex tasks It’s thin again I think I just compliment you There’s no dial or case. 2 million won 3 million won Or more case quality Bracelet I can’t compliment you on the bracelet. Easy link system Despite being a bracelet Removable by hand without tools Without hurting the rug. It’s very comfortable I know that Cartier Santos and Vacheron Constantin Overseas I know it’s already applied Perhaps when Rolex began to apply this system All brands will follow Really comfortable The buckle is the same structure as the Tag Heuer Carrera bracelet. I have an extension on it The expensive diver’s watch is usually included From the top divers of the Pelagos I put this feature In the morning and evening, the change around the wrist At that time, fine adjustment is possible to fit the size Kicking a watch with and without this function There are a lot of differences Bracelet finish adds hairline to Rolex Explorer 1 One I think I tried to follow I feel similar but lacking I don’t know how the buckle was handled Lotion is smooth with moist baby skin But the problem is noise You’re gonna make a noise on the bracelet This is my first time. I hear a sound every time I move the bracelet When you ride an old seesaw It’s the noise of a bumpy noise. Absurdly I’m glad you didn’t wear it Does that sound when I shake it in my hand? But if you want to fall for another moment Among the existing watch brands No brand is really good at making bracelets Apart from making the case and dial Except for the high end The brand which is judged to be superior in bracelet quality Cartier, Rolex, Tudor, Bulgari, Tag Heuer Aside from this, other brands are really messed up with bracelets. Even omega I can’t believe you. I will show you I also say this, it’s a joke When distinguishing omega from real and fake If there is play, it’s real, without play, it’s fake. I’ll show you Omega right now Omega’s flagship model 7.3 million won The reality is this Tona comes back and resizes the bracelet. It’s a double pin method You have to hammer out the pins hidden in the bracelet. You have to hit harder than you think Do you inevitably hurt the bracelet during this process? It’s not just a matter of removing, but also wearing Hitting a thin pin with a hammer Never without the tools. It’s hard even with tools It’s too tight Recently watches have been I only need a screwdriver to adjust the line I hope this is fixed The crown is a little bigger than a normal crown But no matter how expensive the watch is to the crown I don’t make it like this I think this is a waste of high quality If you look at it, I put a red border between the stills On a strongly brushed steel The emblem is polished again. Isn’t it inefficient I think I didn’t over. However, the chronometer-certified mubra The sense of turning this crown Ah it’s cheap I want to keep it closed This crunching never seen on any other watch SMLR What is this? It’s smrs It is the touch and sound that seem to succeed even if we do this What is chronometer certification At the cosc ​​institute in switzerland You can think of it as a license to get paid. The conditions for obtaining this qualification are not easy Leave a comment if you know the conditions I don’t have much flesh on my wrist Because of its wide shape, it feels a lot of inconvenience depending on the watch. This watch is the most comfortable mechanical watch ever. I will show you There are three major factors that influence the fit of your watch. Size, case back, rug The combination of these three has a big impact on the fit of the watch. In conclusion, between the watch and my wrist It is inconvenient if there is a lot of empty space Look at this watch Small in size, thin in thickness, light in weight The case back hardly sticks out The rug is wrapped around the wrist down. These three are in perfect harmony There is very little space between my watch and my wrist. In addition, the buckle has a large adjustment range Can fit my wrist perfectly Really comfortable Hands go hands go It’s the best hand of all watches For those who would like to make a purchase in this ward I’ll show you how to buy cheaply The ward can unusually buy currency in eight countries. Then select the country with the best exchange rate Can I buy it cheaply This difference is not about $ 10,000 It’s up to 200,000 won When I buy, the Australian dollar has the best exchange rate I paid in Australian dollars. If you look at the bottom of the homepage, Set this and there If you have a discount coupon, apply it. However, coupons also vary by country due to exchange rates. After finding out the Australian dollar coupon number It is the cheapest to buy I’ll finish For anyone looking for a decent field watch This model will be a Tier 1 choice. If time has passed If you end your model in the ward, Obviously this model will increase in value in the future. I meet so many watches I’m the first model to say this in a review But watch the video and watch my review Even if you’re greeted with mulberry, think twice Mr. Ward is still a microbrand. Unlike the major brand, the watch value is big The hits coming from the brand are also fast Even tariffs are a big burden Like most of my major brands If you pay after paying a lot of tuition I think it’s a great option. If you purchase a watch without much experience You’re likely to regret it. I’m serious about this review Please understand that it is no jam Reviews are here Thank you for watching

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